When to replace your disc / disk pad (front / rear)

Irrespective of what motorcycle / bike you own, now days most of the bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for better performance and low maintenance. In-fact now days, many Indian bikes (motorcycles) are coming with disc as standard in both front and rear.

The primary consumable part of a hydraulic disc brake system is the brake pads which helps to stop the wheel. Read more about the mechanism

Every motorcycle vendor provides a manual for their periodical maintenance and they recommend to check disc pads for wear and tear to replace them when needed. But what exactly do you need to check to understand whether your bike’s disc pads require replacement ? Since usually for certain bikes Yamaha or HH ZMA or ZMR, disc pads are pretty costly, so to push in sell, sometime service center may force you to change the pads even if that’s not required. Where as on other hand, if you don’t replace them on time, you may lose braking ability thus causing serious accident.

How to understand when do you require a disc pad change ?


Above is a picture to compare between two disc pads, one which requires change and another which is new and workable !! Please notice the decrease of brake pad action surface and that is a very good indication towards a change.

How long does a break pad lasts ?

Its a very subjective question and totally depends on the usage of your. Generally, 8000 to 10000 kms are the time frame when usually the disc pads may need to be changed.

What is the cost of Yamaha R15 disc pad / break shoe ?

  • Front disc pad – Rs. 468/-
  • Rear disc pad – Rs. 690/-

What is the cost of Yamaha SZ / FZ 16 series disc pads / break shoe (front) ?

  • Front Break Pad kit -> Rs. 145/-

What is the cost of Bajaj Pulsar break disc pad ?

  • Front Disc pad -> Rs. 140/-
  • Rear Disc Pad -> Rs. 205/- ( 200 NS)

What is the cost of TVS Apache (160 / 180) RTR disc pads ?

  • Front Disc pad -> Rs. 360/-
  • Rear Disc Pad -> Rs. 365/-

What is the cost of Hero MotoCorp Disc pads ?

  • Hero MotoCorp Hunk / eXtreme Front Disc Pads -> Rs. 250/-
    Do you know, RTR 180 disc pads are direct fit to ZMA / ZMR ?
  • Hero MotoCorp Hunk / eXtreme Rear Disc Pads -> Rs. 350/-
  • Hero ZMR / ZMA (Karizma) Front Disc Pads -> Rs. 1182/-
  • Hero MotoCorp ZMR rear disk pad -> Rs. 1082/-

What is the price of Honda (HMSI) disc pads ?

  • Honda CBR 250R (C-ABS) Front Disc Pads -> Rs. 1750/-
    Do you know, Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i bybre based caliper disc pads are direct fit to Honda CBR 250R ? They cost Rs. 200/-
  • Honda CBR 250R (C-ABS) Rear Disc Pads -> Rs. 1650/-
  • Honda CBR 250R (C-ABS) Front Disc Pads -> Rs. 634/-
  • Honda CBR 250R (C-ABS) Rear Disc Pads -> Rs. 598/-


Bajaj_Pulsar_Disc_Pad_Price Yamaha_FZ_16_Disc_Break_Pad_Price


Don’t be too late in changing your disc pads.

As you can see the prices of the parts, few of them are quite cheap, so don’t be too late to change these pads. You can notice in the given picture, if the pads are over used, they would certainly damage your disc plate. If the disc plate is damaged, changing it can be quite costly.

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  1. i booked a Hero HUNK yesterday and was really wanting to buy and just about booked the rear disk version but a mechanic and frnds suggested book the drum brakes cos the rear disk brakes wud cost u very much in terms of maintenance of line wire and brake pads. almost an estimated of around Rs.800+ service charges evry 3-4 months.. Also if the entire discs wear out it may be around RS6000 to install new ones.. I ended up booking the drum brakes in that view.. can u pls help and let me know if my decision was right and i didnt compromise on anything.. Also i was told drum brakes are equally efficient not as much as discs but discs are marginally efficient, I was into discs bcos of safety and looks

  2. Randolph Fernandes

    Is it possible that you provide some information about the tyre options for Bajaj Avenger.

  3. Kakarot,Disc brakes are very efficient and maintenance free . where as drum brake needs maintenance .If you calculate the difference in maintenance the margin is less.

  4. i need r15 front nd rear disc pads how can i get this

  5. Was lazy to get disc pad checked got inspired by article and got it replaced.


  6. Hi,
    R15 rear original break pad cost is 1010 i fitted yesterday only by authorised yamaha service centre please update info dont make people confused thank u

  7. hi,
    I have Yamaha Fazer my byk disc is stopping the wheels while rotating. should i replace the disc

    • Hey Sunil,

      First check the Disc Plate alignment as if that is flat or bent.

      If that is ok, in that case its due to your caliper. Grease the Caliper mechanism and replace the brake fluid. Labour charge for the job would be Rs. 100/- where as you may require around Rs. 150/- to Rs. 200/- of brake oil.

      Use Yamaha given brake fluid or Motul DOT4

      Hunky :)

  8. Hi,

    i owned a bajaj pulsar 150, Was lazy to get disc pad checked now bike disc is stopping the wheels while rotating and having a lot of sound and work haltingly.

  9. Hi I have a Fazer bike , and i am hearing a weird noise from front disc brake and it has covered of 32000kms , should i need to change a new disc if so how much it costs. Thanks!!!

    • Hello,

      Are you looking to replace the disc pads or the disc plate ??


      • i am not sure about that, should both be changed?

        • Hi,

          It depends on your requirements.

          Get it checked by the service center or a good mechanic.

          Usually the pads are replaced on regular intervals


          • and recently i changed the chain sprockets too , but i am getting a tickling sound at regular intervals . i have tightned and made the chain loose too but also getting the sound till. any ideas about that?

          • Hello,

            Which bike are your referring too ??


  10. Harigovind S Menon

    Hi guys, I have a Pulsar 200 NS. I have read and heard from multiple sources that CBR 250 has the best brake pads among all the sub 400cc bikes in the country. If I don’t mind the cost can I replace my NS 200 brake pad with a CBR 250 one?

    • Hello Mr. Menon,

      The Non ABS pads may be a fit with 200 NS but we have to check on this since the shoe is much thicker !!

      CBR pads are good fit with P220 Bybrare but NS has much narrower shoe, though shape and size wise they are same.. They may get fit, but may have clearance issue with the disc plate.

      Not sure, but will check if I get the chance and once I do, shall update it here.

      By the way, people are happy other way around with the cost. Most guys prefer going with the Bajaj shoe with Honda CBR :P..


  11. How dp i get R15 rear disc pad

  12. Does pulsar 220 disc pads fits to cbr 250 non abs… cuz honda disc pads are too costly… Frnt disc pads worth 2k and rear worth 1.5k

  13. I have a CBR 250R Standard model (Non-ABS). You’ve mentioned in the article that Pulsar 220’s brake pads can be fitted in CBR 250R, but not mentioned which model, ABS or non-ABS ? Please clarify that. Also, if you know someone who has used pulsar brake pads in his cbr, could you tell about their breaking efficiency compared to stock honda ones ?

  14. Hi i have break pads for cbr 250, R15,ninja650,benelli tnt600i,ktm duke 200&390 for more
    Details what’s app me 9967456192

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