Journy and History of Bajaj – via its TV Ads / TVC

It all started with a pre-independence venture called “Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited”. Way back in year 1945, it started importing two wheeler and three wheeler from international brands. It took them another 15 years, as in yearly 1960, they received the license both from Gov of India and from Piaggio to manufacture two wheeler and their first model was the “Vespa”.

The first Home made Bajaj came to the market in 1970s (1972) in form of Bajaj Chetak.

In this short and simple article, lets take a look at the Bajaj two wheeler from past to present via their television ads and commercials  to relive the history again.

Bajaj Chetak 1972 ~~

The first ads took well over a decade to make into Door Darshan screens. It was 1980s when Baja ad campaign kicked off and brought in that famous “Hamara Bajaj” tag line.

The scooter has few versions, The Bajaj Super and Bajaj Priya.

Baja M50 and M80 Mopet

With success of scooter, and facing tough competition from other companies launching in new segment, Bajaj came into mopet segment with M50 and M80. Though the M50 turned out to be a failure but M80 was a runaway hit. Infact still in rural India, M80 runs strong and runs as a two wheel truck.

Bajaj Chetak in late 1980s

Though at this decade, bajaj was capitalizing on mopet segment, but demand for scooter was still there though less but still bajaj continued to show ads.

Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 and KB125  – late 1980s

One of the biggest deal in bajaj history happened in 1986/7 as the company tied up with Kawasaki for technology and partnership. The result was few mind blowing and reliable products to counter the Hero Honda venture with was tasting a run away hit with their Honda venture.

See, Bajaj is the stunt way, that too back in early 1990s with their Kawasaki Bajaj KB125 performance segment product.

Bajaj Family ads (second version of Hamara Bajaj)

here comes the 1990. India as a nation started its run to challenge the world powers in Business and technology, baby steps are taken by the share market and Indian big IT giants and so does this new version of ad portray the concept and mood of India.

We are now from “Buland Bharat” to “Naya Bharat”.. So was the Bajaj, as a company, confident with Kawasaki technology and expanding market.

Bajaj Sunny 1990

Young India and Bajaj was ready to capture the youth with another successful product, the sunny, specially for the first time, targeting the young girls. Yes, Indian girls were in college for higher education and working too.

Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion (Mid 90s)

Hero Honda was tasting huge success with their super economical honda engines and 100cc line ups. Bajaj launched 4S champion and this ad would reflect that eagerness to counter Hero Honda on their reliability and mileage image.

Bajaj Chetak in Late 1990

No, the scooter is not dead yet, Bajaj still continued to advertise for it. Once again, good and honest people riding scooter as by now, scooter is running out of selling features to motorcycle.

Bajaj Boxer 1997

The year Y2k is coming, young India is out of college, working hard with its job role, and now its time to settle down, start a family and there you are, Bajaj cashing in that also..

Yeah, not just two wheeler  whole India was changing, as by year 2000, TV sector is in huge boom, cable operators are now offering so many channels, that directly reflects to the advertisement number is going up rapidly for each model.

Not just that, following ad would portray how Indian banking and finance sectors are also growing and want to grow rapidly. Finance schemes are now for every one to make a bajaj, “Hamara apna Bajaj”.

Kawasaki Bajaj caliber (original) 1999

Nuke explosion, economic sanction, Kargil war, romantic Hindi movie and youth of India moving towards different location for jobs. Leaving out those pehela payar, Bajaj Caliber ad was just portraying that mood of sadness and giving us that ray of hope to walk on towards a better future.

A really touchy advertisement as back then Indians still had that relation and heart value !!!!

The Mighty Bajaj Pulsar 180 (year 2000)

New millennium, struggling economy, success of Hero Honda, Bajaj had to do something to turn it around and what a way they did it. NexGen Indian youth were bored with mileage and grand pa type commuters yet Indians didnt have that extra money to go for higher cc sports bike.

Indian roads were becoming express highways and Hero Honda launched their performance segment classic, the CBZ. Bajaj had to do something to counter it and they came up with a blast.

Who would forget that god like voice informing us, “180cc…. 15bhp…. definitely male…..”

Yes, the Pulsar boy was born..

Well not just the 180cc, full of power, it also came with a 150cc mileage version too..

Kawasaki Bajaj Hoodibaba, Caliber 115 and Wind 125 (year 2003)

After the launch of Pulsar and unexpected success of it gave bajaj the boost to carry on the RnD very very aggressively, fall out of which was the part away from the two decade long partnership with Kawasaki. But one last really good model it produced was the Kawasaki Caliber 115. Advertisement made it famous with “Hoodibaba” term.

Bajaj Family Ad (last of it)

Year 2003/2004 saw the last family ads of Hamara bajaj, as just like India, where joint families where breaking and singular family and living in city and flat culture grew, so with bajaj as this is the last of this Family ads portraying the change in India and effect of world culture with us.

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i (UG2)

Within two years of launch, bajaj went on aggressive with their RnD and produced a few patents and that all new home grown DTS-i engine technology thus launching the UG2 version for its pulsar series to take on popularity of legendary Hero Honda ZMA.

Not just the engine, the bike too got some face lift with wolf eye pilot lamps and fearing for the headlamp.

By this time the Bajaj family from being a joint family, becoming a pulsar, single family.

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i UG3

New LED tail lamps are now in


Bajaj Pulsar P200 DTS-i (year 2007)

Another leap as Bajaj went on to release another higher CC product, to many, the best looking pulsar till date. The Bajaj Pulsar P200 DTS-i. With technology like exhutec and Oil Cooling with radiator.

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi

Bajaj replaced the Kawasaki eliminator with their own Avenger series, featuring the same pulsar DTSi engines.

Cruiser segment and the shiny new GQ roads, yes avenger was also a runaway hit for Bajaj.

Bajaj Pulsar P220 DTS-Fi (year 2007)

The Indian sports bike legend, CBZ was challenged by the P180, ZMA was beaten by the P200 DTSi, but something was missing, a flagship product to demonstrate the technical edge of the company, so the mighty 220 cc Fuel injected 20bhp monster made its debuted with first time in India carrying features like projector lights, capable of cruising with triple digit figure and challenging cars with this 0-60 performance.

The mighty P220 DTS-Fi

May be this is the last time we hear the Hamara Bajaj as now, its not Bajaj anymore, its all about Pulsars.. “Naya bharat ki naya raftar, naya bharat ki naya andaz…”

Pulsar P180 DTS-i UG4 (2009)

By the year 2009, Bajaj was moving ahead to cancel P200 DTS-i to launch the P220 DTS-i, hence host of new features were added to the P180 DTS-i and the version was called the UG4.

(updated, video pointed out by our member Somnath from B’lore)

Pulsar Mania (year 2010)

A decade has passed since the boy was born.. the boy has grown up now, its no a man, its now the performance segment benchmark.

India is no longer commuting, India is now playing, bikes are now toys, boys toys. Biking is now a game a sports. Undoubtedly the best pulsar ad till date.

Fastest Indian, The P220 DTS-i

Competition was not far behind, Yamaha came back with a bang with their R15. Light weight and performance matched the DTS-Fi. Bajaj was quick to release the most powerful DTS-i engine with fastest Indian tag line, the carburated P220 capable enough to touch speeds of 144kmph.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS and KTM Duke 200

Bajaj went on to purchase the KTM brand itself and joint development produced bikes like nexgen pulsar, the Pulsar 200NS and KTM duke 200. There is so much hype that as of now at-least, bajaj is yet to air any commercial for it.

Do remind me to add any video if I have missed out from including here, so seat back and enjoy those days which we have left behind.

(Update) The first 200NS advertisement has just arrived.. Check it out

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