Paddock Stand For Honda CBR 250R / 150R (center / main)

Neither the CBR, the 250R and 150R comes with a main or center stand. Being a sports bike, they only feature the side stand. There is, in-fact no problem in regular usage, where side stand is more than enough to park your vehicle but there are certain work or periodical maintenance which will make you miss the center or main stand for your CBR250 and CBR150.

Namely, of one regular job which a bike owner has to carry out in his O-Ring chain, is the lubrication of cleaning part. Which requires a center stand. In our dusty Indian road condition, it is simply not possible for an owner to visit the service center every 500 – 800 kms to lubricate the chain.

Many Honda dealership stocks a paddock stand for service purpose and mind you its not a bad investment to purchase one for your self also.

What is a paddock stand ?

Let the picture explain it self.. Basically its a tool to stand your bike and let the real wheel be free..

Paddock Stand for Honda CBR 250R and 150R

How much or what is the price / cost for the Honda CBR 250R and CBR 150R paddock stand (center / main) ?

If you chose to purchase a Honda service center based stand, it depends on dealer as which stand they are having on their stock. The price varies between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500 depending on which part of the country you are buying from.

Why do you need a paddock stand in home ?

There are few work which will require you a paddock stand for do-it-yourself approach. Namely,

  • Checking and repairing punctures
  • Washing the bike
  • Cleaning and lubricating your drive chain (chain spray or gear oil)
  • Engine oil change (though we advice not to, unless you know what you are doing)
  • Slackness of drive chain adjustment. (though we advice not to, unless you know what you are doing)

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