Periodical lubrication -> Greasing of Rear wheel and sprocket bearings / axle / pinion

This article is applicable for all two wheelers (made or built in India) namely,

  • Hero Honda Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR / Hunk / CBZ eXtreme
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 / 180
  • Bajaj Pulsar 135 / P150 / P180 / P200 / P220 DTSi or DTS-Fi
  • Bajaj Avenger 200 / 220 DTS-i
  • Yamaha R15 / FZ-16 / FZ-S / Fazer
  • Honda Unicorn / CB Dazzler

When to apply grease / lubrication in rear wheel bearings and axle ?

Greasing cycle varies depending on weather and riding condition in which your bike is used. Its safe to grease the rear wheel axle, bearings and sprocket bearings once a 3000kms – 5000kms (depending on your use and place of use).

Whats wrong if not greased ?

  • Effects in acceleration
  • Effects in top speed
  • Effects mileage (wheel play wont be smooth and free)
  • Effects in overall smoothness
  • Reduce of bearing life
  • Possible failure in extreme hard condition

Example of poor greasing (in bad condition) and no grease at all (dried out over time).

How to grease the rear wheel and sprocket bearings / axle ?

First setup would be detaching the breaking assembly from the swing arm (incase of rear disc setup) or the drum breaks to take out the wheel and rear sprocket.

Secondly removing the dust seals of the bearing (both inner and outer seals) to access the bearing part for lubrication / greasing application.

Once you have access to the bearings, now you may start greasing or lubricating the said parts.

Which grease to be used for lubrication purpose ?

You can use any grease meant for bike lubrication. Some of the better known brands are like Castrol / Motul / Indian Oil (servo) / Reliance.

Cost of Work ?

Usually these works are done at the time of (“power”) service only hence charges are included in service it self.

Most of the time, company owned / authorized service centers may skip the work by saying not needed or such reason but its very important that you insist on greasing the said part for better performance and long life of your bike / motorcycle.

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