What is the electrical power generation of Honda CBR250R from alternator / dynamo

Honda CBR 250R and CBR250 ABS comes with Fuel injection and there is no kick starter lever either. For highway tourers, and frequent night riders, Indian nights in highway can be killer while riding two wheeler.

CBR Honda 250R 2011

Though the Honda CBR 250R and CBR250 ABS comes with 55/60w headlight, for many, it may not be enough. But before adding any extra lights to the vehicle, one obvious question comes as how much power is the CBR 250R and CBR250 ABS alternator or dynamo coil is producing and how much is the default electrical power consumption of the the vehicle ?

How much is the total electrical power consumption of 2011 Honda CBR250R and CBR 250R ABS ?

Here at NexGenBikes, we always recommend users to always read their user manual (download the CBR 250R owners manual) as most of the questions are answered there already. Incase of the CBR 250, please refer to the page number 126 of the owners manual / service booklet.

CBR 250R electrical consumption

How much or what is the total electrical power generation of the 2011 Honda CBR 250R from its starter coil / alternator / dynamo ?

The CBR 250R does come with one of the biggest alternator and generates close to 340w while the engine RPM is 5000 or more.

cbr 250r alternator

As you may see, this leaves a lot of watts untapped and allows a potential modifier to use almost 150w of electrical power safely to add extra / auxiliary headlights or projectors and such.

What battery is used with 2011 Honda CBR250 ?

It comes with a 12v 6Ah battery. In compare to P220 DTSi, which has 9Ah battrery or Yamaha R15 with just a 4 Ah battery neither a very weak nor a very strong but its alternator seems to by far the best in Indian motorcycles.

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