How to get better / best mileage (R15 / Pulsar 220 / 200 / 180 / FZ16 / FZ-S / Fazer / ZMR / Karizma / Hunk / Unicorn)

With ever raising price of fuel, its a question that haunts most of the Indian bike owners as,

How to obtain better mileage from Indian bikes like Yamaha R15 / Fazer / FZ16 or from Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi / 200 / 180 or from Hero Honda products like ZMR / Karizma / Hunk ?

Well first of all, one has to understand, this mileage word is a very subjective word. It is not something dependent on a single factor rather multiple factors comes together to effect the issue.

Before you get concerned about your mileage, first masseur it, as exactly how much are you getting.

Things which effects your mileage is like,

Ridding style

This is the most important factor to consider when you want more mileage from your bike. More you use clutch and break, then accelerate harder, more fuel your bike burns.

  • Try to keep your bike at around 55-60 kmph
  • From signal, do not accelerate harder through gears, shift at around 3k to 4k RPM and accelerate as slowly.
  • Try to be in top gear as much time as possible.
  • Apply breaks when needed, do not put your foot in break while ridding


Next big thing in mileage is how well maintained your bike is.. If wheel bearings are jammed and engine oil is old or air filter is not clean then mileage will get effected.

  • Follow the maintenance schedule given by your bike maker
  • Make sure you have a proper wheel play (free movement of wheel)
  • User better engine oil and maintain the scheduled drain interval
  • Make sure, disc pads are not touching the disc plate
  • Keep your air filter clean
  • Replace parts when needed (bearings / clutch plate)
  • Keep your spark plugs in proper condition

Carb tuning / Fi CO adjust (Bajaj Only)

In case of carburetor based bikes like Bajaj Pulsar (150 / 180 / 200 / 220) or TVS RTR (160 / 180) or Yamaha (FZ-S / FZ16 / Fazer) or Hero Honda 150cc products and Karizma R (ZMA), please pay attention to proper carburetor tuning.

Carb is a part of the bike which controls AFR (the Air Fuel ratio). If the bike is running too lean mixture (more air less fuel), it will harm the engine but will produce more mileage figure where as a rich mixture (more fuel / less air) will increase the acceleration and performance but will burn more fuel.

Obtaining a proper tuning in important, you may refer to company service center for the process.

For Bajaj P220 DTS Fi only, one has to check for CO and adjust it in every 2000 to 2500kms at PBK service points.


Tyre and tire pressure also play a major factor in mileage figure.

Always run your bike with proper tire pressure. Be careful while checking your air pressure from road side tire shops. Their analogue meter provides false reading compare to more accurate petrol pump / bunk based digital options.

Please consult your user manual for accurate measure of air which should be in your front and rear tire.

Change your tire when its needed, do not run with ear out tire for too long and use manufacturer recommended tire only, as more fat / big tires will consume more fuel !!!

Traffic and terrain condition

  • Bumper to Bumper City traffic, lots of clutch and breaks, stop n go -> less mileage
  • Hilly area where your bike is working extra hard to climb -> less mileage
  • Open free / expressway / highway where you are cruising without any break or clutch -> Best mileage

Weight of the rider and pillion

Weight on the bike matters too. Singer rider will obtain better mileage figure than rider with a pillion.

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  1. thats fine. but coming to todays bikes, you will not get any type of standard mileage and it varies from bike to bike in the same company and with the same bike model.

    yes the tips are very useful and even i use many of them from the above and i found a steady rise in the mileage.

    mine is yamaha fazer…and now iam getting 42-45kmph

  2. breast tenderness

    i m using a pulsar220F. but i am getting a millage of around 34 km/ltr. is it normal?? or i am having a problem with AFR ratio ??

  3. I have Pulsar 220 Fi. How to get 45KM per litter ?

    • Hello Sir,

      please follow the said tips.

      Grease the bearings well
      Check for wheel free play
      Disc breaks must be free not jam
      Check the spark plugs (replace if needed)
      visit PBK to reset your CO settings
      Check clutch plates (replace if needed)
      Maintain proper tire air pressure

      and make sure you drive at around 4k rpm in top gear as much as possible while avoiding hard acceleration and drags :)

      This simple tips should help you to get better mileage figures :)


  4. i have yamaha fz-16 but it was giving mileage of only 25km/lr… how it can be increased… i m riding it only 55-60 kmhr… still not giving…

    • Hi,

      There are many factors which contributes to mileage, check them one by one to make sure things are in order with you.

      Check your tyre air pressure properly
      Make sure wheels are free center stand and check by rotating the wheel to see if they are spinning properly or not
      User better engine oil and maintain the scheduled drain interval
      Keep your air filter clean, replace it if its too old
      check your clutch plate, see if they needs replacement or not
      Keep your spark plugs in proper condition


      • Sir,
        I have yamaha fz-s 13000km trip.After every 2 months of service ,whenever I am accelerating my bike engine is not picking.
        Engine oil level ok

    • Hi , I got same as you 18-24kmpl :( , and last am sold my bike & buy a r15 v2 now its giving 45-53 kmpl

  5. Hi,
    I own a Pulsar 220 I get a mileage around 45kmpl. I ride it in the speed between 60-80. I think I am lucky, all of you can get the same if you keep some simple things on your mind.

  6. hello frnds,m having pulsar220f..m taking atmost care of my bike..since its a year now m getiing constant average of 55-60km/lit with drving speed around 40-50km/hr…jus do not brake it smoothly..change d gears at proper rpm as indicated…m very much satisfied wid my bike as PBK have also approved my bikes mileage as best

    • Hey thanks for sharing the information, do give us some clue as how you take care of this machine of yours and what is your driving style to get such high mileage. By the way, which engine oil are you using ??

  7. My pulsar 180 is a getting only 28km per to ingreace mileage 40kmpl?

  8. Hi,
    I am really thankful to you for publishing such useful information on your website. I own a P220F which has been around a year old. I would like to ask if i use a K&N air filter in my bike then by how much my mileage would drop ???
    hope to get your reply soon. thanks in advance

  9. I am Using Avenger 220DtSi.Average mileage is 35-42 Km/lit. I feel very happy about this version. only a problem is spare availablity, but most of spare equal to pulsar 220.My average speed limit is 45-70km/hr. It is very safe and gives good mileage. 20W-50 version oil is good and to change every 2500-4000 km.

  10. I own bajaj pulsar220f , i pay regular checkups to the fuel line , brakes , chain lubrication , engine oil , and air filter , and i have figured out my mileage in highways is approx 58km/lit i.e 72km on rs.100 at average economy speed rate of 45-60 km , judicial acceleration and soft braking .

  11. im using pulsar 150. Got best milage ever of 77kmpl n worst 34kmpl. My bike gives average milage around 55 to 60. Getting better milage is all about your riding habits. N ur bike’ engine’s condition plays an important role too so keep it perfectly maintained. When u buy new bike for first 1000 km don’t cross 50kmph it will help to keep bike perfect throughout its lifetime

  12. Hi,I own a pulsar 220 IM getting a milage range of 40-51km/liter.i used to drive at the speed range from 50-80.if I continusly drive at the speed of 70-80 my milage will b around 40-45.if I drive at the speed from 45-60 I got the milage range of 45-48.i got the top milage of 51km/liter.All u have to do is fill ur tyre with nitrogen,tighten your chains for better pulling.lubricate ur chain regularly at 300km.check and topup ur oil and replace the oil every 2000-3500km.adjust the air flow by tuneing the airflow properly by adjusting the airscrew your bike can get enough power and mileage.set the slow speed to maxium 1100rpm do not exceed and do not go below 800rpm.if u set ur rpm level above 1100rpm u will loose milage but will get initial power.if u put the rpm below 800 your bike will get off during traffic conditions.Another thing is about cleaning ur air filter and spark plug regularly at every 600-900km.Ride the bike at 3500-4000rpm range do not acclerate un necessaraly.check for the tyres to see if it is jammed or tight this can reduce performance and milege.
    Hopping you have got some idea to maintain the bike for perfect power and milage.

  13. siddharth kalbage

    Hi Friends

    I wanted to buy a new bike.

    My final list comprises of
    Yamaha FZ-S and Pulsar 150.
    I even had a test drive with both these bikes
    and i liked FZ better because of its comfort and handling.

    But I am slightly favored towards Pulsar 150 because of mileage.
    Kindly suggest/guide to select any one of these bikes with your experience on mileage….
    i really like FZ-S..and my second choice is pulasar 150
    friend plz give me true advice…
    thanx & regard

    • Hi,

      Definitely, in general usage, in the hand of the same rider, P150 will offer better mileage over FZ-S.. However FZ-S is a over all better bike in terms of reliability, smoothness and long term usage..

      Please note, mileage of the FZ-S suffers greately for its puncture prone tyre since most of the time, maximum of the riders are riding their FZ with under inflated tyre..

      Have you considered Honda or Hero 150cc offering, as they usage same Honda 150 cc engine, which is also a very smooth and mileage engine !!!


  14. I have pulsar 150 4 months old….my avrg is decreasing evry month 50>45>40 :(
    how to improve mileage plz help.i nevr cros 65kmph.

    my most imp question riding in reserve for just 1or 2 litres evry time is reasn for low mileg ?????????????

    • Hey bro,

      How many kms have you done ??

      Few immediate points, look into your Air Filter / Spark Plug (replace if needed) and see if wheel play is free or not..

      Reserve has nothing to do with it..

      Go on for the replacement for the air filter and spark plug since they would hardly cost your Rs. 200 in total..

      Check and let us know :)

  15. garden sheds for Sale in scotland

    I enjoy looking through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  16. my fz around 2 yrs old bike has milage prblm !!! I fueled. 200rs it would go only 62 km and I also change airfilter and engindm oil!!if spark plug change then show 50 to 55 mileage

  17. well guys …. i hav read many post but m not satisfy tht much …… jitna hona chaiye ……
    m having 200ns ….. And belive me 45 -80 kmpl per agar byk average deti hogi toh mein jo bolle woh har jaun coz average milta he naai hai …. and thtz is the true fact agar average chaiye toh drive u r byk on the speed of 40-45 kmpl not more than tht and hain talking abt the oil so i will prefer motol 7100 20w50 its a god for byk lyk p-220 ns200

    • Hi Nilesh,

      I agree with you 100% on the point of driving habit..

      Mileage drops drastically mainly because of our riding style as harder we accelerate, lower the economy would be.. Indeed if one really accelerates with care and maintains a steady speed at around 4k rpm, yeah, mileage would definitely come..

      Other factors as we mentioned, the bike maintenance, like a proper drain interval for with a good engine oil along with clear air filter and good condition spark plug.

      its not rocket science that if the wheel play is not free, once again mileage would suffer so a free wheel play for both (checking for disc scrubbing and locking) is also important..

      but when someone uses their powerful machine for performance, I dont think we should expect a commuting mileage out of a aggressive riding style..

      Isn’t it ??

  18. i have pulsar 180cc (2008) model, my bike gives around 34 to 38 km (bangalore city) so please any1 give suggestion to increase bike mileage!
    pulsar bikes gradually decreases its mileage over years, i ride perfectly & maintain it properly but even though not satisfied with mileage.

  19. how to tune air fuel ratio fzs

  20. I bought a Yamaha FZ-S bike a month ago. I am satisfied with its performance except a thing. It doesn’t start without throttling. While making a self start sometimes I have to try twice with throttling.
    is there any way to solve this problem?

  21. i have yamaha fazer 2006 model bike, i have replaced engine oil properly, but oil coming to spark plug and air filter, for that when i riding bike it will turn off automatically like petrole empty (even ful tank petrol). i have given bike for repair in 3 different places all of them saying its valve problem and do the same repair also, but problem not solved, they say that u have to run 100 kms to see the result.

    Please give me real problem, engine sound is smooth, black smoke comming from silencer

  22. i am having Pulsar 200NS, May i know after how much KM i should change my spark plugs???

  23. Bakwas h yar kehi nhi chalti 45-50-55 sab bol rehe ki meri 220 itni m lucky kuch kr lo 35 se uper to chale gi hi nhi

  24. Hello sir,
    Im using fz-s 2010 model, now a days my bike is giving milage around 25km/l, m spending all my pocketmoney on petrol, plz help me, give me some suggestions. .

    • Hey DC,

      Sorry know about that.. Can you please let us know as how many kms have you done in the bike and your service history, I mean what major work or change you have done till now ??


  25. Actully I bought it for second hand, its about 48000 kms till now,.. I donno what ol changes had happened in this bike, but m really depressd by its average..

    • Hey DC,

      Bro you have to get the bike properly inspected from any experienced mechanic for an extensive service.. 48k would mean to check your clutch.. If required and if possible replace the entire clutch, expect around Rs. 2800/- of spare (if the clutch housing is ok, then it would save 1800 out of that)..

      Then concentrate on your engine, check if piston rings are ok or not, dont worry, engine wont wont cost much, valve / valve seal would be Rs. 450, where as the cylinder piston kit would be Rs. 1800.. But this is worst case..

      Check your tyres also, whether they are ok and holding up their pressure properly..

  26. Thanks alot sir, tommorrow itself I vl go fo it..

  27. sir I have fz
    n I mainly use in reserve…
    sir what’s the difference in reserve n on system n it is affect fuel?

    • Hi Somil,

      Here is a basic diagram of the fuel tank and its system..

      FZ only has a single tank, there are no extra chamber for reserve.. But if you notice, there are two different fuel intek pipes, placed in manner that it draws fuel from different level. Problem is, with time, the dirt or such impure particles of fuel, subsides and stays in lower level of your tank, so always riding in reserve is not idle for your fuel system and engine..


  28. thankyou sir
    n my one more question how I increase my fz mileage my bike is run around 20000kms

  29. nearly 25-28

    • Hey Somil..

      * Change the spark plug (Rs. 110/-)
      * Air-filter (Rs. 230/-)

      May be its time to check few things from either service center or from any experienced mechanic..

      * Wheel Free play
      * Tyre pressure (very important to check every day to find if any small leak)
      * Clutch plate ( Normal life is around 25k) better to change the set..

      Use good engine oil..

      Let us know if anything we can help with..


  30. n what the price of clutch plate??

  31. n I use 1 lt oil(castrol activ) on my engine … this effect the mileage?

  32. Hello my dr brother,
    I want to buy a bike
    Bt I like fzs and apache rtr and also r15
    Am confused which bike is for me??
    I need style,comfort and fuel economy??
    Plz help me.

    • Hey,

      Its bit confusing for us also.. Please note, you have chosen completely three different bike of three different segment.

      TVS Apache RTR is for performance but lacks comfort and smoothness !!

      Yamaha R15 V2 is for style and looks, yes it does have decent performance and good mileage but at Rs. 1.45L on road, its not a value for money product anymore.. Biggest draw back would be comfort, its not suited for long rides or every day heavy duty city commute !!

      FZ-S Fi v2 is the new model, priced at almost 98k on road, it does have looks but will disappoint you in performance with its 13ps 149cc engine.. However, FZ will excel as the most comfortable bike between all three..

      So tell me, what is primary reason for your bike, on average how many kms would you drive per day ? Long trips ?? List down your usage, so that we can short out the best bike for you.


  33. Hey, I own pulsar 220f(2012 model ) and i m thinking of installing a small led light under my seat so that my rear tyre is highlighted. i wanna light this light when ever i use head light.(such as the tail light lights up when headlight is on but in dim mode.) .

    but i heard that installing such led lights may damage the internal circuit wiring of the bikes and it may even damage the digital display speed meter of the bike .

    so i wanna know how much is this true . and also, does it effects the battery life ?

    so if i wanna install this light where should i get the wiring located ? under the seat or at the front ??

    Thank you !!

  34. hey hunky bro I’m using fz16 (1000kms) and it gives only 32kmpl & my silencer also having a different sound like toop toop…. pls help me to get better mileage. Thanku

  35. Hi,I own a fz IM getting a milage range of 40-51km/liter.i used to drive at the speed range from 50-80.if I continusly drive at the speed of 70-80 my milage will b around 40-45.if I drive at the speed from 45-60 I got the milagerange of 45-48.i got the top milage of 51km/liter.All u have to do is fill ur tyre with nitrogen,tighten your chains for better pulling.lubricate ur chain regularly at 300km.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing the tips..

      Just for our information, can you please help us with few details,

      How old is your bike ?? (oddo and age)
      What are your tyres ?? (Stock or have you changed them ??)
      Which engine oil do you use ??
      Which petrol (name the company) do you refill with ??

      Thanks again


  36. Hi bro,

    I bought fzs 4 month back gives 42kmpl on Highway that was not a problem for me after second service bike suddenly drops the milage to 22kmpl.. I don’t know really what happened to my bike then showed my bike with nearest mechanic shop he is a famous guy for Yamaha… He tune the bike and told to me ride it after that I found bike lacks pick up after going on this prob pick up slightly increased but not upto the mark fzs… Now giving decent milage in city like 43kmpl but I think it riding in leanest point at idle 1k rpm… when I rode in Highway it’s always reduced now giving 32kmpl on highway… Why this happens pls tell me frnd in city gives gud milage but not in highway….? But before 2 service and tuning process my fzs gives 42kmpl I usually ride to college through bike only… What is the prob hear frnd if I ride at 80kmph it’s drop but in city gives decent milage now closely finished 2500kms on odo meter where should I go.? It’s necessary to clean air filter but it’s a new bike

  37. I have 220f dtsi
    n it is giveing 35-40 kmpl
    normally I drive ma bike economically. .. n some tym fast…
    guyz p 220f is made for speed
    ….. if ew need milage dem swutch for pasion pro or platina
    domt thinl about milage
    and if u want a good milage den follow
    drive economically
    around 50-60 km/hr
    tym to tym servicing
    p220 is best bike…. js luv it

    • 40 kmpl from a 220 cc high performance (22ps / 20nm) engine with top speed of around 140 kph is any day an excellent mileage !!

      • hi hunky bro.,
        I bought new bike 220f, and pz gave tips to get good milage, and which is d good engine oil, I shd put for 1st service, and wat speed shd I have to ride…., with gears , bought on republic day, 2015 .pz bro

  38. i was vry keen2buy fzs fi version bt fears if mileage decreases per year gradually like previous fzs version….pls suggest

    • It is very early to judge such long term effects but judging from R15, that Fi engine never loses its mileage (given service and care, replacement done regularly)..

  39. Hai frnds im nidhin a kerala middle class boy bought my fzs 5 months ago im so much happy with ma bike not my bike its ma bro my best frnds he is black and green in colour and eye catching look we always goin in 40 to 55km hrs and some urgent conditions more than 55 km and till now we never go on reserve conditions.I am not riding too in hiways but in Kerala lokel city roads he gives me around 50 to 55 plus mileage
    after 3 services he never loose mileage … Even my sleeping time he is always beside my window.. Ilove myy bike very much and i thing he loves me back im soo luckey
    if u goin in economical speed i think the mileage is always stable and change the oil and lube oil in proper time …

  40. Hi Sir, i hv Fz16. , I wnt for 4th service.. he told Front Disk Plate is Bend u hv to rplace.. dt cost is arond 3.5k, is any prblm in dt issue,, give the sugention, they charged for free service Rs 1140k, oil change, break bush and grecing etc…

  41. Hiii friends,I bought new R15 V2 but found difficult in checking mileage because digital fuel reserve indicator is not accurate.It keeps on refreshing automatically.Asked Yamaha service center about my query but they said it is common in all r15 bikes.Is there any other way for finding mileage???

  42. Hello
    I had purchase bike herohonda hunk in 2nd hand & my bike average is only 25 kmpl .so wat should i do for that really getting furstated
    so plzz help me what should i do

  43. Hii.
    I had purchase bike herohonda hunk in 2nd hand & my bike average is only 25 kmpl .so wat should i do for that really getting furstated
    so plzz help me what should i do

  44. Hello sir iam buying r15 v-2 plzzz tell me about at what speed i drive it so that it gives good milage ? And how much milage does it gives ? And my

  45. Sauvonik Pathak

    I have a pulsar 220f 2013model 23000km done my concern is if there is a work in engine and if the engine gets open shall i get the original engine sound like new???????can anyone help me for my question?

    • Hey,

      Don’t worry, opening engine has nothing to do with sound of the bike.

      Just make sure the work is done from either authorized service center or any exp mechanic and as per proper process. Try replacing parts rather repairing them since Bajaj spares are dead cheap.

      Engine assembled by hand would have far less error compare to engine assembled by machine with mass market product unless that engine you are talking about is a jet engine where margin for error is in fraction.

      Engine sound is depended on the parts and their quality along with exhaust node.

      Hunky :)

  46. Plz help me sir
    I bought a bike but i m very confused which bike i have bought
    Fz s fi v2
    Which bike given me good milege

  47. hi my dr frnds…i bought. my cute hot monster(220F)on this yr first month… waaa i was fall in lov with my gaint frnd….the feel compfort the frndy handlebar lights looks the pose it seeing. me… he is a good. gaint a baby on hand but the baby having. the power of hulk…when i Trott him slight up he hugs me and say enjoy ur ride frnd but…if i thrott slightly. more… omg….wow the racey feel and with maximum. comfort. i turn it to top upto 147kmph…without. any stress… when i stop him for a rest while the engine. howling. sound….mmm make us feel that something. i achieved…. the heat from the head feels flames from the dragon… ok… i say about my prince(220F). for about 4000km i ride him at 4k…i changed engine oil at a 450km for the first as motoman does…after that i changing it for every >2000km… because i move him on highway and in speed average. of 80-90,or even abov that upto 120 as average. for about. 200km continously… once a month i put petrol for Rs.500 and 1000 for up and down…after the three services. i lost mileage. of bike about. the average. of 40-70kmph…the i found. the overflow tube from. carpurator… the i take it to service. man for two services. but no use…after that somewhat it stopped. flowing enormous dropping.. after that now i getting. 35kmpl as average…. i don’t. complaint about. my frnd he do his job as he can… best but the services. from.the Bajaj. is most worst services. then anyother company. bikes… it’s. the disadvantage. of Bajaj. nothing. seems moreover. that…if the work keen then our bikes. too enjoying. then as to serve us…but use ur bikes as a frnd… they give. there good. effort for us…

    • Sorry to hear about the issue you have faced..

      We agree, Bajaj service is the worse, but mind you bajaj spares are the cheapest too.. I am not sure about your problem but as I read, it seems that you are losing fuel from curb either via overflow or by other means resulting into loss of mileage..

      Change it.. Rs. 2300/- for the entire curb assembly.. Change it if those guys at Bajaj service are unable to fix the issue..

      By the way, Bajaj service may be bad due to their service dealers, but Bajaj customer care works good, shot them an email about your issue and unhappiness about the service which failed to resolve the issue. Hopefully the issue will be taken care of..

      Hunky :)

      • frnd is the pulsur 220F. is now a star or losed.its performance. and it’s. rating. by the new pulsars…if any highlights. speciality in our 220F. monster…. say frnd…

  48. Hi
    Sir I have pulsar 200 ns and 2500km Complete.
    My bike facing some problems.
    1. Fuel average 20 to 25 kmpl city
    2. After crossed 80+ speed some loss power and missing acce.
    3. I feel Leak patrol from carburator fuel over outpu pipe during running bike.
    1st service Completed.
    Service center boy telling me its all normal.

    • Hello,

      Fuel leakage or oil leak is never common for any bike (apart from Bullet perhaps).. Service center is washing hand here.. Raise the issue with service center by visiting again (even if service date is not due yet), if they refuse to work on it, shot an email to bajaj customer service.

      Secondly, power loss at such condition can be due to poor air filter and burnt out clutch plate.. Since its 2500 kms old, first change the air filter along with spark plugs (3 total) and ask the SVC to adjust the tappet (Rs. 100/- labor charge MAX)..

      These measure should result in improving you over all mileage figures..

      Hunky :)

  49. hello,
    i have owned a second hand p150 dtsi 2009 model. its gone 50k km. itz 6 yr old. i changed its clutch plate. spark plugs, both breakshows, washed tank n carburater ,timing chain, tension,chain spoket… total almost cost me 7000… but gives me 30- 35 kml mileage… sometimes oil is not passing… after servicing i drived only 180km… i rode it around 35-55 kmph… totally smooth… please tell me what to do with such problems… mileage.. and sometimes it automatically stops when riding … oil still their in tank… please help me hunky sir… im waiting for ur response

  50. Hii sir,
    i bought a bike but ,
    im vry confused which,
    bike i have bought
    Fzs Viersion 2,
    p 220
    p !80
    which bike given me gud milage..
    plz help me

  51. i want to buy a bike.
    my options are pulsar 180 and yamaha fz 16 fi v2
    but i like pulsar gir look
    i want good milage and low maintenance after 2-3 years
    which bike should i buy??

  52. Bro!! ma pulsar 220fi js gvng a mileage of 24 kmpl nd i use to keep in reserveee pls do let me know does keepin bike alws in reserve tank affects the milleage nd js gv a a few suggesstions tat how Do i increase mileage cos pulsar220fi gves minimum of 35 kmpl u knw very well… so hw to increase the milleage, bro do replyy asap thank u fr ur reply in adv broo….

  53. Earlier I was getting a mileage of 49 kmpl on Highway, but now it’s been reduced to 44 kmpl
    Each and every thing is perfect in my bike
    What could be the cause of this mileage fall?

  54. I’m have zmr bike from last 2yrs m using k&n 1060 filter…now i wanted new filter
    Which k&n model filters will work in my bike & in how much month sud we clean the filter

  55. Dear sir
    Iam having HeroHonda Hunk i am servised in showroom recently.
    They changed Engine oil and Airfilter.
    But iam getting only 35 in city and 38-40 in highway.
    My bugjet is low
    so please mail me how to get good mileage
    what kind of engine oil is to be used.
    Please suggest me.
    thanking you

  56. Dear sir
    Iam having HeroHonda Hunk i am servised in showroom recently.
    They changed Engine oil and Airfilter.
    But iam getting only 35 in city and 38-40 in highway.
    My bugjet is low
    so please mail me how to get good mileage
    what kind of engine oil is to be used.
    Please suggest me.
    thanking you

  57. Hello
    Recently I have purchased second hand pulsar 180cc of 2007 model, but it is giving 25-30kmpl of milage, suggest something regarding milage as I am having little bit knowledge about bikes
    Thank you… Waiting for reply :)

  58. Dear friends I own pulsar 150 but the head lamp is very weak in d highway ride at night, please suggest me which lite will be best suitable for me without draining power/ spoiling d battery backup

  59. hiii sir
    i am planning to buy 150cc bike which have better milage & sporty look
    (mosty city use)

    fz s2 vs gixxer vs pulsar as150 vs pulsar 150 which one i choose????

  60. Hello sir. I own a Bajaj pulsar 200 NS. After how much km should i clean the carburetor. Now its running on 1700km.

  61. hii,
    I am Using 220F and I m not getting mellage . and My bike automatecally engine off. in trafffik.
    and I m gettinbg 35 km . what can i do.

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