Aftermarket free flow and performance exhaust / muffler for Yamaha YZF R15

Yamaha YZF R15 is the first pure racing bike launched in India. Having racing genre and DNA always inspires the performance hungry buyers and owners to look for easy to use modification options to make the bike sportier and make it stand aside compare to so many other R15.

One of the popular modification for the bike is to change the silencer with an aftermarket free flow performance exhaust system. Changing the muffler with a freeflow options changes the exhaust node of the bike and makes it sound sportier. In many cases being free flow also increases the performance marginally.

What are the Aftermarket free flow and performance exhaust / silencer muffler kit available for Yamaha YZF R15 in India ?

There are many options to chose from, here we are listing a few known.

  • Local free flow exhaust
  • Daytona muffler kit
  • Race Concept (Joel Joseph)
  • KRP exhaust
  • Two brothers racing

What are the price / cost for Yamaha R15 aftermarket free flow performance exhausts ?

Local free flow exhaust pipes

Poorly made cheap quality basic free flow exhausts pipes are widely available at price of Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 2500/-. There is no engineering in them and thus for bikes like R15, which needs exhausts back pressure for engine to operate, can be harmful for engine.

Same muffler is used with every bike, there is no specification for them. They dont come with bend pipe either. However they are good at making a lot of loud noise.

cheap local exhaust

Price :- Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 2500/- (without bend pipe)
Where to buy :- Local modification stores
Note :- may be harmful for engine


 Daytona was the first to come up with high performance after market upgrades for Yamaha R15, that too with collaboration with Yamaha. daytona exhaust kit comes with the muffler and bend pipe. This one is a perfect fit for both version 1 and version 2 models of R15 and arguably the best possible free flow option one can purchase. Daytona has spend months with dyno and track testing for their performance parts.

Daytona Full Exhuast Daytona exhausts kit


What is the price of Daytona Exhaust kit ?
Rs. 9500/-

Where to buy daytona from ?
Yamaha showroom and Yamaha authorized spare dealers.

Daytona Company website

Race Concepts (Joel Joseph)

Mr. Josepf Joel is one of the most prominent figure in Indian motor sports tuning segment. He has been known to challenge bit guns with his in house modifications. His company is Race Concept and like others, he too has a hard worked dyno and track tested free flow exhaust kit for Yamaha R15.

Yamaha R15 with Josef Joel Exhausts

Born straight from the race track, this makes the engine more tractable with superb power delivery off idle rpm, till max revs. Comes with DB killer to cut sound levels by almost 40%. Cuts 0-100kph time by 2 full seconds.

race concepts muffler kit Yamaha R15 with Joel's Exhausts

Though compare to others Joel’s / Race Concept exhaust / muffler kit may not look good but here at, we simply love the sound of it. Compare to Daytona, Joel’s exhaust sounds more heavier, thus giving that super bike feel. But we also have heard complains about quality of the product and Race Concept felt little slow in customer service too.

What is the price of Joel’s / Race Concept R15 free flow exhaust ?
Rs. 9000/- + shipping

How to purchase Joel’s / Race Concept R15 free flow exhaust ?
Contact him at :-

Company Website…..

KRP Exhaust / free flow muffler kit

KRP is a racing team based in Mumbai, India.

Yamaha R15 Exhaust Charger has been designed after regrious in-house Dyno Testing, Race & Road Testing.This is ready-to-fit Exhaust Charger and comes in two parts. The first one being the all Steel Bend Pipe for better strength, corrosion resistance & long lasting looks and the second part being the Aluminium & Stainless Steel Cannister. The cannister is held tightly with the bend pipe by stainless steel high strength springs. This Exhaust Charger comes with the cannister mounting bracket along with clamp & vibration damping pad.

KRP Free flow muffler kit in Yamaha R15 V2 KRP free flow exhaust kit for Yamaha R15

How much / What is the price of KRP free flow exhaust / muffler kit ?
Rs. 8500/- + Shipping

Where and how to buy KRP kit ?
You may find contact address of KRP team here ->

Website and contact details of KRP

TBR (Two Brothers Racing)

Two Brothers Racing is a USA based company which specializes in bringing race tract technology to street bikes via their after market performance modifications. TBR free flow performance exhausts kit is the costliest, yet most beautiful option available for R15.

TBR (Two brothers racing) R15 Muffler / exhausts kit

There are two versions, one is Carbon Fiber Canister and another one is the Titanium Canister. Buyer gets to chose from either of those two.

Where to buy TBR (two brothers racing) exhaust / muffler kit in India ?TBR Exhausts kit picture
Contact Mumbai based authorized importer Performance Racing

What / how much is the price of TBR Exhaust ?
Rs. 22,000/- + shipping

Company Address and Profile
Performance Racing ->

Points to Note

  • Any aftermarket exhausts will void your warranty
  • Aftermarket exhaust may also fail pollution tests (sound and emission)
  • Aftermarket exhausts may not be street legal in India
  • Branded aftermarket exhaust kit needs no extra modification as they are simple plug n play setup with your R15
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  1. Soumya Goswami

    really very useful topic. I personally dont support raceconcepts exhaust because i fitted it on my apache rtr 180 few months before and its already got some rusting on it. I would not refer it to anyone.

  2. Soumya Goswami

    i am hereby attaching a picture of my exhaust where you can see the rusting on it. Though they claim it to be stainless steel but still it is not proper for Indian conditions.

    Poor product quality by RaceConcept

    • That is not rust.. i have joels exhaust.. the colour of the chrome plating changes due to heat that directly hits the pipe bend

  3. hi
    among Daytona muffler kit ,Race Concept (Joel Joseph) ,KRP exhaust which will be best for r15 v2

  4. Can you please recommend a relatively cheap aftermarket megaphone (exhaust) for pulsar 200ns?

  5. i have a Yamaha fz16 and i wanted to fit an exhaust system to it. I have the tock air filter in it. Do i need to change the filter too before getting the exhaust fitted? My budget is approx 4-5k for the exhaust.. Any suggestions would help.. Thanks

  6. Hai i like to fix exhaust for my fazer 153cc pls advice me were i can buy and fix i need soun with flame thrower

  7. I have fiero f2 I wanna modify the bike could you give me some suggestions to modify

  8. i want to buy daytona for r15 v2… but i cldnt able to contact u guys… i stak in kolkata, is there z any store out here who sells daytona in kolkata? rpl pass a rpl..

    • I think every yamaha factory outlet might have that kit. I hv seen it in many of showrooms. Kindly chk with the dealer or service center

  9. Abhishek choudhury

    I have new pulsar 180 n I need mode sound in cylencer n people can hear from 1km…that much sound so which cylencer will be good for pulsar 180 within low range of rs 3000

  10. I need good exhaust system for my bike pulser rs200 bcoz I need sound like other costly bikes so guys can u give me any suggestions which is good for my bike

  11. Hi. Can you pls help me … i just want to know that can i install a DATONA DAGREX exhaust to my yamaha fzs FI ? coz i know that the kit was launched by yamaha for fz and r15 but my bike is a fuiel injected one….. not a carburated engine!!!! So in that case pls pls pls suggest me that it can be installed in yamaha fzs v2(fuiel injection) ? Thank u

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