A Lazy evening ride to Kolaghat

Since the time GQ became operational, almost for last decade, NH6 in West Bengal was having a major slow down point in form of a single lane narrow bridge on river Roopnarayan.

The bridge was a two lane bridge allowing single lane to be operational for heavy traffic of each side. One can imagine the traffic jam it used to cause by bottle necking a 2×2 major highspeed expressway into a 1×1 narrow bridge with 10km speed restriction.

The old Kolaghat Bridge

The old Kolaghat Bridge

However NHAI started work in a new bridge and it took them almost 5 years but finally last month they opened the new bridge to the public. We saw it in news and it looked stunning compare to the old one. So one fine evening, we decided to head towards Kolaghat for a cup of tea and to ride on the newly open bridge.

The Trip..

Kolaghat is a nice place for an evening ride from Kolkata. Its around 80km from the city and being on GQ stretch of NH6, roads are smooth and will allow you higher cruise speed.

There are two way of exiting the city to take the NH6, either via Second Hoogly bridge and Kona Expressway or you may take the Nivedita Setu / Bally Bridge via Belghariya Expressway from AirPort.

Since we started our ride for an evening trip, we decided to take the Bally bridge to avoid city traffic in Kona expressway.

The Belghariya expressway was totally empty, thus riding in a hot summer afternoon with cool breeze blowing felt really great. Rarely in City roads we get to take our rides at 80+ speed and cruise.

Ride_2  Riding in Belghariya expressway

Cruising at 80+

Fun was soon over as we completed the stretch and went into Bally bridge, here roads split up and two wheelers are forced to get off the expressway and take the service roads (single lane) till the roads meets again after crossing the mighty Ganges river.

Crossing the Bally Bridge Single Lane

Within a few kilometer of traffic and single lane roads, we get on to the NH6. 2×2 GQ stretch greeted warn welcome with heavy traffic. However, though the traffic was more, but it was fast too. The road condition was splendid and it allowed us to cruise comfortably at 70/75 kmph.

Sun light was fading hence we were unable to click any good pictures so we decided to take a few short video clips till we reach the Kolaghat bridge.

Upon reaching the Kolaghat, we stopped and sat down for a nice cut of hot tea to enjoy the cool evening breeze blowing from the river Roopnarayan. There are many road side dhaba to chose from. We chose this nice and lonely dhaba while our bike, the Yamaha R15 stood still waiting for the return ride / drive back home.

Tea at Kolaghat Dhaba R15, waiting for the return drive

Ride Data

Total time taken -> 4 PM to 9 PM
Motorcycle -> Yamaha R15 v1
Kms Covered -> Around 170 kms
Mileage Received -> Around 50 kmpl
Average Speed Maintained -> Around 75 kmph

Software used for video -> Windows Movie Maker
Camera Used -> Mobiles (Nokia and Motorola) and a point n shoot Canon Cam

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