How to modify / increase or fit extra high power light in Yamaha R15

Lights Lights and more Lights…….

Lights, its something you can never have enough off, especially if you’re a rider.

But if you’re a R15 owner you know you have a lot of it BUT none of it in the right place…..

In India the norms says the light should be installed  “Keep to the Left” in mind.

Yamaha while designing the baby R1 took this norm way to seriously. In stock Yamaha R15 runs one 35watt as lower beam and another 35watt (both halogen bulb) for upper beam, in total it runs 70watt for upper beam. Wow now that’s a lot of light for a bike. If you consider other bikes in its price range like P220, ZMR, HONDA CBR, none of them come close to what R15 runs (stock).

But If you are a R15 owner you know that no matter what the spec says you’re riding blind specially in wide roads like the National Highway’s.  So we started working on lights specially for R15 but you can checkout our setup and you can install it in your bike, just keep in mind how much more  your bike can pull. This is one of the first breakthroughs we have got after a long and many R&D’s.

For the start we decided to keep this in mind :

  1. Not to touch the stock electrics and wiring (no cuts to the stock wiring) to save warranty.
  2. Make it a plug and play device so that it can be installed when only needed.
  3. Do not brake the rules. Make it street legal (unlike most HID’s)
  4. Try not to over stress the battery and run out of juice and force us for “Dhakka Start”

So, This is what we did:-

Step 1 (Planning and purchases)

Since We decided not to disturb the stock setup. The common setup which is used by R15 owners now as days i.e the HID and projector setup (Which by the way results in nothing but monetary expense and warrenty void) was avoided. The Best option left with now is to go for Auxiliary lights. However being a sports bike there is no leg-guard or any other external mounting options available. The only place left for us was the front number plate holder.

Front number plate of R15 for extra light mounting

According to that after searching in market for a light which can be mounted there while keeping the point of weight, spot beam for high speed long distance highway tours and riding in mind, we found Hella Comet 450 an idle solution. So the following is the list of things needed, rather purchase list for this project.

Hella Comet 450 extra light

  • Hella Comet 450 (one may also purchase model 550)
  • H3 55w halogen bulb (for Hella Comet 450)
  • Pair of plug (to make this plug and Play)
  • Wire, Fuse, switch, 4 pin Rellay, connectors (for battery connection and such)
  • 1w (watt) LED for parking lamp (2 pieces)

Step 2 (power saving)

If you see the electrical circuit for R15 you will find there is not much space (electricity) left for you to install auxiliary lights. So what we did is install some led Lights in place of the stock parking lights. The two parking light use to consume 5*2=10watt but with led lights it consumes 1*2=2watt only so we have saved 8watt. That’s not much but its something you can do very easily to save some energy which will only benefit you. Yamaha recommends that you should only run the upper beam at above 5000 rpm. So with this led’s now you can run the upper beam at lower rpm and not drain the battery.

R15 bulb and LED side by side Yamaha R15 with Parking LED installed

LED in parking will save power and it also gives your bike a cool look. Though LED comes in many color like RED, Blue or Green, we would suggest you to select as natural color as possible to keep them street legal, but at the end of the day, its your call whether to buy the colorful ones to match your bikes color or staying street legal.

Step 3 (Installing Hella comet 450  and switch)

First we have opened the numberplate and the holder for the same. We drilled the number plate holder in middle (while keeping the size of the hole to accommodate mounting nut and bolt of Hella)  to mount the Halla 450.

Yamaha R15 front number plate removal The mounting hole for Hella 450

Fitting the Hella is easy once the hole is done. It is a straight plug and play with nuts and bolts given.

Mounting the Hella 450 Yamaha R15 with Hella 450 fitted

We chose to place the on and off switch in handle bar.

On off switch for Hella 450 in R15 Switch in R15 handle bar

Since we are doing it as plug and play setup to allow us to remove or fit when and where wanted, we dont connect the light directly to the battery, rather we pulled the wire from battery and hidden it under the visor. The wires are fitted with male-female (typically used in motor bike indicator connections) plugs so that we can mount the light and then connect them to the wires running to battery.

Wiring for Hella 450 connecting hella 450 with battery


This setup is not for every day use, so we designed it in a way so that you can fit it in your own garage before you go out for that long week end trip and remove it very easily when you want to use the bike for every day commuting purpose.

It may look ugly to some, but for long rides, specially in night condition, its a life saver for a rider.

Points to Note

  • Try not to run stock lights and this setup together for long time unless you are doing higher RPMs in highways
  • We recommend you to use the stock lights for passing purpose only where running this spot beam for long rides.
  • We recommend you to consult a bike mechanic for electrical if you want a complex setup, if not, we connected it directly but without touching any stock wires of the bike.
  • Always remember to put a fuse in positive line just after battery.

Best of luck. Do share your views about this if you have any question, we shall try to solve as per our merit.

Ride hard, ride long but return home safe.

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