How to get better / best mileage (R15 / Pulsar 220 / 200 / 180 / FZ16 / FZ-S / Fazer / ZMR / Karizma / Hunk / Unicorn)

With ever raising price of fuel, its a question that haunts most of the Indian bike owners as,

How to obtain better mileage from Indian bikes like Yamaha R15 / Fazer / FZ16 or from Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi / 200 / 180 or from Hero Honda products like ZMR / Karizma / Hunk ?

Well first of all, one has to understand, this mileage word is a very subjective word. It is not something dependent on a single factor rather multiple factors comes together to effect the issue.

Before you get concerned about your mileage, first masseur it, as exactly how much are you getting.

Things which effects your mileage is like,

Ridding style

This is the most important factor to consider when you want more mileage from your bike. More you use clutch and break, then accelerate harder, more fuel your bike burns.

  • Try to keep your bike at around 55-60 kmph
  • From signal, do not accelerate harder through gears, shift at around 3k to 4k RPM and accelerate as slowly.
  • Try to be in top gear as much time as possible.
  • Apply breaks when needed, do not put your foot in break while ridding


Next big thing in mileage is how well maintained your bike is.. If wheel bearings are jammed and engine oil is old or air filter is not clean then mileage will get effected.

  • Follow the maintenance schedule given by your bike maker
  • Make sure you have a proper wheel play (free movement of wheel)
  • User better engine oil and maintain the scheduled drain interval
  • Make sure, disc pads are not touching the disc plate
  • Keep your air filter clean
  • Replace parts when needed (bearings / clutch plate)
  • Keep your spark plugs in proper condition

Carb tuning / Fi CO adjust (Bajaj Only)

In case of carburetor based bikes like Bajaj Pulsar (150 / 180 / 200 / 220) or TVS RTR (160 / 180) or Yamaha (FZ-S / FZ16 / Fazer) or Hero Honda 150cc products and Karizma R (ZMA), please pay attention to proper carburetor tuning.

Carb is a part of the bike which controls AFR (the Air Fuel ratio). If the bike is running too lean mixture (more air less fuel), it will harm the engine but will produce more mileage figure where as a rich mixture (more fuel / less air) will increase the acceleration and performance but will burn more fuel.

Obtaining a proper tuning in important, you may refer to company service center for the process.

For Bajaj P220 DTS Fi only, one has to check for CO and adjust it in every 2000 to 2500kms at PBK service points.


Tyre and tire pressure also play a major factor in mileage figure.

Always run your bike with proper tire pressure. Be careful while checking your air pressure from road side tire shops. Their analogue meter provides false reading compare to more accurate petrol pump / bunk based digital options.

Please consult your user manual for accurate measure of air which should be in your front and rear tire.

Change your tire when its needed, do not run with ear out tire for too long and use manufacturer recommended tire only, as more fat / big tires will consume more fuel !!!

Traffic and terrain condition

  • Bumper to Bumper City traffic, lots of clutch and breaks, stop n go -> less mileage
  • Hilly area where your bike is working extra hard to climb -> less mileage
  • Open free / expressway / highway where you are cruising without any break or clutch -> Best mileage

Weight of the rider and pillion

Weight on the bike matters too. Singer rider will obtain better mileage figure than rider with a pillion.

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