Running in / engine break in guide of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is the new kid in the block from Bajaj stable with so much power and new technology like triple spark, liquide cooling, 4 valves. As an owner, one would love to twist the throttle and taste the performance of this machine asap of the delivery but for long lasting performance and reliability one should do the opposite as running in or engine break in.

It’s really important for these high performance machine to follow a strict running in / engine break in guide lines.

What is run in or engine break in ?

During few early kms, newly made or machined engine parts or surface may make contact and these surface will wear in  quickly, thus every manufacturer gives a simple easy guide line which an user should follow to break in / running in their new bike.

Engine inside in run in phase

What if you don’t follow the running in guide ?

We all know, how excited we all become when we go for a new bike. For many of us, its a product of some much struggle and wait, some buy it from their salary, some after hard fight at home, but in any case its a hard earn product.

A proper running in contributed towards a smoother ride expiration and longer engine life and better performance. You may spot the difference if you ride two bikes, one having done proper running in and one without it in side by side.

How to run in or do engine break in for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS ?

pulsar 200 ns engine break in guidePlease first read your owner’s manual before taking the delivery of the bike. Bajaj has given a guide line on running in of Pulsar 200ns. Refer to page 21,

  • Do not start your engine with high rev.
  • After a cold start please wait 1 to 2 minute in idle before rolling to allow the engine to warm up, and after each normal start you should wait at least 30 sec in ideal mode.
  • Do not high rev, shift at around 3k-4k rpm and don’t ride at higher gear and lower RPM as per Bajaj recommendation, also you can follow this picture (RPM)
  • Don’t cruise in highways, rather ride in city street where you can vary your RPM and go through all gears.

  • Don’t cruise in highways, rather ride in city street where you can vary your RPM and go through all gears.
  • Do not vary weight if possible. Try ride it in single.
  • After 30 mins or after 30kms (which ever is early), stop and allow you engine to cool down. Gradually increase your ride time as you pile up more kms in the oddo.
  • Speed bursts under lower gears are needed couple of times under the running in time.

Pulsar 200 NS run in  Pulsar 200 NS 2nd gear run in speed

Pulsar 200 NS 5th gear run in speed  Pulsar 200 NS 6th gear run in speed

Which engine oil to be used in Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS engine break in / running in period ?

Use mineral engine oil while you are in running in and follow a very short drain interval while you break in your engine. Pulsar 200ns stock  engine oil (Bajaj 10,000 DTS-i 20w50) it’s good (for running in / engine break in).

Few other engine which can be used for Pulsar 200 NS engine break in,

  • Motul 3000 4T Plus 20w40 / 20w50
  • Castrol Active eXtra 15w50
  • Bajaj 10,000 DTS-i 20w50. -> Rs. 370 per ltr

Recommended Oil change interval for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS for engine break in / running in ?

Remember the point, that you are not following a shorter drain interval because the oil has gone bad, but rather to drain those engine residue which is generated in these early kms of your engine. You may follow longer drain interval after running in / engine break in phase is over.

Bajaj DTSi 10000 engine oil change for Pulsar 200 NS

DTS-i 10000 engine oil is good for run in / engine break in with shorter drain interval


  • 1st oil change at 250 to 300 kms
  • 2nd oil change in First service at around 600 to 700 kms
  • 3rd oil change at around 1200 to 1300 kms
  • 4th oil change at around 2000 kms to complete the running in.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS engine oil filterMake sure you dont forget to change your engine oil filter (Rs. 74) in every oil change.

Bajaj dont have any special filter for Pulsar 200 NS, as it supplies and uses the same engine oil filter used in KTM Duke 200. The filter is priced at Rs. 74/-.

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