Difference between Motul 7100 4T vs Motul 5100 4T

Motul is one of the favorite engine oil brand in India for motorcycle enthusiast and in local market they have a few products to chose from. Like, mineral 3000 4T Plus, Semi synthetic 5100, full synthetic 7100 and 300v.

Lets compare two of its product, the good old Motul 5100 vs newly arrived Motul 7100.

In Indian hot summer condition, Motul 5100 is available with grade 15w50 where as Motul 7100 comes in 20w50.

Motul 5100 4T 15w50

  • Price -> Rs. 545/- (printed)
  • Grade -> 15w50
  • Type -> Semi Synthetic
  • Drain Interval -> Depends on bike to bike.

Motul 7100 4T 20w50

  • Price -> Rs. 775/- (printed)
  • Grade -> 20w50
  • Type -> Full Synthetic
  • Drain Interval -> Depends on bike to bike.

Motul 5100 vs 7100


We tested it with Yamaha R15, Karizma-R, CBR 250R and Pulsar P220 DTS-i and Apache RTR 180.

Yamaha R15 Engine flush before change Motul 7100 with Yamaha R15

For Apache RTR Motul 5100 15w50 P220 DTS-i engine with Mortul 5100

To compare the two, we have taken the bikes in highway for longer runs like 200 to 250 kms at a go with higher engine RPM, we have also tested the bikes in city condition in hot summer with bumper to bumper traffic.

The immediate difference between the two is that 5100 does seems to be a lot smoother but with 7100 though it feels harsher but the bikes felt aggressive with acceleration and better top end too.


Motul 5100 4T 15w50

    • For Bajaj and TVS engines, Motul 5100 15w50 acts like god by reducing the vibrations close to none where as with CBR 250R and Honda given ZMA engine or Yamaha R15 though already butter smooth engines goes smoother but with price of aggression as in every case, what ever the engine is, acceleration does seem to take an effect with lower top end.
    • If you are clocking a lot of kms a day in city (100+) as commuter or you are a highway tourer then 5100 is the real answer for you as even after 250 kms of hard and higher RPM highway ride in hot summer, every engine we tested really felt calm and sound free.
    • There is a marginal drop in mileage too but only if you are clocking less kms and using the bike stop and go type purpose as the engine oil seems to take a little while (5 to 10 kms) to warm up.
    • Drain Interval would be 2000 to 2500 kms for engines like DTS-i and RTR where as with Yamaha and Honda engines, you can pull it another 500 kms extra.

Motul 7100 4T 20w50

    • Engines were harsh but negligible for Honda (ZMA / CBR) and Yamaha however acceleration felt better than 5100 along with better top end figures. But with Bajaj and TVS engines, we felt, we were better to be with 5100 even if we have to compromise that acceleration benefit.
    • For stop and go city ride and hard ripping in signal to signal, 7100 performs better than 5100 as it does gives you benefit in acceleration and aggression as the bikes felt a lot more responsive.
    • Offers marginal better mileage compare to 5100.
    • For Yamaha and Honda engines (like Karizma and CBR) we felt it can clock around 4500 kms.


Both this oils are extremely good when it comes to protecting engine and clutch wear, both of them keeps engine and clutch clean and smooth, both this engine oils manages heat and does lubrication job 10 times better than most of the available oils but at the end of the day it comes to riding feeling as here they offer two different feel altogether.

For Yamaha and Honda (Hero Honda too) engines, you can opt for 7100 as paying 200 extra over 5100 does give you some extra kms of engine oil life, but for Pulsar DTS-i and TVS engines, 5100 is the choice.

Where as if you are a tourer, nothing will beat the smoothness of 5100 and if you prefer aggressiveness for acceleration and top speed, chose 7100 for your self.

Want to share your view ?

If you wish to share your own experience with these oils, please feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. In my opinion 7100 gives better protection than 5100 at high speed runs and yep what you said is exactly correct the 7100 gives better acceleration and better top end figure than 5100


  2. Can U suggest me the Best Engine Oil for my Apache RTR FI 160, Which has clocked 25k

    • Hello,

      RTR do has a tend to vibrate, hence, between these two, try the 5100 as it would offer smoother engine compared with 7100 which can be chosen if you are a signal to signal dasher.. Choice is yours :)

  3. can u suggest me the better engine oil for my Pulsar 200NS?

    i do a lot of street racing

  4. i have hero xtreme which oil will be best for that for good pick up ??

  5. @ krishna try 7100 10 w 50.. newly launched for duke 390…u can try dis.. :)

  6. which oil will be better for hero ignitor?

  7. Hey Hi Guyss,
    I have a Yamaha fazer 153and it has completed 3000kms pls suggest me a good oil
    Motul 5100 is better or should i go for 7100
    Pls suggest..

    • Hey Vijay,

      What engine oil are you running at present ?? The mineral Rs. 305 YamaLube or the Rs. 550 semi synthetic 15w50 YamaLube ??

      For Fazer / FZ engine, the semi synthetic YamaLube 15w50 wont be a bad choice.


  8. 7100 is full synthetic and 5100 is semi, both these oil provide very good lubrication to engine, i personally use 7100 10W40 to my Honda bike, its offer 10 times better heat protection, clutch protection. U cant feel extra heat from engine even from a long ride. Yes its a bit pricy but it worth it.

  9. can you suggest a good motul oil for my SUZUKI GS150R i usually ride for 15km+15km for work on highway , rarely i will cruise for 150km on week ends . i live in pondicherry

    • Hey Mani,

      If you are a regular commuter then price will matter for regular usage.. Suzuki makes some good engines are using mineral oil wont be a big problem.

      Its not necessary always to use motul as it all depends on your usage and budget also. Have you tried Castrol Power 1 ?? With a drain interval of 1200/1500 kms (idle), it would not be a bad choice compare to Rs. 560 of Motul 5100.

      I would also suggest you to look into Motul 3000 4T Plus @ Rs. 300 with similar drain interval of 1200 to 1500 kms (you can pull a 500 kms more if only that 15+15 commute)..

      But if budget no bar, then go for Motul 5100 which will offer smoothness where as at Rs. 745, the 7100 is more aggressive in terms of its response and riding feel.

      So chose as per your budget. Please note, all engine oils a more or less good but its the drain interval which matters and in certain cases long ride also makes difference 😀


  10. u suck man.. good info but y r u recommending 15w50 grade for p220?? its 20w50 grade..7100 is the better choice for 220. and it is the fastest. one of all except cbr 250 amongst the ones you mentioned above…. i already used it in p220… a better choice for a better bike.

    • Hey Nani,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Here at nexgenbikes.com we share our personal exp and opinion, and I invite you to please spare some time in giving a detailed response about this 15w50 vs 20w50 debate as why you think 15w50 would be a wrong choice.

      Please note, personally I would always say and state, I am still learning. This website is dedicated to share our views, practical, and by ours I mean every rider in India. You are not just welcome but invited also to please share your views so that we can rectify if there is any mistake.


  11. Hi ,
    I just got a new avenger and have not changed oil after first 300 km as you suggested in your other post (which is awesome) what oil should i put now after 400 km ?
    My next question is please suggest me a engine oil after my first servicing ?
    Motul 5100 t or the bajaj made one ?

  12. Hay ..plz suggest me ..which engine oil is good for my byle pulsar 180.7100 or 5100.

  13. This is a very informative post. I would really appreciate a comparison between Motul 5100, 7100 & 300V sometime. I am sure many bikers including myself are looking for the best oil for their bikes. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

  14. my p220f total runs 35000kms…frm the first service onwards (500km) I used castrol 20w50…on the last service (35000kms) i changed castrol to motul 300v 15w50 fully synthetic oil.with motul it’s runs 500kms and now the oil level is low…i heard that 7100 20w50 is more better than 300v for P220f…next service (40000kms) can i change 300v to 7100…is there any problem for changing oil grade like that???I’m so confused about this:-(…plz help me…

  15. I have yamaha Fzs clocked 27000km. I have to make a solo run of 800 km in a day. So which one is better motul 5100 or 7100…??

  16. I have yamaha Fzs clocked 27000k. Ihave to make a run of 800 kms in a day. So which engine oil is better motul 5100 or 7100…???

  17. which is good for pulsar 200ns for racing purpose

  18. I just bought an avenger 220 DTS-i, albeit a used one that has clocked just 2500 kms. The service guys asked me to change the oil once the odo reaches 3500 kms. I am confused between Motul 5100 15w50 and Motul 300v 15w50. There is another guy who owns an avenger 220 and has mentioned that 300v was good. Just wanted to confirm with you guys. Moreover, the info given above is very useful for enthusiasts like me. Thank you for the detailed report.

  19. hello everyone……… i am having pulsar 200ns and using motul 300v 15W50 oil and drained once after 5000KMS………What i have seen in my pulsar 200ns is that high revs are vibs free than lower revs and acceleration has increased by a bit (but not compared with factory bike ) also this oil takes some more time to get to engine smoothening and i see bike has some vibs as of now……… rest this is a great engine oil………. try it at 8500+ rpm and speeds exceed of 125+ you will feel like vibrations are gone but before that make a proper warm up for the engine and engine oil……….. also want to add that change the default spark plug as in summers and long rides (200+KMS) this plug will stop functioning properly, you will automatically notice that….. till then enjoy your ride………..

  20. guys i had left a query whether motul 5100 would suit avenger 220. i don’t even see my query now, let alone u guys answering it.

    • Yes bro 5100 is good choice for your bike. Unless you want to increase your engine oil cost a bit, dont go for 7100.

  21. I think Motul 5100 15w50 is best & Motul 7100 20w50 is for Racing Motive

  22. I m confused between Motul 7100 10w40 and 7100 20w50. Which one suits better? My bike Apache180.

  23. I own a pulsar 200ns 2013 model… i found the bike’s to become reli rough day by day. I blame the oil tht bajaj uses!!! so i saw all the reviews about motul’s 7100 20w50 and 5100 15w50. Yet im still confused on which one to apply on my bike as i am more of a city rider who looks for smoothness of the engine and clutch while im in bumper to bumper traffic!!! plz do help

    • Hi Akhil,

      You can give the 7100 a try.. But before than make sure you open up the clutch side and drain the previous oil completely..



  24. I have Pulsar 220F dtsi-si engine,always i drive it slowly and sometimes i start racing with my friends at a speed of 155 km/h, which oil is best for my bike in motul fully synthetic range and i m very much confused in which oil is best b/w motul fully synthetic and shell fully synthetic 10W-40 and what is the oil drain interval for the oil u preffer.

  25. I have Pulsar 220F dtsi-si engine,always i drive it slowly and sometimes i start racing with my friends at a speed of 155 km/h, which oil is best for my bike in motul fully synthetic range and i m very much confused in which oil is best b/w motul fully synthetic and shell fully synthetic 10W-40 and what is the oil drain interval for the oil u preffer. Pls tell me

  26. Hi guys,

    Im not sure if Im in the right place but I have a Suzuki EN125-2A.

    I wanted to know what is the best oil to use.


  27. I have pulsar 200 ns & iam using motul 7100 20W50 but i dont find any difference between bajaj oil & motul. Motul also looses viscousity at high tempreture. And the worst part is Motul shows engine oil foam through oil inspection window when engine is running & foam disappears within few seconds after stoping engine. I had even contacted to Motul dealers in mumbai but they say that this foam is okay & wont damage the engine. But iam worried because it must be making continuous foam at high rpm. Does every oil show such foam through window while running ?

  28. Hey mate
    Which oil good for pul220f motul 5100 or 7100 now I’m using bajaj oil but engine clutch is very rough tell me Pls which oil is good……I’m confused
    Thanks mate

    • Both of them are very good oil but two offers completely different riding experience.. So as we wrote in our review, it depends on the riders way of using the bike. If you are an aggressive rider, you would like 7100, but if you need a very smooth riding experience and prefer longer rides, you should opt for Motul 5100.

      One more point which may effect your decision is the price, as Motul 5100 at present comes with Rs. 560/- (printed) where as Motul 7100 is over Rs. 800/-. For P220 DTSi, you would need 1200ml, meaning you have to buy at-least 3 bottle (considering 2 changes)..

  29. Can I use motul 5100 4t 15 w50 for my royal enfield classic 350

    • Hey Sunil,

      Motul 5100 works really good on harsher engine, so for RE 350, it would be a good choice.. Remember, RE would require 3 cans of it, since it uses around 2.75L of oil..

      RE engines have a common issue of oil leakage at times, so check that apply proper amount of engine sealant in the gaskets (if you face oil leakage issue)


  30. Thank u my friend

  31. i have a pulsar 220f usaly i dont ride a bike regurly ,which oil best for me

    • As we wrote it depends mainly on your riding style, but since you are not going to ride every day, try the 7100, it may suite your need better :)

  32. Hi,

    I have Pulsar 220 F and I have serviced my bike, I have changed the piston and the block, carbonized the cylinder and serviced it, changed the clutch assembly also. I bot Motul 7100 20w50 grade oil, but When I pour the oil, the level of oil is showing full in just one litre pack of oil, but recommended is 1.2 L , what to do now? Oil when filled in 1.2 L jar is also getting filled with one litre of oil?

  33. Hey Friends,
    I have pulsar 180 ug4. I had completed 30k till now.
    So, can u please suggest me engine oil?
    either 5100 15w50 or 7100 20w50
    Remember it has ridden 30,000 kilometers!
    Pls. :(

    • Hey Mayank..

      Many believes to run Mineral till second service, which is around 3000kms to 5000kms.. After which semi synth or full synth oil can be run..

      Regarding Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG4, personally we would prefer the Motul 5100. But remember engine oil alone wont be able to make much difference unless you carry out the needed engine maintenance (as per company schedule)


  34. Which is the best suitable engine oil you recommend for pulsar 180 ug4? I tried motul 300 v factoryline, above 80 kmph my bike was dead, not able to start her even after 1 hour, after 3 hours she finally started, I faced this problem twice, what would you recommend?

    • Hey Yashul,

      Problem which you are describing is seems due to over heating.. It might not be only engine oil which it caused it.. You should get the bike checked properly as some time, if the AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) mixture is too lean, it may seriously heat up the engine, also it may happen due to chocked air filter, check that also..

      Normally for P180 DTS-i UG4, I may recommend Motul 5100 15w50.. Also, please make sure, you are putting 1200 ml (1150ml) or engine oil.. (Remember, one can comes with 1000ml)..


  35. Hi,
    I own a Pulsar 220, it has done 67000 and now i have serviced every thing, I have decarborised d whole cylinder head and changed the piston and clutch assembly!! I bot 7100 20w50 100% synthetic oil, if i pour 1000 ml, the oil indicator is showing full!! Mechanic is not allowing to pour over the marked level! What to do?? The jar of 1200 ml which they are having in showroom is getting full in 1000ml of same 7100 oil… I am gonna ride my bike to leh from coimbatore on 27th aug.. plz suggest me!!
    plz help me.. Should i pour 1200ml , mechanic is telling it vl our spill and rest in pick up drop if we put more oil..

    • Hey Kunal

      The manual says 1150 ml, though we put 1200 and works fine.. Now technically speaking, the Mechanic is right as the marker should not cross the highest mark.

      Check this, ride the bike for few kms to warm it up.. Then park the bike in main stand (straight and upright) and wait for few mins.. Then take a look in your oil indication windows..

      What is the mark showing ??

      Where is the level ??

      Let me know..


  36. Hi Hunky,

    Thank you for your post, I did the same as you said, i parked my vehicle in main stand , and this is the photo, engine not hot, but warm. Please advice,.! And what would be the drain period with this oil? As I am going for long distance ride from Coimbatore to leh, My halt points are Goa, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Amritsar, srinagar, leh, manali, chandigarh. So What will be the kilometers where i Have to change the oil? And when to top up the oil?


    • Hey Kunal,

      I am sorry but I unable to view any picture so can’t reply :(..

      7100 is not bad at all, but since you would be in a really longer run, personally I would have went with Motul 5100 with a 2000 to 2500 kms drain interval. Motul 5100 would also allow you running 15w50, little extra preparation for low temperature !!

      But then again, 7100 is not bad and if you have liked it’s ride feeling, stick with it..


  37. Hello Hunky,

    if you dont my may I have your e-mail id, I want to share you few pics and I am not able to post here, It would be helpfull for me.

  38. hi hunky bro,
    let u please tell which oil better motul 5100 or 7100 for my hero ignitor which just crossed 3k. i will ride only 10- 15 kms per day please suggest me and one thing i want smooth riding experience without any vibrations reply soon to this email address

    • Hey,

      We are presently testing Motul 3100 20w50.. And so far it feels nice, very similar to YamaLube 15w50..

      Motul 3100 20w50 is priced at Rs. 350/-. I would say for stunner, use this one :)


  39. Hey, can you all please suggest which engine oil is best for my Bike Pulsar 180 , little confuse with different brands, also please tell me the best grade to be used

    • Hey Abhishek,

      There are many good engine oils.. We have found Motul 5100 to work best with P180 UG4..

      Rs. 550/- per ltr..

      Please note, P180UG4 needs 1200ml, so uy 3 bottles for 2 changes !!


  40. Which engine oil is best for pulsar 180 Ug4 .. mainly Iam confused between
    Motul 300v 15w50 FS and motul 5100 SS .. Please help me .. I want a vibration free super smooth engine & Clutch along with best performance from it … … Also what is your opinion about Bajaj Dtsi Engine oil .. PLEASE HELP ME … Thanks in advance .. :)

  41. Hi all,

    I have avenger since 1 and half year. I have clocked 28k kms. Only till first service i used bajaj oil and after the first service i used motul 5100 till I clocked 8k kms, and later used 7100 till 12k kms.just wen it was time for servicing i changed it to shell ,shell has the worst response and heats up engine very early. Then finally ended up with motul 7100. 7100 has best response and good oil mileage. I change it every 4k kms, the service guy told me i can change after 9-10k kms. But I change it every 4k kms

    • Hey Oliver,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback..

      Can you please mention, which Shell (variant) oil did you use ??

      Thanks again for sharing your feedback..


  42. hi hunky bro, i have one doubt that which to use between motul 5100 and castrol power 1 racing engine oils in my ignitor bike. i heard a lot abt castrol power 1 and another thing hero recommended oil is 20w40 grade but if i want to use another grade which is better suits to me? , thanks

    • Hello Mr. Reddy,

      If you are talking about Hero Ignitor, which is a Honda 125cc engine bike, there I would wonder why opting for higher range oil ??

      Have you tried Motul 3100 20w50 ?? Available at around Rs. 350/-..

      I would vote for Motul 3100 20w50 for your bike !!


  43. can i use 10w30 or 10w40 or 10w50 which is the best for my bike ignitor

    • Hey Bro,

      Please refer to a Honda engine manual, check this page (taken from Unicorn manual), in which they explain the xWy

      Engine Oil Grade<

      Its more about ambient temperature !!

      So you can safely use 20w50 / 15w50 where in Indian weather conditions !!


  44. Hello Hunky,
    I have a pulsar 220F ,2010, runs only 2078 kms upto yet. I am not a regular user of this bike & upto yet has used only bajaj genuine oil from bajaj service station on the occassion on servicing the bike . Please tell me which engine oil can I use now as i want it know. i am feeling some trouble at its first start up in the day & also feels some noise & harrasness while the engine is on running. waiting for your kind suggestion among the choice of motul 5100 or motul 7100 or motul 300v or castrol power racing or may be any other one please…. thanks,,

    • Hi,

      Well you have a bike of 2010 and in last 4 years, you have just done 2078 kms.. So I assume you are really not a regular and long distance rider..

      So looking at your usage, the default Bajaj given engine Oil (named 10,000 DTSi) will suffice !!

      But if you really want Motul, so out of these three, (5100 / 7100 and 300v) I would vote for Motul 7100..

      But honestly speaking, it would be waste of money since unless your riding is in regular and higher side, with a 6 month drain Interval, Bajaj stock oil is not bad..

      By the way, There is another Oil I would suggest you to look into, that is, Motul 3100 20w40 (dont be confused between Motul 3000 and Motul 3100, as 3100 is semi synth).. Motul 3100 is semi sytnh, just like 5100 but its little cheaper on pocket..

      One more thing, you bike needs 1200ml engine oil for change, so you need to buy more than 1 pack, given the fact, that Motul oils come in 1 ltr pack..

      Hunky :)

      • I have pulsar 220 new model and the oil capacity is 1.2l, Motul oil is shipped in 1 litre can. So who can I put extra oil without purchasing extra bottl

  45. hi hunk ..pls suggest me ..which engine oil is good and best for my buddy pulsar 220f
    my speed always 60to95 plssss suggest me hunk reply me fast

    • Hi,

      Would you please share some details like how old is the bike and how many kms have you done so far with it ??

      Are you an aggressive rider or you prefer highway cruising ??



    • hi hunk ..pls suggest me ..which engine oil is good and best for my buddy pulsar 220f
      my speed always 60to95 plssss suggest me hunk reply me fast

  46. hi……. hunk my bike only 8months old 7900kms done sometimes urgency i wl ride
    aggressivly hunk otherwise under 50to70 tht’s it hunk ……..pls suggest me ..which engine oil is good and best my bike
    hunk reply meeee fast

  47. hi……. hunk my bike only 8months old 7900kms done sometimes urgency i wl ride
    aggressivly hunk otherwise under 50to70 tht’s it hunk ……..pls suggest me ..which engine oil is good and best my bike
    hunk reply meeee fast

  48. hi……. hunk my bike only 8months old 7900kms done sometimes urgency i wl ride
    aggressivly hunk otherwise under 50to70 tht’s it hunk ……..pls suggest me ..which engine oil is good and best my bike
    hunk reply meeee

    • I would suggest trying the Motul 7100 if you dont mind the price.. Please note you need 1200 ml for each change and Motul comes with 1L pack, so you may need to buy 2 packs.. Now if the price feels on higher side then you can always use the Motul 5100 and once again you need 1200 ml for oil change in P 220 DTSi !!

      Motul 5100 is my personal fav but 7100 is also not bad as we wrote in the article !!

  49. thank uuuuuu so much hunk bro

  50. Hi Hunky bro.. I really need your advice as iv done a lotta research and now am confused. I have ma steed Pulsar 150CC UG 4.5 it has done 8800 KMS in 16 months. I am planning to shift from the Bajaj 10000 oil. I am a daily commuter of 12 KMS up and 12 KMS return from work moderate traffic, I very very rarely do long distances, I try to maintain 60kmph most of the time and I am interested in extending the life of my engine. I would be happy if the oil you recommend makes my ride quality and gear shift smoother than it was with the Bajaj DTSI 10000 oil and also protect the engine effectively. Also kindly recommend the quantity of oil to be used on a pulsar 150 UG4.5 and the drain interval of the same.

    Please help as I am confused and don’t know how to proceed.

    Many Thanks in advance

    • Hey,

      There are two oil you may consider.

      The Motul 3100 and Motul 5100.. 5100 is costlier option but would be best but looking at your usage I would suggest trying the Motul 3100.

      Please note, there is Motul 3000 Which is mineral so do be confused while buying, since Motul 3100 is semi synth..

      Rs. 350/- to Rs. 380/- is for 1L of Motul 3100 !!


  51. Hi Hunky,

    Thanks a ton for you quick response. It has helped me a lot.

    *Can you please tell me the quantity in (ml) oil required for a PULSAR 150CC UG 4.5.

    *And the drain intervals of Motul 3100, 5100 and 7100.


  52. sir’s i need help got a pulsar 180 the manual says 1liter of oil though i feel its rough running or the sound of engine is like metal to metal…

    how many liters of engine oil? though i suspect its engine oil….

  53. Hy hunky.
    I owe P220f & its 6 month old. I ride my bike both on highway & city. Some times I don’t ride my bike for 3-4 days. I usally go 40-70 kmph but I race with my friends once in a week & reached upto 125kmph. We r planning a tour almost 3000-3500km. So which engine oil should I prefer. Motul 5100 or 7100

    • Hey,

      For touring, I would vote for 5100. Now with 5100, if you plan drag race, before race, do warm up the engine and the oil properly as with colder engine, 5100 do feels little sluggish over 7100..


      • Thanks hunky for ur suggestion. I got 1more problem with my p220 headlights. It goes well on highways, visibility is better than any other bike, but it lacks on hill side riding. Difficult while conering. I can’t see properly while conering. It headlights does not turn with handler bar as with 180, 200ns. Having problem with it. Can u give me some idea, what should I do to improve my bike lights

  54. Hey hunky
    Can i use motul 5100 10w30 for my pulsar 220. My friend recomend me 10w30

  55. Hi,,Im Rahul from Assam…i am pulsar 200ns user.My bike is 6 months old and completed 3rd servicing recently. I ride my bike 50km daily in city and Highway and Offroad. And sometimes i Race the bike when I’m on Highway. My bike reduce noice and Vibration at high speed from 100km/h to above..and sometimes 4000rpm-6000rpm. So please suggest me a good one engine oil for my ride..i want to decrease the noice and vibration and increase the speed and Performance of the Engine of my ride.

  56. I have CB Unicorn 2010 reg. Currently I am using motul 5100 semisynthetic oil.
    It due for change in next couple of days, is it good to replace with 7100 synthetic oil with 20W50 viscosity?

    It will suit to my unicorn?

    Pl help

  57. Living in pune

  58. I am using daily for 25 km mixed use of city and highway. Avg speed 55-60Kmph

  59. Why are you recommending 7100 and not 300v engine oils for apache 180? Is there any problem with it?

  60. Dear Bro,

    I’ve bought NS 200 and it is 1 year 3 months old. I’ve completed around 10000 kms and have used Bajaj Oil which is suggested by the company.

    My service is due this month and I want to change the engine oil. Kindly suggest me the best oil for my motorcycle.

    Regarding my usage, I use my bike for about 20 kms in a day and 100 kms in weekend. On an average, I use 200kms in a week.

    The engine makes a harsh sound on low/high RPM and vibrations sucks.

    I’m confused between Motul 5100 or Motul 7100. I’m not a rider so I don’t need a hard acceleration.

    Please suggest me the best oil as per my usage (sound and vibration free).

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hey,

      Both these oils are good, but as we wrote in the review, it comes down to personal choice as two may perform differently, depending on riding style.. Looking about your usage, try the 7100 if you can afford the extra price.

      Remember the bottle comes with 1L pack, where as Pulsar 200 NS will need 1200ml, meaning you have to buy at-least two packs.

      Also, regarding the vibration, its not just engine oil would effect, things like chain lubrication and adjustment along with tappet settings also matters. Do read our article on that subject, Tappet Adjustment for Pulsar 200 NS

      Hunky :)

      • Thanks a lot bro for your wonderful help.

        I’ll go for Motul 7100 20w50.

      • Hi,

        I’ve changed my oil to Motul 7100 as suggested by you. First of all, it was very difficult to find the Motul 7100 in my locality (Mumbai). My friend bought the oil from his locality.
        The oil is very good. I’ve travelled yesterday around 100 kms. There are no vibrations or harsh engine sound.
        The acceleration of my bike has increased and now it has became more responsive.
        Enjoying myself with the new power of my bike.
        Thanks a lot bro for your help.
        MOTUL & YOU Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. is motul 7100 20w40 is ll be good for my rtr..??/ ,,, odo. is 8.9 K …?

  62. I am using Pulsar 150cc 2012 model . Which oil should i use in my Pulsar 150 cc bike ?

  63. I have Pulsar 150 CC 2012 model. I had completed 25 k till now . Daily i travel 46 kms ? temperature in Delhi NCR is 45 – 48 degree celsius ? Which Engine oil Should i use in my Pulsar 150 CC Bike ?

    Please tell me about drain Interval Motul 3000, 31000, 5100, 7100, 300V?

    • Hi,

      I would suggest only Motul 5100 15w50 and in summer time, you can follow a drain Interval of 2500 to 3000 kms where as in colder condition, you can extend it for another 1k/1.2k kms for Pulsar UG 3 (which I guess the 2012 pulsar you have..)


  64. Hi hunky bhai.

    My bike Suzuki Gixxer 155cc rode 6700kms. I thinking to switch semi synthetic from mineral. As my dialy commute 12kms up 12kms down and around 8kms other purpose I ride bit rash not much. Monthly once or twice I go for long rides for around 150kms to 400kms. So which is best engine oil for my bike. And also mention the drain intervals please.


    • Hey,

      For long rides, Motul 5100 would be good but since your daily usage is on lower side, try the Motul 3100 15w50 with a 2500 to 3000 kms drain interval.

      Motul 5100 is priced at around Rs. 575 compare to 3100, which is at around Rs. 375 per/l.

      Suzuki engine is a gem, hence other oils from brands like Gulf wont be a problem either.


  65. Wanted to knw which one wld b best oil for my unicorn 150. I mostly travel in traffics.. Wanted to knw which wld be good oil 7100 20w50 or 10w50

  66. Hi Hunky,

    I have Pulsar 150 UG4(2012) Model and I put Motul 7100 in my bike. Here temperature is very
    hot around 50 degree Celsius. Daily I run around 50 Kms
    So Could tell me what the Drain interval of Motul 7100.
    And I had heard Abro Premium Oil Treatment . Is it beneficial use in bike engine.

  67. Hi
    I have a pulsar 220 running about 3500 kms. Recently I purchased a Motul 3000 15w50. But the mechanic told me that the engine oil capacity is 1150ml. So I again purchased a Motul 5100 15w50. So can I fill the 1 liter of 5100 15w50 and the rest 150 ml of 3000 15w50.

    • Hello,

      There are people I am aware who use in such manner, but its not recommended !!

      Since you have already purchase, I guess you dont have much option so go ahead but don’t practice this on long term basis..

      For P220, 1L Motul 5100 15w50 along with add 200ml (not 150) 3000.. But next time onwards, use any one of them..

      For your information, Motul 5100 is SemiSynth and Motul 3000 is mineral (poor performance)..


  68. Santosh nandyala

    Hi hunk.. Please suggest me.. Which engine oil is good and best for my buddy pulsar 220F My speed, always 60to90 in the city area somewhat aggressive driving, RPM in-between 5 to 8, daily 60kms I drive in city places, as of now I ride 3500kms and also 2nd service is completed at 3000kms, suggest me hunk reply me fast.

    • Hello,

      We have already wrote..

      Both 7100 or 5100 would do just fine but riding experience differ with both..

      If you want smoother engine and but can do with bit of lag with cold engine (Motul 5100 needs a little time and few kms to warm up), go with Motul 5100. But if you want crazy ripping from the word go, then 7100 but given, you are ready to live with harsh engine feeling..


  69. Hi bro..I am riding a new 220F 2014 new colour model since Feb 2015. It has 1400 clocked on the odo. As I had to do a long run initially from my hometown(650 kms) I changed the engine oil with the bajaj one on odo reading 200 kms. Thereafter I rode the bike with small breaks after an hour or so at the speed of 60-75 max during that run. The engine felt quite smooth and heated less as compared to when it was brand new. However now when I try to rev it past 5k rpm it vibrates a lot(fairing and footpegs) and feels as if its begging for mercy to slow down. I know the official run-in period hasnt been completed yet(2000kms acc to the manual). I was advised to change the oil as that might be the culprit behind the vibs, as it is still running on the run-in period’s oil. Which oil should I go for ? My primary concern is getting a smooth and silky ride experience with almost no vibs at around 50-70 kmph speed. I dont race yet so acc n top sp are not my concern for the time being. I rode my friend’s same model 220f clocked at odo 3500 kms and it felt quite smooth(he had used bajaj 10000 ss oil itself). Is it because the bike had clocked more kms simply ? My riding style is amazingly good with gear shifts at 3.5-4 rpms, no hard revving, idling the engine daily for 1 min in the morning before going out and optimum clutch and brake use while riding at an average speed of 40 kmph with a 15 kms daily run . It returns an avg of 46.44 at the moment. Please reply asap. My 2nd free servicing is due soon. Sorry for the long message , I just wanted to provide you with all the info mate…:)

    • Hey Varad,

      Usually one should avoid highway for running in as within running in, engine is best used in city where you can play in all gears and vary the RPM due to stop and go city traffic.. Having said that, in city, frequent stops are needed for making sure the engine doesn’t heat up much..

      Not always one should be running like this as few speed burts are required to free the engine. Off course after first service and before the oil change around 1500ms kms (give the first service is done within 700 kms)..

      Mineral Oil is best used for running in.. Better oil will slow the running in process where as mineral is just about perfect.. Due to mineral oil and running in (in which there will be a lot of engine wear hence metal residue) frequent oil change is required..

      Since you have already used Bajaj default oil for this much kms, stick with it, and you are right, over time, as the engine frees up (after a few redlining drags) your bike too would start to feel smoother..



  70. Deepak Chaudhary

    hi, i would like to ask a question about suitable oil for my bike. i do monthly tours ranging from 350-500 kms a day. My bike (pulsar 150cc 2012 model) has crossed 24000 kms mark, please suggest whether motul 4T 5100 15w50 will be suitable for my bike or not. Sometimes rides get aggressive also.

  71. my bike p200 ns… im recently using motul 5100 engine oil..its good… now im planing to go for motul 7100 … my doubt is.. actualy i bought 7100 1 ltr jar.. but my bike need 1.2 litr.. i have my old 5100 jar and it has 500ml left… is there any problem that i pour 1ltr 7100 and 200 ml 5100.. ??

    • Hey Ryan,

      Fact is, the bike would run more or less fine with 1000 ml 7100 and 200 ml 5100. But theoretically speaking, you should not. Oil maker and bike makers, non suggest doing so.

      When you have already spent so much for a machine you love, why doing it for just few bucks ??

      Note, manual says the bike needs 1200 ml, but in practical, we have seen to bring the oil level to the indication window, you may need 1300 or 1350 ml in certain cases.

      If possible, I suggest buying another 5100 and use this oil along with 500 ml left over (use 200 or 300 ml from that) one more time before switching to 7100.

      Note, its really hard to judge a oil performance for just one use. 2 or 3 usage may offer a good feeling and idea of the oil in question.

      So for this time around try using the 5100 and in next change, switch to 7100 if you prefer, without jugad.

      By the way, best practice is to open the clutch side cover and drain as much oil as possible when switching oil brand or type.


  72. Hello hunky bro..

    I have gone through every response of yours above..

    I own a bajaj discover 125 St – 29,200 km’s done. Daily usage of about 100-150 km’s average.. City+highways.. Currently using shell semi synthetic..

    Was planning to buy motul 7100 4t 20w50 after so many reviews.. While about to purchase shop keeper adviced to go for 3100 gold 20w50.. Which is enough for this small bike..

    * My doubt is I run about approx 2000 km’s a month… Is sticking to 3100 is all enough or 5100, 7100 is needed.

    * I’m also looking for a drain interval of 4000-5000 km’s so that I can change once in 2 months..

    * if I can go with 5100.. Is 20w50 available at this grade.. I heard 15w..is less viscous and meant for bullets which causes leaks in other bikes..

    *I look for performance and smoothness together.. Kindly suggest among these..

    Also kindly let me know the drain intervals of 3100,5100,7100.


    • Hey Yoonus,

      You usage is quite high and DTS-i engine is not the smoothest of the lot, hence pulling any oil for 5k wont give you the riding pleasure.. Sure, being Motul, you can trust it to work till that 4 to 5k mark but bike would feel quite harsh compare to 2 / 2.5k old oil.. But as i said, if you are ok with that harsher feeling, you can full it that long..

      For your usage, yes being such thick compare to 3100, I would still say 5100 15w50 or 20w50 (which ever if can find).. DTS-i engines just love this thickness, and for your usage, you would love the smoothness..

      I would personally prefer avoiding both 7100 or 3100 and would trust 5100 for this type of usage..

      Regarding leak, any motul may cause the such leak, but that is not due to Motul but rather the seal itself. They cost really less, and if leaks, just replace them along with applying some engine packing gum (such as ana bonb)..

      Last of all, you ride a lot, so wear safety gears (at least the helmet) and ride safe..



      • Thanks hunky bro.. I guessed you will be suggesting 5100 and I replaced with the same 5100 15w50 earlier today… I just ran 60 km’s with it and I get a scorching smell after ride.. Which I already got with shell 10w40 before has the same smell.. Which disappears after some km’s of ride. Is it common with new oil changes every time.? I din find a noticeable change as soon as I change (I read in your review that it takes about 100 Km to find noticeable change while riding)… Is smell common bro.?

        • Every time you drain the engine oil, it spills little on exhaust pipe and in to the engine outer.. So when after the change, without a proper wash, the bike is ridden, hot exhaust pipe and engine outer burns that spill and produces such smell..

          Happens with most of the bike..

          If this is the issue, then nothing to worry..


  73. Hi Hunky bro,

    I have UG4 model pulsar 150.
    I have completed 30,000 kms on my bike. My bike complete engine repairing done 2 day back, Daily i travel 50 km approx.
    could please suggest At how much speed should i drive a bike before first engine oil change, and At many km should i change first time engine oil .
    Which oil should prefer during first time change after complete engine repairing.

    Thanx in Advance.

  74. One more question to ask that my pulsar 150 rear tube having 5-6 punchers , its air deflated 35 to 16 in two days. What should do, Do i need to change tube of my bike. Which tube will you suggest, Currently,
    I am using MRF zapper tyres and MRF tube.

  75. I use petrol additive like F2-21 ee fuel with Petrol , Does it harm engine. I had check after using bike pick increases.

  76. could we use ABRO oil treatment with engine oil in my pulsar 150.

  77. HI Hunky bro,

    thanks for technical guidance before.

    I have pulsar150 UG4 (2012 Model), Recently I done complete engine repairing. means( all Engine internal parts change like crank shaft, piston , clich plate etc ), my bike completed 30,000km. Could you please suggest at what speed should i drive my bike before first time Engine oil change after complete engine repair, At how many km should i change first time engine oil. which engine oil do you suggest to get it change?
    Which Tube do suggest for rear tyre of my bike. Actaully current one of MRF had 5-6 punchures , air deflated in 2 days,
    Is there any benefit of using additive in F2-21 ee in petrol tank.
    Is there any benefit of using Abro Oil Treatment with Engine oil
    Please suggest, wating for your quick response.

    Thanks in advance.

  78. Can u suggest me best engine oil which would reduce vibes for my pulsar 200ns……travelling only 8-10kms daily

  79. hi i am ashok i have a pulsar 220f which oil is best and better

  80. om prakash joshi

    suggest me best engine oil for my bike suzuki zeus 125 cc which oil is better for me my daily running not more than 60 km.per day

  81. Hello Guys.. i Own a Avenger 220 2014 Model. it has clocked 13000 KMS by now, and i was using Bajaj oils till few days back. yesterday is changed the Oil to Motul 7100 and i cant believe that my bike is so smooth. Its really smooth and the ride is very comfortable. The engine heat percentage is lowered and the Acceleration has also increased. Till date this is the best oil i have ever used… Thanks Motul.. You got a new Fan today.

    • Great.. Enjoy the smoothness !! By the way, mind you, the Avy 220 needs 1200ml and Motul comes in 1L packs, so make sure you buy a second pack and keep it in stock to top up !!

      Thanks :)

      • hey hunky plzzz help me to choose better oil i for my 220f and i loved to play traffic race as well as drag and in drag m always complete 148 -150speed but my 220f is not tat much smooch n also my bike has complete jst 1200km so plzzz help which oil is better like 5100 or 7100 and also i heard about 3oov so plzzz suggest

      • sir i have 220f new n my bike complete jst 1200km ….but my bike is not working smooth bcoz i jst love racing so every sat and sunday i do race and my speed is upto 145 to 148 max and also i luv to ride in traffic so plzzz suggest me best one and also i heard abt motul 300v …plzzz sir i need help my bike is new but it its not working smooth…

  82. hey hunky plzzz help me to choose better oil i for my 220f and i loved to play traffic race as well as drag and in drag m always complete 148 -150speed but my 220f is not tat much smooch n also my bike has complete jst 1200km so plzzz help which oil is better like 5100 or 7100 and also i heard about 3oov so plzzz suggest

    • Hello,

      For your requirement, I may suggest Motul 7100 either 15w50 or 20w50, which ever is available in your region.

      Kindly note, you need 1200ml atleast for simple oil change and Motul comes in 1L pack, hence buy 2 or more for proper change..

      By the way, be careful with your riding style, remember that others also use the road so try not to cause harm to any other pedestrian or vehicle !! Ride hard but with care and heart !!


  83. I have R15.I hardly run it 700km month.Please suggest me any oil that can last more than 5 months.Thanks in advance

  84. Hi Hunky ,

    I have recently purchased Avenger 220 DTS-i , done first servicing , can you suggest me which engine oil is better, one that is provided by bajaj or should i switch to Motul 5100/7100 .

  85. I have bajaj discover 150 s which has a lot irritating vibrations above 50kms. Which oil should I use to reduce vibrations considerably??

  86. Hi ,

    I have just purchased Avenger 220 DTS-i , done its first servicing , which engine oil is better one suggested by bajaj or should i switch to Mortul 5100/7100 . Please suggest . thanks in advance

  87. I own a bajaj discover 150s. When the speed exceeds 50km\hr, there are lot of irritating vibrations. Will the use of motul 5100 nullify them?

  88. I hv apache rtr 160 which runs is 52000kms, plzz suggest me which one is best engine oil motul 5100 or motul 7100. ..

  89. Hi
    My r15 v2 till 5k kms i used yamalube after that at 5k kms i went with motul 300v …but now im thinking to go with motul 7100..
    Suggest me ..:)

  90. Reply me fast plzzz
    Should i go with yamalube again or with motul 7100
    Note : my rpm is alwayz above 5-6
    Daily almost 40 – 50 kms running
    Its a r15 v2 now it clocked 7500kms

  91. Shailendra singh

    Hi dude..
    I got new yamaha fascino 113cc scooter
    Suggest me for best of oilllll.
    Did i try motul factory line.

  92. Hi,
    I Have Herohona CBZ Extreme 150cc, I ride my bike every 80 KM (40KM + 40KM) in highway , Just need a guidance which engine oil is better one Motul 5100/7100 15w50 or 20w50 . Bcoz winters are about to start,
    and can i refill the oil, when it is at min and oil condition is good, instead of draining whole and refill it back.

  93. Thanigai Madhavan S K

    I have a Suzuki Gixxer 155… Whether I should use 7100 10w40 , or go with 5100 series.. Someone Pls help… BTW my bike has covered 7.3K km.. So far I’ve never used any other engine oils other than suzuki..

  94. Which is the best oil for rtr 180 & its grade?

  95. hey,

    My bike Apache 160 has covered almost 25k km. Now am planning to switch to Motul 300v 15W50 engine oil. Can you please share your thoughts regarding it. I don’t have any budget issue and i drive 60 to 80 km a day.

  96. I have a yamaha fazer 153cc 2014 model, i was using yamalube upto 5000km on odo, then switched to motul 300v, motul 300v was working like charm, less noise, better smooth, better gear shifting, yeah it takes an initial warm up approx 2-3km, then it is butter smooth, but due to high price, I am now leaning towards motul 5100, does anything harmful if I switched to technosynthetic from fulysynthetic engine oil. Please advice. Motul 300v is for high performance bikes. I have no issues pouring it my normal bike. Is it safe to use 300v in yamaha fz series?

  97. Thanks for clarifying my doubts Hunky… I’ll go for Motul 5100 for both my P220 and Discover125 :-)

  98. can u suggest me good engine oil for my suzuki gixxer it has clocked 7k km

  99. Hey hunky please help me to choose better engine oil for my Pulsar AS150 travelling 40-45kms daily in heavy traffic. And also mention the drain intervals please.

  100. Hey ,
    Can i use motul 20w50 7100 for pulsar 180?

  101. Excellent, what a website it is! This webpage gives valuable data to us, keep it up.

  102. I have Hero Ignitor it runs only 3000km, please advice me best engine oil between motul 5100 and motul 7100…
    what is the difference between them…

  103. I have Apache RTR 180 2015 model .. I’m using MOTUL 7100 20W50 for my bike since from the first services .. The concern is with I am hearing a small tick tick sound when I reach 35 to 40 KMPH with 3 to 4 RPM near my engine

  104. hai bro
    i have a pulsar 180. Iam using their recomended dtsi oil. The oil is so rough that the engine vibrates when the vehicle reaches 70 km/h . I am getting mileage of about 45km/l.i have decided to use motul 5100 15w50 oil. Does it reduce the vibration? Does it affect mileage?

  105. Can I use “Shell Advance Ultra 10W-40 Fully Synthetic” oil for my fz-16. The bike ran for 64000 kms and giving mileage around 44.

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