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Champion vs Bosch (Twin head / electrode) vs NGK Iridium IX vs Normal (stock)

It can be found in all motorcycle or motor bike engines and matter of fact, some (DTS-i / Twin spark) engine comes with two of it. Its an electrical device which creates the spark inside the cylinder for the combustion of fuel for internal combustion engine.

Read more in wiki if you want..

What type of role does spark plug plays in our day to day life with Indian made motorcycles and motor bikes ?

  • Mileage of your motor bike / motorcycle depends on quality and condition of your spark plug.
  • Acceleration and top speed of your bike depends on the quality and condition of the spark plug.
  • Smoothness of the engine is also dependent with spark plug. With a faulty one, one may face engine knocking (bike jerking / giving jerks like out of petrol), engine vibration and misfire.
  • Engine may give starting trouble with warn out or bad condition spark plugs.

What is the spark plug in default or stock given in Indian (Bajaj / Yamaha / Hero Honda / TVS) bikes ?

Now, different bike comes with different spark plugs models as stock according to their engine design.

Stock / normal plus are,

Bajaj Bikes (Pulsar P150 / P180 / P200 DTS-i / P220 DTS-Fi / Avenger 200 / 220 DTS-i) -> Champion RG6HCC

Yamaha YZF R15 company given default / stock spark plug make and model -> NGK CR8E

Hero Honda Hunk / Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR stock or normal, default given plug ->NGK CPR8EA-9

Honda Dazzler / Unicorn normal and default company recommended spark plug -> NGK CPR8EA-9

TVS Apache RTR (160 / 180) -> Bosch twin head

How often do we need to change the spark plugs ?

The spark plug falls under wear n tear section and according to vehicle manufacturer specification and periodical maintenance chart, spark plug requires replacement at around every 10000kms mark.

What is the cost of normal spark plugs ?

  • Bajaj (Pulsar / Avenger) -> (Champion) Rs. 90/-
  • Yamaha R15 / Fazer -> (NGK Normal) Rs. 110/-
  • Honda -> (NGK Normal) Rs. 110/-
  • Hero Honda -> (NGK Normal) Rs. 110/-
  • TVS RTR -> (Bosch) RS. 110/-

What are the after market options available for better spark plug ?

Many of these plugs are inter changeable. For example, we have found good results in terms of mileage and performance by using Bosch twin head plugs in Hero Honda Hunk / Honda Unicorn and even in  lower CC pulsar range (150cc / 180cc).

Where as we have seen and observed the reduce of vibration by upto 30/40% when using NGK Iridium IX spark plugs in TVS RTR 180 or 160.

We have seen P220 and R15 returning exceptional mileage figures and smoother ride when using NGK Iridium IX sparks plugs in high speed highway cruising in longer runs. For example, in a 600kms test run in GQ standard roads, while maintaining 85 arvg speed, in double, P220 and R15 have given 43+kmpl mileage, compare to a bike running stock, returned around 37kmpl figure.

The better aftermarket products, like “NGK Iridium IX” plugs are known to last 3 times longer than normal ones however they come with a price tag of Rs. 550/- each.

These aftermarket plugs helps with a continuous high temperature and stable sparking compare to the stock default given plugs.

If you consider replacement of your spark plug with after market options, then make sure you are done with your running in phase before placing your spark plugs. Best time for after market product for modification is after first 3000kms of your bike is over.

The article is applicable to almost all performance based Indian bikes, namely,

  • TVS Apache RTR 160 / 180
  • Bajaj Pulsar P-180 / P200 / P220 DTSi / Avenger 200 / Avy 220 DTSi
  • Yamaha YZF-R15 / Fazer / FZ-16 / FZ-S
  • Hero Honda Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR / Hunk
  • Honda Dazzler / Unicorn

You may also read, Test -> NGK Iridium on HH ZMA-R

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  1. It would be helpful if you could post the model details for the Iridium and Bosch sparks. And if there is any good online source to buy these sparks.

    Thanks Hunky…

    • Hi,

      Model -> OK, I would be compiling one article !!
      Online store -> eBay is there !!!

      Thnx for the comment !!!


    hunky i want 2 know another thing,is dare any relation btween da age of spark plug nd mileage?if yes,den plz tell me da details…nd sometime aftr putting ngk ix we used 2 see dat mileage is drastically dropped in city riding where as it increased in highway conditions,so y dis things r happen?

  3. Pranajit Deb Barma

    Hi Hunky
    can we switch “NGK Iridium IX” to any indian bike as per their site its show some different models like
    BAJAJ Pulsar 220 DTSi (Left side)
    1.NGK G-Power-CR9EGP
    3.NGK Iridium IX-CR9EIX

    BAJAJ Pulsar 220 DTSi (Right side)
    1.NGK G-Power-CR8EGP
    2.NGK Iridium IX- CR8EIX

    TVS Apache
    1.NGK G-Power-CR7EGP
    2.NGK Iridium IX-CR7EIX

    the models no. are different so need more light on that how they different form each other or nothing like that

    • Hello Sir,

      There is a difference between the words, “Can” and “should”… As per fitting goes, yes some of the models are interchangeable but as per the performance goes, one should stick to the recommended models by NGK :)


  4. Raminder Pal Singh

    Hi Hunky! This was a very good article. Best thing is that this article is based on practical figures not just theoretical things which one can also read on any other wiki site so this was kinda different. I need some advice from you. Should I switch to NGK Iridium spark plugs? Will this boost some performance without effecting mileage of my CBF Stunner carburetted version?

    • Hello Sir,

      Sorry for a late reply…

      Yes, you can opt for NGK Iridium IX plug.. NGK Iridium will offer you a lot smoother and vibs free engine but it may have a negative effect in mileage figure if you ride your bike very less (like may be 20/30kms a week)..

      NGK offers really good mileage in highways and even city (around at-least 30 to 40kms a day) when you ride your bike more..

      The Model number for Stunner is -> CPR7EAIX-9.

      Make your switch if you run more.. Dont switch if you running in less :).


      • Raminder Pal Singh

        Thanks for your advice Sir! Actually I ride it like 20 kms a day (approx.). I’m a college student so it is not fixed. Sometimes I ride it like 30 kms within 3 days but sometimes it goes over 60-70 kms a day. So on an average, it should be somewhere around 80 kms in a week. So what do you say, should I go for Iridium plug or should I stay with the default one?

        • You decide.. Which percentage is on higher side..

          Unless your riding is more, there wont be any benefit with mileage but yes, with Iridium, bike will feel lot smoother and responsive.

          Rs. 550/- is not a value for money product and also if you ride less, it may actually provide negative figures in mileage.

          Personally I would say, better for you to stick to the stock setup :)


  5. Hi bro!

    Sorry I dont have any idea on this spark plug stuffs. From your article I gained some info.
    I have an Apache RTR 160 and I’ve crossed 14500 kms now. I wish to install this Iridium spark plug. Please advice me on this. Which model should I go for?

    • Hello Saran,

      Yes, you can opt for NGK Iridium IX plug.. NGK will offer you a lot smoother and vibs free engine but it may have a negative effect in mileage figure if you ride your bike very less (like may be 20/30kms a week)..

      NGK offers really good mileage in highways and even city (around 30 to 40kms a day) when you ride your bike more.. Although the mileage is a depending on amount of riding you do, but one thing is almost guaranteed, that’s a smoother engine and reduce of vibration by at-least 30% :)..

      TVS Apache RTR 160 would require NGK Iridium IX -> Model CR7EIX


      • Thanks Hunky.
        Your information was really helpful.
        I drive a minimum of 50-70kms daily. So, I think I can go for the iridium spark plus.
        Thanks again for your kind response.

  6. Sunil Kumar A S

    I have P150cc 2003 model i hav run this vehicle around 1lak kms around 80k i repaired engine but till now i hav nt changed spark plug. still its running in good condition and milage is around 50 from the begining.

  7. Hi Hunky,

    I have a cbz xtreme 2007 model which clocked over 53000 kms,please advice the right iridium plug for y cbz.
    Also which is the suitable spark plug for HH cd100ss/cd deluxe other than the stock plugs???please help me out…

  8. I have FZ-S i crossed 4700+ km & it gives milage about 30 km/L if i get iridium ix what milage could i get after changing the spark plug and what is the model no. of plug?
    And the reason for changing is vibration and acceleration.

  9. good pm sir i got interesting reading some idea it comes from motor bikes i have my Fz16 150cc model 2012 in want to improve the speeding performance of my bike what parts of the engine would i modify it is right the coil and the spark plug or the sprocket

  10. Hi Hunky,
    I have a Pulsar 200 NS which has three spark plugs and have done 7500 kms on it and nowadays the bike has a lot of vibes and engine stalling problem, and when checked one spark plug has gone bad so is it ok if I change on e plug to iradium and keep the other two as stock ?? Please Advise…

    • Hi Arun,

      Please note there are 3 type of NGK plugs.

      * Normal
      * G-Power
      * Iridium

      Now if you are changing, either you change all three with similar model or you dont.

      For regular commuting you may not need Iridium, stock may suffice, as in usual, its recommended to change the stock plugs once a 10k kms.

      So I would say, if the budget is tight, stock plugs will suffice so change or replace it with stock only.


  11. Actually I had not knowledge about functions of spark plug, but after seeing the top gif picture, I learned its functions. You should use Bosch Spark Plugs for better performance of your vehicle.

  12. Can I use ApacheRTR’s Bosch twin head Spark Plug on My Hunk

    • Hi,

      Give it a try, you can use..

      However, those who used known to us have given mixed feedback, some were happy where as some were happy to stick with NGK default

    • Hunky…
      i am using double head in ma FZ… its superb… i am getting 40plus … and morning start is good compared to stock….
      ma email is

  13. sir, i own a honda unicorn 2012 model and have run it 7000km with the stock spark i want to ungrade it with an iridium one.could u please advise what exact model no of iridium spark plug(with exact reference to heat range) n power cable be most suited for my ride?
    waiting for your most valued reply…lots of best wishes for u
    regards…Sujit Basu

    • Hello Sujit..

      Sorry for a late reply but we have been busy scratching our heads and trying to obtain some light directly from the NGK product team..

      See, we here at dont have such advance facility to test with accurate measurement.

      Now there are to aspect to this, as what can be done and what should be done..

      If you check, plugs meant for Apache RTR series is a direct fit into Unicorn but then again, should you do that ??

      Makers of NGK advice you not to and they advice you to either stick with the stock NGK or use G-Power..

      Sorry, may not be the answer you are looking for but this is the feedback we can offer..

  14. What is the model no of Iridium spark plug for 200NS???

  15. Randolph Savio Fernandes

    Hi, I drive a bajaj Avenger 200 cc, 2010 model. Ive done about 18k kms till date. I had changed my spark plugs to NGK Iridium IX in 2011. But recently my bike was giving really bad mileage. I check my spark plugs and found out that they were carbon fouled. So I went back to the standard Champion ones RG4HCC. And the bike is running not that bad. When I checked the NGK Spark plugs i saw two different serial nos. on the plugs one read 8 and the other 9. Was that ok?

  16. Hi, I don´t know much about this. What spark plug I should fit to my TVS Apache “150”? not RTR 160. I need an answer please. I´m from Peru and I don´t know well English, excuse If there are errors :D.

  17. which is the best spark plug for the apache rtr180 to get a better performance at high speeds in highways

  18. Hi Hunky,
    In which term milage can be reduced by using ngk ix i mean plug is made for better combustion so how it orovide low avetage, any logical reason of mechanism.??

  19. hello sir, i have pulser 220 and am very passonate about biking, i have done 20k and now i thought of changing my stock spark plugs to performance spark plugs so i need ur advice weather to go wit bosh twin head spark plug or NGK spark plug. plz let me know is it possibe to put BOSH TWIN HEAD SPARK PLUG insted stock if yes plz let me know perfect model,,,,if not i will go for NGK ,but plz let me know which is best in NGK also wit perfect model…thank you

  20. Dear sir,
    I’m riding a SYM wolf 250cc. It is single piston 4 stroke 250cc efi. some of the Pomen advice the irradium plug is not suitable for single piston for 250cc is it true?

  21. Hi Hunky,

    I know this site is about new generation bikes but I wanted to know if installing a iridium or G-power spark plug on my Yamaha Enticer will improve overall engine efficiency (mileage, power and vibration). If yes, please let me know what model number to look for?


    • Hey..

      This website is about every bike that we have accessed to by the way :P..

      Anyway, Enticer was a good bike but ahead of its time, so may be that is why sales didnt click and Yamaha stopped it here in India..

      I would say with this 125cc engine, stick with the Yamaha original parts, use the stock plug with it..

      How many kms have you driven it by the way ??

  22. Hero Hunk owner, I have now changed the spark plug with TVS Apache rtr twin head by Bosch. Costed Rs.100 /mrp111.00. Bike is much smoother no jerks and improved pick up. Thanks for the article.


  23. what is the model no required for 200ns in ngk iridium spark plugs….

    • well i too inquired about it and found out that pulsar 220 and 200ns has same set of spark plugs of (RG6HCC something like this)…….. SO in 220 they use ngk irridium CR9EIX both sides in carburetted version so it would be safe to have same for 200ns…….. I asked for it and found it costing about Rs460/- through local mechanics…….. they showed me the price list they get so it would cost around 500/- depends………

      • Hi Sanjay !
        So the same plug will do in Avenger in Pulsar 220 ? I would like to change with iridium IX as well on my Avenger 220 DTSi, but dont know the model no. pls help me with this if you know.

  24. can some one find me a pulsar 200ns air filter of K&N brand, not conical but rectangular one……

  25. I have Apache RTR 180 ABS. I want to change my spark plug. which one I should go for? NGK iridium plug or Bosch Twin head iridium spark plug? Please advice me

  26. Hi Hunky,
    I do have a Pulsar 220 DTSi 2012 model. I have already run it for 9500 kms. On and average I ride 180 kms per week.

    Should I go for change of my stock Spark plug to Iridium IX? If I do so what else parts needs to be changed ?
    I want to install a KN&N BA-2201 high performance air filter also.

    Please suggest……

  27. Hi Hunky,

    I own a Pulsar 150 UG 4.5. It’s done 5500+ KMs now and I want to upgrade the spark plugs. Which one should I opt for? NGK Iridium or Bosch Platinum? I don’t go on highways; I’m a commuter who goes in stop and go traffic daily. I cover around 30kms daily to and from work. On a side note, I’m currently getting a mileage of 35 kmpl (on an average speed of 75-80). The best I could get (at a max speed of 45kmph not exceeding 5000rpm and ANY given time) was 44kmph. Is that normal for a pulsar 150? Everyone I know that own a pulsar get at least 50kmph.

    I know I’m straying from the subject, but would the mileage drop further? Say, to 30 kmpl? I’m a performance enthusiast and if it comes down to it would prefer performance over mileage.

    Thanks in advance and waiting patiently for your expert advice.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment..

      Coming to first point as mileage, but looking at the figure you have posted for P150, at around the said mileage speed, its definitely in lower side..

      Refer here ->

      Please note, rider weight also matters apart from the points mentioned there.. With 60kg rider weight in open highways and between 45 – 55 kmph speed, a good condition P150 can be giving over 60+kmpl..

      So please go through the link and see if any thing you have missed !!

      Secondly, regarding performance, yes, if you are a performance enthusiast then mileage should not be a point to look into :P..

      P150 is not really mention to hardcore performance and switching plugs wont do much of a difference, as you may read, what we see from our testings, plugs helped in longer runs with mileage and smoothness..

      For P150, NGK models would be CR9EIX but each costing Rs. 550. Where as you can look for the Bosch twin head, given in Apache RTR also which can be easy on your pocket at Rs. 110..


  28. Sir,my re thunderbird just completed 1000km.I changed spark plugs to ngk irridium ix. Main plug BPR5EIX but the secodnd one is CRE9EIX in stead co specification CPR7EAIX9. Will it affect the bike in any way.

  29. Hey brother, I own bajaj Avenger 220, 3 years old, completed 46000 kms, running on Motul 300v,
    I needed NGK SPARK PLUGS. Can you tell me which is the best, and it’s twin plug, so suggest a serial number also..

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Jitu,

      Thank you for your comment..

      In case of Avy 220 DTS-i, you may been following models.. Please note NGK has three variant.

      1. NGK Conventional (Priced around Rs. 110/-)
      2. NGK G-Power (Priced around Rs. 250/-)
      3. NGK Iridium IX (Priced around Rs. 550/-)

      For Avy 220 DTS-i, since it shares the same engine as P220 DTS-i hence you can safely opt for the models for P220 DTS-i..

      So NGK plugs that fits Bajaj Avenger 220 DTSi are,

      1. NGK Conventional (Priced around Rs. 110/-)
      Left Side -> CR9E
      Right Side -> CR8E
      2. NGK G-Power (Priced around Rs. 250/-)
      Left Side -> CR9EGP
      Right Side -> CR8EGP
      3. NGK Iridium IX (Priced around Rs. 550/-)
      Left Side -> CR9EIX
      Right Side -> CR8EIX


      • Hi Hunky
        Your information is quite a helpful. I would also like to know why are there two different model nos. of plugs on same engine? Will there be any problem in performance if I use the same Iridium model on both sides of my bike Avenger 220 DTSi ?
        Thanks and Regards.

  30. which spark plug from Bosch can i use for Honda unicorn dazzler can I use Bosch mico u4a

  31. Hii Hunky..!

    Can i use apache’s bosch twin head same spark plugs in pulsar 220..?

  32. Thanks for replying me Hunky..!

    Why the NGK had two types for left & right side plugs? Can we use same type on both sides as am interested in R15’s too..!


    • Hi,

      As per NGK official catalog, you should be buying following model for Iridium IX plugs for your Pulsar 180 DTS-i..



  34. It might sound a bit funny but, Is the Bosch twin head/ NGK Iridium IX compatible with Bajaj Discover 125 Dts-i (2007 model)??????? Actually I’m looking for something that can give her higher power and instant acceleration. She ran about only 8000km Since 2007. Could you please help me out?????

  35. Can i use twin head spark plugs in my pulsar 150? Or which would be better option? I ride 50kms a day’s giving very less milage around 39kmpl

  36. Hello Guys,
    I am using a Avenger 220 with stock parts. i would like to know if there would be any difference in the performance if i install a Twin spark plug. If it will which model of spark plug i should use.
    Please write back to me on
    Thank you in advance.

  37. Samudranil Gogoi

    Hiee Guys

    I own a pulsar 150 (2010) which is running on stock plugs(champion). AFR is kept as rich mixture still I am getting a healthy mileage of 43-45 kmpl in spite of ripping her hard somtimes and haven,t encountered cold start issues so far..I am planning to install a NGK iridium replacing the stock ones. I heard the stock cables melt down as Iridium spark plugs produce greater amount of heat. Is it required to change the Ignition cable after installation of NGK Iridium?? any advantages of twin headed plugs over single headed?

  38. hi
    I own a pulsar 200ns (2014) which is running on stock spark plugs.
    LH -> Champion RG-6HCC
    RH -> Champion RG-6HCC
    Center -> BOSCH VR5NE

    plz help me out by suggesting replacement spark plugs in ngk irridium spark plugs with connectors and buying details

  39. Deepak Chaudhary

    hi, I have a doubt regarding changing the spark plug of my pulsar 150 (2012) model.
    My bike has done 24k and still running on stock plugs till date, Now i want to change the spark plug but have no clue about it. I do monthly trips upto 450 kms a day.

    please advise what kind of plug would be suitable for my bike.

  40. what’s. the. use of twin head bosch rather than the stock. one…u know. sevice men changed spark plugs. twice… and said it was died… in my 220F. hunky

  41. Hello Hunky.

    I want to change spark plugs for my pulsar 220 dts,which was buy in 2014.So kindly suggest me which iridum spark plugs(model) i should buy.Also share which one is used in right side and which one on left side.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      Left Side -> CR9EIX
      Right Side -> CR8EIX


      • Thank u Hunky for ur quick rply.But some people tell me that by used this different spark plug may give some problem .So can u suggest.

        • Not sure what are they referring to as this is what suggested by NGK and we have used it extensively without any issues..

  42. Please tell me which spark plug is best in terms of mileage for Honda CB-Shine (2014 old model). So far i haven’t changed the spark plug and it almost crossed 10K kms. Sometimes my bike doesn’t start and i usd to ride the bike with choke on for about 1.5kms. Even the mileage has dropped to 27kms/liter. For the past 5 times I had been using petrol purchased from a local petrol dealer in a road side shop. I guess kerosene would have mixed in that
    1. So please tell me which spark plug is the best suited one for my bike. (I usually ride less than 20 kms in a week).
    2. Also please tell me if any other tuning has to be done for the bike?
    Waiting for your reply :-)

  43. I want to change the spark plugs of my bike with NGK Iridium IX on Avenger 220cc DTSi . I would like to know if there is any specific model no. for my bike or just Iridium IX will fit.

  44. hi Hunky

    I own a Hero CBZ Xtreme 2007 model . i ride about 50 km a day , i am currently using stock spark plugs . but i would like to upgrade it

    i searched in the NGK websites and i couldn’t find iridium plugs for CBZ , plz suggest me the a spark pug

    bosch twin electrode , g power , platinum , or any other brand?

    i read i ur above review that twin electrode bosch is good for CBZ , what , what should i ask it the store , is there only one model for bosch twin electrode?

  45. Hello Hunky,
    I have buy pulsar 220f new with fuel injector version.I saw on ur above post u mention that NGK iridium spark Left Side -> CR9EIX & Right Side -> CR8EIX,but in NGK web site part finder showing CR9EIX same on both side.So plz clearify me bcoz i will buy NGK for my bike.Plz


  46. Hi, I want to change my Pulsar 220 FI spark plug becoz its reach 10500km.So now I want to use NGK Iridium.Here I notice that U advice that Right Side -> CR8EIX but in NGK web its showing CR9EIX for both side.So I m little bit confused.So kindly clarify me on this issue.


  47. hi
    I own a pulsar 200ns (2014) which is running on stock spark plugs.
    LH -> Champion RG-6HCC
    RH -> Champion RG-6HCC
    Center -> BOSCH VR5NE

    plz help me out by suggesting replacement spark plugs in ngk irridium spark plugs with connectors and buying details

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