Sign of faulty timing (cam) chain

Most of the manual of our bikes (Bajaj Pulsar P150 / P180 / P200 / P220 DTS-i / DTS-Fi or Apache RTR 160 / 180 or Yamaha R15 / FZ / Fazer or Hero Honda Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR / 150cc) seems to be missing the instruction about timing chain replacement.

Here at while maintaining all these bikes under long term basis, we have found that usually within 12000 to 15000 kms, user should think of checking the timing chain and replace it its necessary.

How to know that if your timing (cam) chain is faulty ?

A good mechanic or experienced rider can identify a faulty timing chain while listing to the engine sound in idle RPM. When changing the chain, compare the new one with older one to see if it is really needed to change or not.

Here is an example of faulty timing chain compared with a good one.

It (this guide) is applicable to following bikes,

  • Bajaj Pulsar (P150 / P180 / P200 / P220 DTS-i / 220 DTS-Fi)
  • Apache RTR (160 / 180)
  • Hero Honda Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR / Hunk / CBZ eXtreme
  • Honda Unicorn / Dazzler
  • Yamaha R15 / FZ-16 (150cc) / Fazer (150cc)

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