How to install HID (Bi-XENON) to increase light / headlights of Yamaha YZF – R15

Although Yamaha YZF R15 comes with dual head lamp, but actual road visibility always has been an issue for those who ride in poorly lighten Indian roads in night hours.

One of the most common upgrade technique to increase headlight’s power is to fit a higher capacity bulb or installation of HID.

What is high wattage bulbs ?

Stock Yamaha YZF R15 comes with two 35/35watts H4 type bulb.

However under H4 socket, after markets bulbs are available at wattage value of 55/60, 90/100 and 110/135 (found in those highway trucks).

R15 alternator, charger and RR unit is designed to pull 70 watts of head light at once. Burning more wattage risks drainage of battery and thus resulting in problem with Fi (fuel pump and throttle body injector) which depends in battery power to run.

What is HID (White light) ?

HID stands for high-intensity discharge. These lamps produce more light for a given level of power consumption than ordinary tungsten and tungsten-halogen bulbs.

HID kits are available for 3000k / 3500k / 4300k / 6000k / 8000k / and above. Its a common mistake to consider that high “k” value will give more light rather its has been observed that 4300k is actually know for producing better visible illumination for Human eye. More higher the “k” value is, more bluish it gets.

These HID’s are 35watts in power consummation hence perfectly supported by R15 default setup.

Bi-XENON HID supports both pass and high beam / low beam feature.

How to install HID in R15 head light assembly ?

This is simple step by step (picture based) guide on how to install HID to increase power of R15 head-lights.

One has to remove the front cover and take out the default bulbs to install the HID.


Front look of Yamaha R15 with Dual HID (Bi-XENON 6000k).

Upper and lower beam illumination pictures of Yamaha YZF R-15 with dual HID (Bi-XENON 6000k).

We suggest for touring, give this article a go -> How to modify / increase or fit extra high power light in Yamaha R15

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  1. Great work and pics………
    R15 gets what it deserves………

  2. a little correction,,,r 15s alternators output is 160 watts @>5000rpm,NOT & 700 watts.
    also the r 15 cant pull two hids s if the engine rpm is below 5 k rpm.

    also the right side reflector is designed to work only for HIGH beam ,if you see closely you can see the difference of the reflector design,it will not produce a good low beam with sharp cutoff.
    please rectify the following.

    great initiative by the way.

  3. @DOC..

    Thanks for the correction. indeed it seems a typos by me.

  4. @Sarabjit Singh

    Again a valid point. In Indian roads, along with performance, lights are extremely important since most part of our highways are extremely poorly lighten :(

  5. can anyone tell me how much i have 2 pay for two Bi-XENON HID 6000k.
    waiting for reply.

    • Price starts from Rs. 1200/- (cheap local made) to as high as Rs. 8000/- or such for Philips.

      Usually average price range is around Rs. 2800/- to Rs. 3500/- for usable ones

  6. If i want it for my r15 blue
    which wattage
    wat?? xxxk should b used
    is it allowed as per rules on indian road
    and watz the cst

    • Usually all HIDs are 35watts. Same as your stock bulb. Secondly, 4300K seems to be allowed where as many do use more than that with their own risk.

  7. Pranajit Deb Barma

    with dual HID (Bi-XENON 6000k).
    hey its going to make people blind who came from opposite way ?
    and if i am not wrong its illegal if we use such a high power?

    • Theoretically, any HiD without low beam projector would be termed illegal. But usually its the color which attracts cops.

      HID of 4300K would be fine for avoiding cops..

  8. hello…nice DIY
    all i wanted to know is did u install any extra battery for this setup…. doesnt it drain the battery as much and yes, where can i find these sort of installations in hyderabad? what exactly should i call them and could u please tell me the right one for the R15 like the make?
    please do reply…


  9. I think installing a dual HID will void warranty ?

  10. I want to knw the different types of sports mufflers i can fix for an R15 and the pricing.

  11. The picture showing the power of the bulbs is too good. I see a huge difference. I usually take my R15 only when I have to be on H/W and I will ride mostly on the bikers lane(I strictly follow rules :-)) where people just walk like they are in a grass lawn. It will be too good to use these lights. Pretty useful info. And at first I thought you fit 2 mercury bulbs there 😉

  12. Can anyone tell me which HID conversion Kit is suitable for TVS APACHE RTR 160 Hyper Edge. Battery is 12V 9A. I installed 3 different conversion kits and also bought a new battery. But after 30-40 min battery drains. Please help me by giving information.

  13. is it use karizma r.if yes please tell me how it Possible.

  14. Hi there this is Ram from Chennai. Am riding a Yamaha FZS bike. Am not happy with headlight brightness. Little confussion to select the headlight bulb ( Philips 5000k diamond or hid xenon bulb) please suggest which one is best to buy. Thanks in advance.

  15. Hey Bro,
    Looking at the pics has given me lot of hope as I’v booked R15 which will b deliverd in few days. I’m google-ing from yesterday for same (Good Vision Head lamps) as I’ve rode my brothers R15 on the ghats of Konkan & it was really struggling on turns.
    Really Thankful for this post.

  16. hey I make the mod for the HID, but I can only turn the high beam with the pass swith, if I use the Highbeam only turns the left but turns off the rigth one, in low beam as usual only the rigth turns on, How can I solve that problem??


    • Hello Alan,

      Who installed the HID and made the electrical connections ??

      It seems your electrical wiring is not done properly.

      Please redo the process of electrical wiring connection from start.

  17. Hi everyone,

    can you please guide me to a good shop in hyderabad who can install hid on my r15.

  18. Hi,

    Nice article.. bt can u pls provide instructions about fitting ballast and wiring harness.. thats where i am stuck

  19. Hi,
    Very innovative mod, I was going to install the phillips 35W bi-xenon, but I have a lot of problems/questions.
    I’ll be very glad if anyone helps me out.
    1) The HIDs use ballasts, do the ballasts draw power directly from battery? If so how much? The bulbs draw a lot of power when starting, so if I flash (i.e. HI-beam to Lo-beam), will the ballast drain the battery?

    2) If the ballasts draw power from battery, where does the HID bulb get power from?

    3)In your article, I see you have two Lo-beams, but in R15, the right side bulb H4 socket has only two inputs(i.e. Hi-beam and Grounding) it cannot produce a low beam, what’s the deal over there, what electrical changes did u make and where? How is the right side H4 bulb socket supplying Lo-beam power input to the bulb?

  20. I install 35watt HID IN my yamaha rx135 5speed bike,its battary is 12volt 2.5amp. , but after 10minits my battery drains. . How can i solve it ,? Please help me. . . .

  21. Hi,I have Hero Honda CBZ and im already using HID light.But i want to change with HID Projectors with blue light can plz help me its good for my bike or not…plz

  22. what is the use of hid conversion kits…??
    whether we can use the hid bulbs directly without conversion kits…??

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