Lights and Enjoyment of Night Riding…

Hello all. I am Dr Vivek, an avid biker, a gear head and a touring sprit wanted to be free when ever it get chance to get free. I like touring on bikes and cars. Like very few i shifted to bike after i was fully doing good with cars, a 4 wheels to 2 wheel transition. Got my self a Pulsar 180 cc back in 2005 when i was in my second year of medical studies in Sikkim. Soon the touring followed with the bike. The hottest favorite destination of mine was Siliguri, yes. It was a very nice ride from the chilly wind of Sikkim to follow the national highway which had jaw dropping views. This ride was 118 kms one way, not much but as many of you know in hills it’s pretty much, especially when you are returning in the same day. A total of 250+kms ride was enough to keep my inner soul get recharged and to fight for some more days with the devilish medical pressure.

I used to start late in Saturdays and late return to Sikkim. The lights were only, yes pitfall that time. I was used to lights of my modded premier Padmini with its brilliant 90/100 halogen bulbs on a original Lucas reflector, man that was intoxicating, even the other new car my family owned that time no one even came close to the amount of night time visibility it produced. it was equipped with a big second hand Lucas made alternator 90 amps rated brought from a junk by paying 200 bucks and a 40 amp old type lead acid battery from Exide.

But the pulsar was giving me a tough time with it lights. Its true human nature you get accustomed soon what you have. I was also getting used to. But the Sikkim weather conditions and my rides were keeping the itch alive to have some more out of it.

I first tried a set of fog lights rated 55 watt each, for the first few days it worked nicely but later it took the toll on the battery.


Being the lighting system is completely new for me in a bike I started to study not of bikes, but of my tough medical exams. I gave up at that time that if a good light can be given by it can only given by a company only as then only Karizma was one of the few bikes which was coming with full dc light but still it was having a 35 watt bulb.

At 2009 i started my internship and I got some free time in my hand. I started to look all over internet for solutions. it was an engineer Mr Abhijit Barua, from Guwahati who was doing all kind of silly things like making a p 150 classic to full DC, using 90/100 bulb on it with a glass reflector etc etc.

I studied his writings over and over, and finally I decided to go with a very basic but effective mod which is changing the coil plate which is also called the stator with Bajaj Avenger 180’s one. It was a straight fit. Result? You can use a 55/60 bulb which was really a far far better options then the stock 35w.

Pitfalls-yes there was, the rpm below 3k the light was very dim dimmer then the OEM 35w also, though I found out that this also can be rectified if some one uses the regulator rectifier unit from avenger 180, though i never tried it. I used this setup for more then a year and never had any complaints.

Human nature is like this nobody is satisfied with something very long. The thing was same with me. one of my friend got a new P220 DTSi and DC lights were amazing. So I started to think again. I took a P220’s light as basic level of control in my project.

This time i already had the extra coil to play with. I rewinded it and brought my self a new Piaggio ape regulator rectifier to use with it as i read a numerous failing reports of rewinded coil and stock rectifier and regulator.

I plunked them inside of my bike, threw away the old system. Used a 55/60 bulb and voila. The light was good. Glowing to its full intensity on DC, yes I have made it. The low beam was even better then the pulsy 220 as the projector cuts off some parts off illumination.

I was again stopped by the bulb limit as i knew that I cant use 90/100 or heavier bulb because it will melt my reflector. I used the setup for 4 months. Then I came to know about hid kits. I brought a 6000k kit with hid+halo combination. It was dread full as the focus was not at all there, the light goes everywhere and frankly I never liked the white app of the light.

I searched some more and got my self a nice pair of 4300k bulbs with good ballast. It was bi-xenon. It was the best thing. I am still using it. but soon i wanted to add one more hid as a aux setup for the occasional highway rides. But then i was told by many so called gurus of lighting that i am asking too much from a small coil of 7 poles as the discharging problem started if i was using the both hids for more then 2 hours.

but after seeing the performance i was sure i must have 2 HIDs. So i started to reworking with the coils, as there were no data available on this rewinding thing that can run 2 HIDs at a time I had to do trial and error but finally success was there.

Now the system can produce about 12 amps @ 6000 rpm, which means I can run 3 HIDs if the rpm is more than 6k rpm. The more important part is it can produce 8 amps @ 2500 rpm, which means you can use two hid all the time all day all night.

Now that is something to achieve. If you are an avaid tourer, you must be pushing it to end in day lights because of the pathetic lights in our bikes. Though some product as p 220 comes with a nice light still it feels less if some one rides in GQ at nights at more then 80kmph.

This space will be dedicated to all of those who likes to ride in night but cant for the lights or those who will.

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