What to check (PDI list) before you take delivery of your bike / motorcycle

It is a very common question what we find coming to us from so many new riders who are going to purchase or take delivery of their first bike. Let it be Bajaj Pulsar P150 / P180 / P220 DTSi / Avenger 220 or Apache RTR 160 / 180 or Yamaha YZF R15 / FZ-S / FZ-16 / Fazer or Hero Honda Hunk / CBZ / ZMA / ZMR, question is,

What to check and do (PDI -> Pre-Delivery inspection) before or at the time when one takes delivery of his / her bike / motorcycle ?

  • The Oddo (mile meter) reading -> The oddo meter reading is a very important factor, please do look in to it make sure the bike has not done too much of under showroom. Some time showroom use these bikes as test ride purpose before you come to take delivery. As for fact, when Bajaj / Yamaha / Hero Honda or Honda sends out their bike, their oddo reading stays at around 2/3 kms. So make sure the bike you are taking is not having 25/30+ as its oddo reading.

  • Check for alignment of Fork, T & handle bar -> Check for the alignment of the Fork (front shocker), “T” section and handle bar. Some time although a new bike still it may come with manufacturer defect or something some showroom may try to sell you defective product deliberately.

  • Check for alignment of Disc plate (both rear and front) -> Put the bike in center stand and roll the wheels to check if there is any alinement’s problem with front or rear disc (if any)
  • Check for alignment of both the RIMs -> Once again, put the bike in center stand to roll the wheels to check for alignment problem with the RIMs (front and rear)
  • Check for tire wear & tear -> Look for tire wear and tear. This can give you a clear indication that if the bike have been used or not. Showroom can turn off the oddo meter but tire markings will give you a proper idea as whether the bike has ran or not.

  • Check for scratch in over all bike -> Take your time to inspect the bike fully. Check all fiber parts and metal to point out if there is any scratch or dent.
  • Check for engine oil level -> Check the engine oil level. Make sure you top up if needed where as best is to change the oil before delivery and since the bike will be in running in, using Mineral engine oil of recommended grade.
  • Check the coolant level (Yamaha R15, Honda CBR 250R, CBR 150R, KTM Duke 200, Pulsar 200NS) -> Check the coolant level both in radiator and in coolent storage for its level, top up if needed.
  • Check the Radiator fins for any dents or Bents for any liquid cooling or oil cooling bikes like, CBR 250R, KTM Duke 200, Yamaha R15, Honda CBR 150R and Bajaj Pulsar 200NS.

The Radiator Fin Damage for Honda CBR 250R

  • Check the break fluid level -> Do check the break oil level in both the disc breaks (front and rear). Top up if needed

If any of those point seem problematic, then do not accept the bike and request for another one. Showroom may trick you by saying, they will take care of the issue in first service but as per rule (check below for company given PDI check lists) they are suppose to do it before the delivery hence do not settle for any of their verbal promise of solving the problem in first service or such.

If possible, be present at the time of company / dealership / showroom / service center or delivery center  PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)

Every company has a set of check list for their delivery center / service center called PDI, which needs to be done before a bike can be called ready for delivery. Though its not mandatory but it would be better if you can be present there at the time of PDI by your self to make sure that all the given points are done.

Below is few example PDI check list, from Bajaj for its pulsar series (P150 / P180 / P220 DTS-i) and from TVS for its Apache RTR 180.

Get your friend with you too..

It’s best in your interest to find a friend of yours who can check the said things for you. Since two sets of eyes are better than one. Hence more eyes inspecting your bike is better for you to spot a problem if there is any.

Another major point to follow right after the PDI is running in / engine break in guide.

This article is valid for every bike sold in India. Namely,

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 / 180 / P220F / P220 street fighter
  • Bajaj Avenger 220 DTS-i
  • Apache RTR 180 / 160
  • Yamaha YZF R15 / FZ-16 / FZ-S / Fazer
  • Hero Honda Hunk / CBZ / Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR
  • Honda Unicorn / Dazzler / CBR 250R / 150R
  • Bajaj Pulsar 200NS
  • KTM Duke 200

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