Cost of Yamaha R15 right side panel / visor / silencer muffler incase of fall / crash

Yamaha R15 is a full fearing bike and comes without any leg guard. In Indian road, no matter how much careful we drive, sooner or later once a while the bike falls to its side. Some of us fall while riding, hard crash, where as some time, some of us find our self unlucky enough to find, that the bike has fallen even while standing still (from parking lot).

Being a full fearing version, when it falls, a lot of plastic parts gets scratches or end up being broken. Its a common question for many R15 owners that how costly are these R15 plastic spare parts ?

Below image demonstration will give you a basic idea about the cost of these spare parts, which generally needs replacement if the bike (Yamama YZF R15) falls to its right side.

  • Cost of Exhaust / Silencer Muffler -> Rs. 475/-
  • Cost of Rear cowling (right side) -> Rs. 350/-
  • Fearing is 3 part. Lower fearing -> Rs. 600 / Top one -> Rs. 800 / Head light section -> Rs. 900/- / Head Light assembly Rs. 2200
  • Right side Indicator -> Rs. 130/-
  • The stay of visor holder -> Rs. 375
  • Front break lever is Rs. 63, where as the rear break pedal is Rs. 110/-

There is another invisible spare part, which needs replacement incase of hard fall, that is the metal skeleton which holds the visor assembly.

Rs. 375/- for the metal skeleton which holds the visor assembly.

Rs. 2200/- for the headlight assembly.

Over all, R15 plastic spares are quite cheap compare to the price of Hero Honda Karizma ZMR, which is also a full fearing bike.

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