What is the recommended tyre pressure for Honda CBR250R / CBR-250-R ABS

Checking Tire Pressure

Small yet one of the most important things about your motorcycle is the tyre pressure. Tire pressure effects a host of aspect relating to riding, from safety to economy.

Under-inflated or over inflated tyres with less or more air pressure than recommended will result in affecting following aspects,

  • Less air (under-inflated  tyre) in tyre would result in slower acceleration, lower top speed and most importantly lower / less mileage / fuel economy.
  • More air (over-inflated) in tyre would result in serious safety risk by lowering the available grip thus making the motorcycle / bike vulnerable to skid-off while breaking or cornering.
  • In case of CBR250R C-ABS, improper tyre pressure will effect the ABS performance and functionality.

What / how much tyre pressure is to be maintained with Honda CBR 250R ?

The best place to know about your motorcycle is your owners manual (download the owners manual / service booklet of CBR250), here I am quoting from the manual of CBR250R (Page 9).

CBR250R Tyre pressure

Single Rider

Front -> 29 psi
Rear -> 29 psi

Rider with pillion (double riding)

Front -> 29 psi
Rear -> 33 psi

Where to check tyre pressure from ?

It is recommended to avoid road side tyre pressure check points since their pressure checking instrumentation tends to be faulty and most of the time you will end up with almost 50 / 60% more air (over inflated) with your tyre.

Try to check the tyre pressure from those machines installed in petrol bunks / pumps or your nearest Honda service center to have an accurate air pressure in your tyre.

Always check with cold tyre

Honda recommends (CBR 250 owners manual page 38) you not to check for air pressure in your tyre when the tires are hot. By hot Honda refers to riding. So before you fill your tyre with air, either park your CBR250R in shade for some time or let some air out from the tyre manually and then fill it with cold air.

CBR Tyre pressure guide

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