When and how to replace the coolant or radiator fluid of Yamaha YZF R15

Yamaha YZF-R15 is a liquid cooled engine based high performance motorcycle. The engine bay is housed inside the fearing thus it allows very little air flow and the engine relays on a radiator based liquid cooling system to cool itself.

Yamaha YZF R15 V1

Heart of this system is radiator and blood of the system is the coolant or liquid which circulates through the channels made just outside of the cylinder wall to absorb the heat and comes back to radiator to cool down and repeat the cycle over and over again to keep the engine cooled and at optimum operational temperature.


How often does the Coolant or radiator fluid of Yamaha YZF R15 needs to be changed ?

Here at NexGenBikes.com, we always suggest users to refer to their owners manual. As that is the best possible place to obtain more information about your bike.

In idle testing conditions, Yamaha YZF-R15 owners manual service schedule recommends you to change the coolant once a two year, regardless of how many kms you clock. It also recommends you to check the coolant level in R15 radiator and coolant reservoir once every 3000 kms and top up the coolant fluid if level drops.

Yamaha onwers manual

However, we have found in harsh Indian summer condition, practically one should change the Yamaha R15 V1 /V2 coolant or radiator fluid once a year (do it at the beginning of the summer times) or once every 15000 kilo meter. Which ever is earlier. Cooler engine helps in many ways,

  • A cooler engine will reduce its wear and tear
  • Less wear and tear means more engine life
  • Ride quality would also increase in summer time as the bike will feel a lot smooth
  • Over heated engine will result in reduce of performance.

Which coolant or radiator fluid to be used with Yamaha R15 V1 or V2 ?

Yamaha recommended Motul MotoCool and we would also agree to that choice.

Motul MotoCool coolant for Yamaha R15

How much or what is the total quantity of coolant needed for Yamaha R15 ?

As per the workshop manual of Yamaha R15, following are capacity of coolant held in the bike.

Yamaha R15 Coolant Capacity

Radiator Capacity -> 600 ml
Coolant Reservoir Capacity -> 250 ml

Total Coolant needed for replacement -> At least 850 ml

What or how much is the price of Yamaha R15 coolant replacement ?

The Motul MotoCool 1L (1000 ml) bottle is priced Rs. 395/-

How to replace / coolant replacement process in Yamaha R15 ?

First open up the visor of both side.

Then drain the coolant from radiator of R15.

Yamaha R15 Radiator and coolant drain nut Draining the Radiator of R15

Drain the coolant storage reservoir.

Yamaha R15 Coolant Reservoir Draining the Yamaha R15 coolant reservoir

Once both the radiator and reservoir is drained, now first refill the coolant reservoir upto its full mark or with 600 ml of coolant from the bottle and radiator with 250 ml or till it is also full. Dont forget to put the radiator coolant drain nut back before refilling the radiator.

Yamaha Coolant Reservoir refilling Yamaha R15 radiator coolant replacement

Where to carry out the Yamaha R15 coolant replacement process and how much it would cost ?

Usually, best place to work is the authorized service center but many users may not have the chance to visit there for many reasons or in service centers, which are in lot of work pressure may chose to skip the process by just carrying out a normal top up saying its not needed.

However in those cases, you may follow the guide given to carry out the process from any trusted local mechanic.

In our case, the local mechanic charged us Rs. 100 for the manual labor as we administrated and supervised the entire process.

Have a question ?

If you have a question or any comment, then feel free to drop us a line below :)

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  1. What about CBR, which coolant to be used and how much?

  2. pulsar too use motul coolent

  3. coolant leakege problem and radiator is nt comin. nd smoke s coming through the right side of the bike.

    • Dont delay, get its fixed soon.. Visit any Yamaha service center for proper diagnostic of the issue. Mind you, this is one serious issue you are facing, so dont delay in fixing it. Dont ride in this condition of the bike.

  4. coolant leakege and radiator s not working . nd smoke comes through the right side of bike.

    • Coolant is leaking from where??? Can you post ny pic of it?? then we can try to solve it..

    • my problem is same ..my r15 collent leakage in reserve collent bottle left side near gear lever..and some of leakage found in engine cover left side and also smoke smell from right side panel near fan of rediator pls help me immediate and suggest me what to do in this suggation

  5. can I use castrol coolant in r15?

  6. Is that motul coolant is stiky

  7. i am planning to buy R15 plz tell me YES OR NO

  8. i got refilled the coolant in my cbr 150r recently but it’s not working and the engine is overheating. this problem is happening some last couple of days.Earlier it use to be fine there was no case of overheating of engine
    my bike ran 3200 kms ..only first service is done second will be given sooner.why is it happening..?

  9. i got refilled the coolant in my cbr 150r recently but it’s not working and the engine is overheating. this problem is happening some last couple of days n burning smells comes from the right side of the visor .Earlier it use to be fine there was no case of overheating of engine
    my bike ran 3200 kms ..only first service is done second will be given sooner.why is it happening..?

  10. In R 15 After filling coolant in radiator it comes out from radiator neck through cap after reaching speed above 60(approx) and i changed many caps but still facing problem. Fan is working well

  11. how can check that my r15 v1 radiator working or not? I doubt that my coolant oil is not passing through the process of cooling my engine, can u tell me?

    • Start your bike.. Idle it for 5 Mins and then increase the RPM to 5k or 7k and hold it for a while, see if the fan is starting or not..

      In winter cold condition, you may need to rev the engine (in stand still neutral gear) for a while to bring the temperature of the engine high enough to check.. Even if after revving high for 5 mins, if the fan doesn’t start, then its time to visit your service center to check, if the thermostat or the fan it self is faulty !!

      Please note, fan has nothing to do with coolant circulation in the engine, as the coolant is driven via a internal mechanical pump directly attached to the engine RPM, where as the fan works via electrical power !! FAN only start when the engine temp hits a certain value, so in colder condition, FAN may not start since the blowing air from infront is cooling the radiator enough !!


  12. i have a doubt on engine coolant system for R15 which i got it recently, please suggest on this.
    I need to know more information about how to use coolant in R15. Please suggest me….

  13. R15 engine fan is not running & I am not getting thermostat switch in showroom. My bike is engine is becoming hot & showing engine light & temperature light

  14. just bought new yamaha r15 version 2.0 but after riding 1 kilometer the engine gets soo much heat up plss tell me whats the problem.

  15. At how much Kms chain kit of yamaha R15 need to be changed?

  16. for the love of god, pls do an episode on tyre issues. i have an r15, but it has a leak near the rim. are there any alternatives , other than changing the rim.

    sick and tired of these service centre guys, not being able to work it out. they say tyres are not part of their job.
    have no clue how to resolve this

  17. heir some problem with it’s red light amd radiator fan . After driving 500 mts it’s red light get’s on
    please tel me what is the problem in my bike

  18. My coolant reviouer is full and it’s not going to the radianter on my yzf-r15

  19. Surjajyoti Modak

    My r15 isn’t starting, even the mechanic is not able to detect the problem….
    The battery is new n working
    The spark plugs are also working
    There is also enough oil in the tank.
    Still the engine is not taking self start or push start… I don’t hv any Yamaha service centre in dhanbad and can’t take bike far as its not Starting… Plzz suggest

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