NGK Iridium IX for Hero Honda Karizma R (ZMA-R)

Hero Honda Karizma R (ZMA) and ZMR is equipped with a normal version of NGK supplied spark plug. However NGK also makes some extra performance heavy duty spark plugs like Iridium IX models.

We put both the models of spark plug and test in various aspect of riding with this bike / motorcycle to find out about the performance of these plugs.

What is the default company given spark plug of Hero Honda Karizma-R (ZMA) ?

Hero Honda source their OEM spark plugs from NGK India. They recommend (as per manual) and install the normal version of NGK spark plug in ZMA.

Model -> NGK Normal DPR8EA-9

Prince -> Rs. 110/-

What is NGK Iridium IX ?

Its a plug said to be having some high performance materials with fancy names, such as

  • Plug tip made with “Iridium”
  • Trivalent Metal Plating
  • superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties

How does it help ?

It is said by experts that these high performance plugs like NGK Iridium IX burns the fuel at a higher temp via producing a better and stronger spark, thus helping to gain more power and mileage along with a better spark plug life.


What is the Model number of NGK Iridium IX Spark plug for ZMA R ?

Model No. -> NGK Iridium DPR8EIX

Price -> Rs. 550/- (printed)

How do we test ?

  • We dont have fancy dyno
  • We dont have access to race tracks
  • We dont have those fancy computer and a garage full of pit crew to monitor things

What we did is simple, our contributers and members installed the plugs in their respective ZMA along with all stock setup and same engine oil to figure out about their results in different riding aspect. Touring / Communing / dragging and stunting, we try and see how much difference does it make with NGK Iridium IX.

Results and our recommendations..

We listed / monitored the data for NGK Iridium IX vs Normal Hero Honda Karizma (ZMA) in-terms of,

  • Mileage.
  • Performance (acceleration)
  • Drags (0-60 and top speed)
  • Durability (to find out the change interval)


What we see is, if your riding is very less, for example you clock 40 / 60 kms a week (7 days), NGK Iridium actually provides less mileage (around 7 to 10kmpl less) compare to stock OEM plug.

Where as if you ride more, for example in case of city commuting clocking around 40 to 50 kms a day, NGK Iridium gives better figures than stock, around 3 to 5 kmpl more than default HH given plug.

NGK Iridium IX really shows its potential when the bike is in highway doing a long trip, like a 600kms dash while maintain around 4 to 5k rpm in top gear. Here we observed around 5 to 7 kmpl gain over the stock plug.

Performance and drags

NGK Iridium IX gives no extra benefit in drags, the bike felt the same in terms of 0-60 or reaching the top end. However in top end and with really hot engine, the engine fells lot smoother with NGK Iridium.

The acceleration is also smooth with NGK Iridium IX but it doesn’t alter the figures of TOP speed and 0-60 or such compare to stock setup. However the engine feels bit more responsive.

While in touring mode, in heavy duty non stop runs, NGK Iridium shows it true potential in providing a smoother experience even after a non stop 600kms run (when compared to stock plug).

Durability and change interval

Here comes the surprise, as in many website and even in NGK company specs we find, its said to last 1lack kms or such without any maintenance. However with us, in multiple bikes, in any mode of riding aspect, we could not pull it more than 20-25k kms !!!

We found the idle change interval of this NGK Iridium IX spark plug is around 20,000 kms. +-3000 depending on your mode of use, as commuters may pull it little longer where as heavy duty tourers may need to replace little early. This is the exact double of what the stock OEM given plug of HH goes. Stock spark plug (OEM NGK Normal DPR8EA-9) needs replacement at around 10 to 12k kms.

Is it value for money and should you use it ?

Unless your riding is more, there wont be any mileage benefit secondly there wont be much of a performance benefit apart from a little more responsive engine. However in any-case, with Iridium IX will provide a smoother engine and riding experience.


  • Little more responsive engine
  • Better mileage in longer runs or more your ride
  • Smooth engine through out the rev range
  • Smoother response even in higher RPMs


  • Price of Rs. 550/- -> NOT a value for money product
  • Change interval of 20k kms with a Rs. 550 price tag

So yes, use it if you ride more but we can’t quite call it a value for money product.

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