Power ride of Durgapur to escort Ankush back to Kolkata

Tanumoy, our member of NexGenBikes.com, was due for clutch overhaul for his R15 in next oil change. Which was to be done within next 500kms of his bike. He was interested in a ride to clock the kms fast to go in for the clutch related work.

Since Ankush, another member of NexGenBikes.com frequently commutes between Kolkata and Asansol, so it was suggested that we shall ride from Kolkata to Durgapur and shall meet up with Ankush and ride back to Kolkata.

The Ride..

After a few telephone and conference, finally, Tanumoy and Ankush were able to find a mutual date for the ride. Tanumoy was interested in avoiding day ride to avoid the scorching heat of this month of May when temps can reach as high as 45c/48c in Durgapur belt but I insisted and forced both of them to ride in day hours under sunlight.

It was planned that we shall start from Kolkata at around 9AM and Ankush will be intercepting us in Durgapur city center by 12/12.30 PM. However for some unavoidable circumstances, we started late by 10AM.

It took us almost 45 mins of struggle through the city traffic to enter the open stretch of Belghariya Expressway, which takes the city traffic out to the GQ. Broad daylight and free Expressway highway allowed us to maintain 85/90 with ease as average !!!

Tanu and his R15 R15 loves high Revssss

With rev counter going high, the stretch was soon over and we faced crowded bally bridge and NH2 connector. There was not a single patch of cloud and sun was taking full effect on us by exhausting us within few kms of start. Lower speed and traffic jam just added to the pain. We wonder, why dont NHAI allow two wheelers on the toll bridge like they do in 2nd Hoogly bridge ?? Tanumoy would not have mind paying toll, will you ??

Bally bridge entrance Bally bridge and 3rd Hoogly bridge side by side

As they say, no pain – no gain, just another a few kms of hot and sweaty traffic jam, we enter the NH2, possibly the best possible road around Kolkata to drive with. The entrance to NH2 was greeted with a high-speed corner and R15 undoubtedly is the king of corner, allowed us to maintain 80 even when banking hard.

Corner 1 06

Once we cross the Dankuni tool both on NH2, it was all about clocking kms after kms in smooth and high speed road. Though at the start of the ride, we deiced to maintain 75/80 kms speed to obtain maximum mileage but where trucks are clocking such speed, when ever our eyes went to the speedo, we found we are close to triple digit mark.

NH2_Dankuni R15 doing 100+

Bliss NHAI support

Over Taking Need R250

After almost 150 kms of hard ride, mostly doing in and around triple digit figure, we reach Pamagarh. 2×2 NH2 becomes a single lane road, bottle necking the traffic. A short and brief stop to call Ankush and coordinate our position. It was a short stop for us, since not much shade to be found, hence we decided to carry forward and stop at Durgapur and wait for Ankush there.

Panagarh Darjeeling more

The 20kms stretch between Panagarh and Durgapur was nice, a lot of tree and green in both side of the roads to be found. Though sun was still burning us to the hell with temperature in 45/48c deg mark, but eye full of green cools you down and keep you rolling.

Omni DPL Plant from NH2

Once we reached Durgapur, we decided to park the bike is a nice shade and wait in a mall near City Center for Ankush as it seemed he was late. Problem was, we chose the worst possible mall, without any AC or cooling system to rest into. Worst, they didn’t even had Thumbs UP 🙁 🙁

DGP City Center

Arrival of Ankush..

As I was telling Tanumoy the content of our telephone conversation, where I suggested Ankush to come easy though he was late, Tanumoy was suggesting that no matter how slow we ask him to be, he would always end up flying.

I found out, he was not wrong, as the first thing Ankush said after asking for apology for being late, was,

Hey Hunky !!! You know, did a new top speed while coming…..

Ankush Paul and Hunky... Tanumoy Das and Ankush..

So we had some “nimbu pani” and clicked some pictures (and some poor dude got rich because of generous Tanumoy) and then geared up to start our return ride…

The Return Ride..

At first to start with, Ankush to the lead with his Honda CBR 250R and we decided to follow with the R15. But soon it turn out to be a difficult job for us to maintain the pace with a R15 in double to keep up with speed freak Ankush and his CBR 250R. So I decided to put Tanumoy in lead with R15 in single load and me and Ankush tail in the CBR 250..

CBR 250R in lead as R15 follows R15 leads as CBR 250R follows

Tanumoy Das and his Yamaha R15

We gave a brief stop at Panagarh again and Ankush and Tanumoy was having a short chat about Yamaha R15 top speed. There Ankush decided to take the keys of R15 and ask me and Tanumoy to follow in his CBR 250R.

All hell broke lose, literary all hell broke lose as Ankush went to lead with R15 in single load and showed us in hand of a capable rider, single load Yamaha R15 can give CBR 250R with double load run for its money.

Ankush flying with R15

We were averaging a wooping 120+ for next half an hour as we continue to tail Ankush and that flying R15. At times, Ankush was pushing the R15 over 141 as he was getting free and open stretches..

Tailing Ankush.. CBR 250R trying to keep up with R15

We raced to Gurap Ajadhind Dhaba in no time and decided to stop for a very late launch at 4PM.

YZF-R15 vs CBR 250R Meal.....

It was dark by the time we left AjadHind for the remaining 70 kms of the trip. R15 is known for its poor lights where as Ankush got a projector installed which was faulty and thus CBR too was struggling for visibility hence our performance ride slowed down to 70/75 mark and we cruised till Belghariya exit where we slit up and head towards our home.

Bye Bye..

A Small Video log..

We have prepared a small video log of the ride, enjoy but dont try jali riding ever 😛

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