Hands on with Gear Ratio & Gear pinions

No, we wont write heavy duty automobile stuff. Here at NexGenBikes.com, we concentrate on all issues as end user point a view so in this article we would be very brief about the matter, just to provide a hands on with the stuff which works inside your bike..

All of the Made and built in India motorcycles like,

  • Hero Honda Hunk / CBZ eXtreme / Karizma (ZMA) R / ZMR
  • Bajaj Pulsar P150 / P180 / P200 / P220 DTS-Fi / Avenger 200 / 220 DTSi
  • Yamaha FZ-16 / Fazer / YZF-R15
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 / 180
  • Honda Unicorn / Dazzler

comes with integrated manual transmission system. Where gears, housing in the gear box with their specific ratio make up the power band of the bike.

Have you ever taken an inside look into those actual gear pinions which spins at a very high RPM to take the load of a bike like P220 DTSi of Yamaha R15 and clock 140kmph speeds ?

Below is the actual gear pinions taken out from a Hero Honda Hunk gear box.

Gear Ratio..

Different bikes come with different gear ratio. Gear ratio helps to utilize an engines power band to provide optimal performance in-terms of acceleration and top speed.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 / P220 DTS-i Gear Ratio..

Yamaha YZF-R15 gear ratio..

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