How to install HID (Bi-XENON) to increase light / headlights of Yamaha YZF – R15

Although Yamaha YZF R15 comes with dual head lamp, but actual road visibility always has been an issue for those who ride in poorly lighten Indian roads in night hours.

One of the most common upgrade technique to increase headlight’s power is to fit a higher capacity bulb or installation of HID.

What is high wattage bulbs ?

Stock Yamaha YZF R15 comes with two 35/35watts H4 type bulb.

However under H4 socket, after markets bulbs are available at wattage value of 55/60, 90/100 and 110/135 (found in those highway trucks).

R15 alternator, charger and RR unit is designed to pull 70 watts of head light at once. Burning more wattage risks drainage of battery and thus resulting in problem with Fi (fuel pump and throttle body injector) which depends in battery power to run.

What is HID (White light) ?

HID stands for high-intensity discharge. These lamps produce more light for a given level of power consumption than ordinary tungsten and tungsten-halogen bulbs.

HID kits are available for 3000k / 3500k / 4300k / 6000k / 8000k / and above. Its a common mistake to consider that high “k” value will give more light rather its has been observed that 4300k is actually know for producing better visible illumination for Human eye. More higher the “k” value is, more bluish it gets.

These HID’s are 35watts in power consummation hence perfectly supported by R15 default setup.

Bi-XENON HID supports both pass and high beam / low beam feature.

How to install HID in R15 head light assembly ?

This is simple step by step (picture based) guide on how to install HID to increase power of R15 head-lights.

One has to remove the front cover and take out the default bulbs to install the HID.


Front look of Yamaha R15 with Dual HID (Bi-XENON 6000k).

Upper and lower beam illumination pictures of Yamaha YZF R-15 with dual HID (Bi-XENON 6000k).

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