Running in / engine break in guide of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is the new kid in the block from Bajaj stable with so much power and new technology like triple spark, liquide cooling, 4 valves. As an owner, one would love to twist the throttle and taste the performance of this machine asap of the delivery but for long lasting performance and reliability one should do the opposite as running in or engine break in.

It’s really important for these high performance machine to follow a strict running in / engine break in guide lines.

What is run in or engine break in ?

During few early kms, newly made or machined engine parts or surface may make contact and these surface will wear in  quickly, thus every manufacturer gives a simple easy guide line which an user should follow to break in / running in their new bike.

Engine inside in run in phase

What if you don’t follow the running in guide ?

We all know, how excited we all become when we go for a new bike. For many of us, its a product of some much struggle and wait, some buy it from their salary, some after hard fight at home, but in any case its a hard earn product.

A proper running in contributed towards a smoother ride expiration and longer engine life and better performance. You may spot the difference if you ride two bikes, one having done proper running in and one without it in side by side.

How to run in or do engine break in for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS ?

pulsar 200 ns engine break in guidePlease first read your owner’s manual before taking the delivery of the bike. Bajaj has given a guide line on running in of Pulsar 200ns. Refer to page 21,

  • Do not start your engine with high rev.
  • After a cold start please wait 1 to 2 minute in idle before rolling to allow the engine to warm up, and after each normal start you should wait at least 30 sec in ideal mode.
  • Do not high rev, shift at around 3k-4k rpm and don’t ride at higher gear and lower RPM as per Bajaj recommendation, also you can follow this picture (RPM)
  • Don’t cruise in highways, rather ride in city street where you can vary your RPM and go through all gears.

  • Don’t cruise in highways, rather ride in city street where you can vary your RPM and go through all gears.
  • Do not vary weight if possible. Try ride it in single.
  • After 30 mins or after 30kms (which ever is early), stop and allow you engine to cool down. Gradually increase your ride time as you pile up more kms in the oddo.
  • Speed bursts under lower gears are needed couple of times under the running in time.

Pulsar 200 NS run in  Pulsar 200 NS 2nd gear run in speed

Pulsar 200 NS 5th gear run in speed  Pulsar 200 NS 6th gear run in speed

Which engine oil to be used in Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS engine break in / running in period ?

Use mineral engine oil while you are in running in and follow a very short drain interval while you break in your engine. Pulsar 200ns stock  engine oil (Bajaj 10,000 DTS-i 20w50) it’s good (for running in / engine break in).

Few other engine which can be used for Pulsar 200 NS engine break in,

  • Motul 3000 4T Plus 20w40 / 20w50
  • Castrol Active eXtra 15w50
  • Bajaj 10,000 DTS-i 20w50. -> Rs. 370 per ltr

Recommended Oil change interval for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS for engine break in / running in ?

Remember the point, that you are not following a shorter drain interval because the oil has gone bad, but rather to drain those engine residue which is generated in these early kms of your engine. You may follow longer drain interval after running in / engine break in phase is over.

Bajaj DTSi 10000 engine oil change for Pulsar 200 NS

DTS-i 10000 engine oil is good for run in / engine break in with shorter drain interval


  • 1st oil change at 250 to 300 kms
  • 2nd oil change in First service at around 600 to 700 kms
  • 3rd oil change at around 1200 to 1300 kms
  • 4th oil change at around 2000 kms to complete the running in.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS engine oil filterMake sure you dont forget to change your engine oil filter (Rs. 74) in every oil change.

Bajaj dont have any special filter for Pulsar 200 NS, as it supplies and uses the same engine oil filter used in KTM Duke 200. The filter is priced at Rs. 74/-.

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  1. Nice Information..Keep up the good work..

    • Please keep on posting more information about pulsar 200ns

      • Hey Ronny,

        Thank you for your comment.

        Please note, this website is powered by users, and bikers like you and me. So as we keep getting more information and hands on report from users, we would surely be posting them.. So if you do have anything about any bikes to share with us, please do so.

        Hunky.. :)

        • hi everyone i recently bought a pulsar 200ns about 16 days ago and i had to take it to service center because the oil seal broke and there was mixing of coolant with oil.has anyone else encountered the same problem?odo reading is 162kms what should i do as my bike as at svc for past 3 days and will likely stay there for another 3days as the do not have the oil seal available and have ordered it
          i have no experience of motorcycles as this is the first bike…..all of your help is appreciated……i have further problems which i would like to ask once this problem has been solved

          • Common problem with NS200. Coolant mixing with the oil. Once, you buy one, have the mechanic fix it right away.

  2. Nice information, required this and got it thanks to you.

  3. Hey Guys,

    i brought 200ns and all my free services are done,and i am terribly unhappy with the service given by SVC. i have decided to service my bike on my own. just wanted to know, if self service is a good option and the precautions to be taken while doing it. and i am also planing to put shell engine oil for my bike is this recommended.

    please suggest. i am lost!!!!

    Thanks in advance:-)

    • this is a symptoms of enthusiastic….Bravooo.!!

      i’m always unhappy about bajaj SVC… but i’m still going SVC for warranty (free service only)……

      currently i’m using MOTUL 7100 20W50 FULL SYNTHETIC ….. And this a very good product for Bajaj ,i must say that…

      • Ya MOTUL 7100 20W50 FULL SYNTHETIC is a highly recommended engine oil for 200NS by me!! Believe me it gave a milage of 42.3kmpl at a speed maintainance of 60 to 70Kmph.
        i maintained it for 3000kms. and later started to cruize at higher speeds and no engine noise!!

        • My 200NS is giving me more than 45 even before 1st service.. I am wondering what will happen afterwards. I am driving below 55 most of the time and casually at 70 that’s only 2-3 times.
          Changing engine oil so fast, as stated in this article, is not recommended. It is a waste of money. Changing engine oil every 3000-4000 KM after 1st service is just fine. Switching to synthetic oil should be done after second oil change, that is you should switch to synthetic on your 3rd oil change or to say after 5000-6000 KM.

  4. aniket kavthankar

    If I shift the gears according to the given speed limit the engine starts making

  5. aniket kavthankar

    I have done 400km.If I shift gears according to the given speed limits the engine starts making noise

    • Somnath Bhattacharya

      without hearing the sound very difficult to say which part is faulty…

      safe way you should go to bajaj SVC and share your problem…

      please give update :)

  6. HI guys,
    I’m planning to change my ns’s engine oil from bajaj dts-i 10000 to Motul 7100 20W50….my bike has completed 1400 kms & only been serviced once at 500 kms…I dont want to top up the engine oil every then & pls suggest which one is better & would improve acceleration,reduce vibrations & harsh engine sound…pls reply

  7. I only ride the bike in city & Iam a kind of rider who likes to overtake everyother biker driving on the same lane…I’ve noticed that when the bike is in 2nd gear it reaches 25 easily but if I accelerate further it slowly reaches 30 with the engine making more sound…& in 3rd gear it reaches 35 & starts making noise while reaching 40…this is happening after the 1st service…pls any suggestions regarding this is normal or not..

    • I am sorry but I request you to please contact the service centre immediately.. Unusual sound from engine and that too with performance getting hampered could mean something serious which might lead to accident also so don’t ride aggressively as a precaution for both the bike and your self and contact the service center ASAP to report the issue.


  8. Thanks for your quick reply sir,I would discuss this with SVC guys.This is my first bike so I don’t know about engine oil’s drain interval,the manual book says top up @4500-5000 kms & replace at 9500-10000 kms..Does this mean that I have to top up at every 5000 kms & replace tha engine oil at every 10000 kms..If its so then is it the same interval period if using Motul engine oil. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      Sorry to contradict the manual but if you notice from practical usage, the Bajaj 10,000 DTSi engine oil is good for only around 1200 to 1500 kms with your style of riding. Where as Motul 5100 or 7100 can be stressed upto 3000 to 3500 kms..

      There is no way you can extend the drain interval that long without harming the engine 😛

      Regarding top up, its recommended to always check the engine oil level, since the external window for checking is given, it takes hardly a minute to stand the bike upright and take a look at the level 😛


    • Somnath Bhattacharya

      bajaj 10000 dtsi its very good engine oil those who doesn’t expect red line performance from the vehicle…In normal circumstances it should change after every 1500 KM [max]…
      for better performance you can use MOtul 7100 or Motul 300v [other we didn’t tested yet ] ,this two r awesome .. 7100 its a very cost effective engine oil,provide crunchy acceleration also butter smooth performance… I rode 2250 km in 96 hrs without changing the engine oil [motul 7100 20w 50]..
      but normal circumstances you can use 3200 to 3500 km…

      and the last thing ride safely, road is not made for race, plz remember it.. :)

  9. Thanks again…& yes you are correct about bajaj Dts-i 10000 its of no use since the engine feels harsh,gets heat up quickly & acceleration seems to be affected.Thanks for sharing the link of Motul oils I am planning to change to 5100…one more thing I need to ask since you’ve been very helpfull is “what things one should keep in mind while giving the bike for 2nd service” you know everybody complains about bajaj svc guys…in the first service they only did changed the oil,filter & washed the bike & handed over to me…they dont do the necessary checkups by themselves we had to tell them what we want to be pls advice regarding this..
    Thanks in advance.

  10. I’ve done that oil level checking through the small engine window. I’ve taken a look at that while the bike was upright but I haven’t seen any oil through that window the bike was used 2 hrs ago when I came to check oil..I started the bike keeping it in neutral tried rolling the accelerator & brownish colour oil started to splash on that small glass window.pls reply I’m again confused…thanks

    • stand your bike in a plane surface…hold it vertically 90 degrees ..after that chk that level… if no engine oil level is coming that time,that means is low..ns need 1200 ml for each periodic service, and if you open the head then its need extra 200 -300 ml engine oil…[ that trial and error method, you should chk and feel ]

  11. Hii somnath,
    I’ve visited the SVC & the guy told me that oil level is just touching the oil window & it will last till 4000 km with this level. And one more thing is I’ve read the post where the comparison between 5100 & 7100 have been shown. The post was nice but they have tested the oils on p220 but the engine on 200ns is totally different than p220.I’ve read somewhere that duke 200 have the same type of engine,so if ktm recommends 7100 then it should be suitable for NS also.The post says 5100 will be better for bajaj bikes with 7100 the engine feels harsh..feel free to correct me if I am wrong..

    • Hi Anees,

      Let me answer this one..

      We already published an article about 5100 and 7100, see as for engine protection, performance, none of this engine oil will let you down. Both are very good for Indian motorcycles and conditions..

      But when choosing between two, it comes the riding feeling as indeed the 7100 will given you that harsh feeling for a eager racing machine compare to 5100 where it will give you a smoother feeling for long distance cruising mode.. To sum it up, let me quote,

      Both this oils are extremely good when it comes to protecting engine and clutch wear, both of them keeps engine and clutch clean and smooth, both this engine oils manages heat and does lubrication job 10 times better than most of the available oils but at the end of the day it comes to riding feeling as here they offer two different feel altogether.

      For Yamaha and Honda (Hero Honda too) engines, you can opt for 7100 as paying 200 extra over 5100 does give you some extra kms of engine oil life, but for Pulsar DTS-i and TVS engines, 5100 is the choice.

      Where as if you are a tourer, nothing will beat the smoothness of 5100 and if you prefer aggressiveness for acceleration and top speed, chose 7100 for your self.

      So given any one of them a try and decide for you self. :)

      One more thing, indeed you are right, Duke 200 and 200NS are sharing a lot of engine parts and having similar engine..

      • Somnath Bhattacharya

        for 200ns i always prefer 7100 and 300v.. because when u want out of the box performance this two engine oil wont disappointed 1000 km non stop ride , 10 hrs nonstop ride avrg speed should be 100 + ,

        duke and Ns sharing most of the engine part,except the head portion of the engine..
        duke use double over head camshaft assembly where Ns use single camshaft ..
        for crunchy acceleration of duke,one of the reason is this.. :)

    • 1st of all which engine oil you are using currently??

      2nd 10000 dtsi its not a synthetic oil, its should evaporated when engine becomes hot, this is the nature of organic oil,its oxidised more than Synthetic oil.. I don’t know basis of which circumferences they are saying it will last 10000 km..I’m not agree with 10000 km point..

      3rd 5100 and 7100 compression post wrote before release of NS…. 5100 its better for 220, 200 [old] ,180, 150 ,135 pulsar… because engine part quality is very low of those vehicle .. 200 ns share the basic engine of duke.. and part quality is upgraded ..

      don’t worry man ,when we said we tested 7100 and 300 v engine oil,just trust us..
      2250 km bangalore- mumbai-bangalore 96 hrs on 96, one ns used 300v and one ns used 7100.. both r performed incredibly well :)

  12. hii somnath,
    If you are also an NS user can you please tell if your bike has the same engine noise past 25 in 2nd gear & the bike doesn’t cross 30 in 2nd gear.The svc guys have no clues about this..n can you please tell me at what AFR setting NS performs the best..

  13. Thank you very much Hunky & somnath.Finally the concept of what oil to be used is straight & clear to me.pls reply to my above comment speed-noise problem.when I tour around with my friends they have a shine & a glamour.while they are at 35-40 their bike is at 2nd gear running good & still can go further but for this speed my bike should be at 3rd gear.why is it so?I mean being riding a bigger bike I have to keep upshifting even when I am not thinking about running in period speed limit on that moment. :(

    • every vehicle need different type of gear ratio.. your vehicle also can go in 2nd gear @ 40 speed.. but it’ll make noise,and also burn some extra fuel.. so better you just maintain 3K to 4K RPM.. it will give you better millage and smooth riding experience also…

  14. ktm oil filter too 😀

  15. hello somnath & hunky,
    today my bike was with svc for doing oil topup,additive & replacement of oil the evening they handed over the bike at the closing time of svc saying they dont have oil filter I should visit saturday as it stays close on friday.I came out,checked the bike & the engine got shut before one of the svc guy atleast five times..after some trys it was going good but after 1km of riding the bike started to vibrate a lot I was shocked to see that now it is idling at 2.5k rpm & the svc is closed.pls help what can be done or what can be the actual problem? :(

    • Hello,

      Please check your engine oil level first. How much is there ??

      Secondly, check your chock also, it might be stuck..


  16. the bike was given for oil topup at svc & they told me that they have done it & also took the amount from me…I checked through the window & its still just touching the bottom portion of the window..can u please upload a pic of engine oil window with full oil..coz when I checked before topup it was same as I have told you before.

  17. on the job sheet it was written “Engine tuning done” Rs.50…do you think that wrong tuning could have caused this problem…the choke is fine…I seriously hate those svc guys they make bike owners come again & again…had to visit svc again tomorrow…

  18. Hey guys.. i had bought Ns 4 months back.. had changed the oil at around 550 km to bajaj dtsi at the time of 1 st svc ……bike runin period was normal not to harsh not engine , but not too obedient also… i had kept the speed or tried to max around 60-65 for first 1000 km, them gradually increased it to around 70-75 kmph( max speed ) now my bike is 2600 km odo had changed my oil recently at 2500 km … i was experiencing harshness above 5 rpm in 2 nd and 3 rd gear and down shifting was a bit hard too , specially from 2nd to 1 first gear (made a kat sound ) …jujst want to ask if my running or my drain interval has effect my engine… coz recently i calculated my avg which was 30-32 kmpl in city ride which i suppose is too low …pls answer and help if i can improve on engine and FE of bike

    • avrg in city 30-32 its not bad,but its depend on individual ride style…

      that “KAT” sound may b the shafter sound or gearbox sound…

      1st u drain at 550 km after that u drained at 2500 km?? m i rite??y so many KM u didnt drained the engine oil?? U didnt read our runin Article ?? if not then follow our

      • yeah rite i first drined at 550 km n den at 2500 km … i have switched to motul 5100 15e50… so wil my long drained interval effect my bike futher, any care should i take

        • Depending on your riding style, i dont think one should pull the Motul 5100 more than 3000kms to max to max 3500kms..

          If you are using the engine enthusiastically, then idle drain interval for 5100 for a healthy and long engine life would be 2500kms !!!

  19. have bought pulsar 200ns , it has done 100 km on ODO , it is recommended that one should not exceed 10 km/hr in 1st gear , 48 km/hr in 6th gear. I did not exceed 48 km/hr in 6th gear but many times i have run it up to 15 km/hr in 1st gear at 3500 r.p.m. Does it cause damage to engine ?

    • its not a big issue..Dnt cross 4k RPM.. Ride alone,and try to ride in city,Dnt push your vehicle on highway in runin time … and ride safe :)

  20. Owner’s manual does not recommend to change oil frequently during run in period , why is it so ?

  21. Please do reply. What is the colour of new(fresh) bajaj dts-i 10000 20W50 engine oil for pulsar 200NS ? Today i changed engine oil at authorised service centre in mumbai at 355 km in ODO. I also changed oil filter. My initial engine oil was transparent and now this oil which i changed at service centre is reddish brown. So i have a doubt that is it realy bajaj dtsi 10000 20W50 or some another ?

  22. Anybody running their engine hard for a break in? I know this is a controversial issue with lots of superstitions, just wondering if anybody has done a racing bike style break in.

    • Hey Axel..

      did you try it your self ?? what is your feedback in the motoman style break-in.. That is what its called I think, right ??

  23. Please upload information with pictures of changing engine oil of bajaj pulsar 200NS. Somebody has given information about it on Xbhp but they did not mention things like – 1) How to rotate drain bolt for loosening it , means clockwise or Anticlockwise 2) How to remove oil strainer and how to insert it. 3) Up to how much extent we should press new oil filter in it’s chamber after removing old oil filter.

  24. hello,
    I just bought pulsar Ns 200 and I am in running in phase.. Now my plan is not ride with a pillion until my first servicing..But will riding a pillion cause harm to my bike??

  25. Hi ,

    I have completed 1400 km with my NS200 ,SO now I have to change engine oil with motol5100 ?

    After 1st service on 500 km i feel that my bike breacking is not to good as before serviceing .

    SVC told me it due to some lubricant fall on disk breack and told me after 10-20 km That problem will resolve . but after runing bike 900 ,i am feeling there is no improvement .What can i do for that .

    Also when i movwing 4000 RPM enginee start makeing noice like tuk-tuk tuk and its gone whne RPM reduce to 4000 rpm .

    Plz help me here .

  26. Hello everyone,
    Really nice article ,a lot of much needed information…thanks. I just purchased a dual tone (white/black) 200NS, about 100km on the odo,since I upgraded from a 2004 180dtsi the 200 felt a little stiff and harsh sounding on the way back from the showroom just as I bought it, but now things seem to be calming down and smoothening out, just a couple of things I wanted to ask all you 200 owners out there

    1. Very keen and disciplined with the run in period, keeping the bike under 4000rpm but have to say the run in chart given by bajaj is kinda difficult to maintain, 40kmph at 5th makes the bike feel like its gonna stall so I downshift to 4th where I can comfortably keep it between 3-3.5 rpm, is that ok or do I need to keep it at 5th as soon as I reach 40kmph?

    2.its weird but on my NS the knob for fuel reserve/off/on doesnt really have it in english, symbols are what I can make of it, can you please tell me which side to turn for res and for on clockwise or anticlockwise

    3.i didnt take a demo ride nor did I ride anyone s NS, liked my 180dtsi loved the looks and reviews of the NS and bought it on impulse after one month of hard work… I know its a silly question but what does it really feel like once the run in period is done, what does the power/acceleration feel like?

    4.stock tyres…yes yes I know hard compound better life but low grip, planning to complete the run in in the stock tvs Eurogrips as I dont intend to brake hard or take corners fast. on a budget so cant really go for pirelli, michelin or expensive brands… was thinking of MRF REVZ, how is it has anyone here used it on a 200Ns? Heard it has softer compound.

    Thanks, any replys/insight would be greatly appreciated :)

    BIKING – “Aint no other way i’d enjoy MOTHER NATURE”

  27. My NS200 has done about 780 kms till now with the 1st service. I am experiencing that 2nd gear sticks a little while downshifting from 3rd and so on. What is the reason behind this? How to troubleshoot this. I think the SVC guy is a barber and does not what he is doing!!! Thanks

  28. Zairash , You should ride your bike like 10-18-24-32-40-48 during 1st 1000 km. Warm up your bike properly so that it will not stall while riding. And guys i have a question , which polish should i use on my 200NS ? The wax polishes comes with warning that they should not be applied on vinyl , metallised plastic parts. If used they may cause cracks and abrasions. We all know that 200NS has so many plastic parts. Please tell me which polish will be safe ?

  29. thnx ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  30. hi guys I had own a new pulsar 200ns ….After riding over 1300kms odo I got a problem of engine noise at speed of 35 -50. while I racing it….it keeps on increasing the sound….pls help me guys!!!

    • Which engine oil are you using ?? Since its 1.3k means, you have already done your first service.. Was there any major work done in first service ??


  31. Pls tell me factory settings of AFR screw in 200ns how many full turns ie 360°

  32. hai guys..I’m a rider and i use pulsar for last 8 years.i ride all rides..unto 1390cc now im using 200ns…now i Own a pulsar 200ns…and now i ride frequently…first of all is perfect bike for riders and ride lovers…i saw so many comments and opinion here..about speed,fuel life,rpm,power,service,oil etc….i want to say just this….ride your NS in your own way…in your own style and speed…you can ride what speed you want….50,80,100,140 or even more faster….with proper gear shift…5500 to 7000 rpm or 9000rpm….there is nothing will happen in your bike..its make the engine powerful and torque…..200ns is made for powerful ride and speedy threads..NS COME WITH high tech technology and sporty looks..200ns is created only for drag and powerful ride…guys u don’t bothered and don’t worry about bike will get damaged or smoked,engine get rough or crack …nothing will happen guys…200ns is build with power and stormy …thats why the engine built with 200cc…if you want to go 60km to 70km..then why u pick this NS..u can buy R15,Fz 150,apache 150,even unicorn or discover….this bikes are build for economic and daily normal use…it have some sort of fence around them…it cant be powerful and have only one mode …thats normal here is for our NS slash the heads of other..any mood and shift u can made with Ns…slow to speedy..speedy to slow..sudden acceleration ..throttle hike.its a 100% and 100% mood swing fun bike sports bike..any thing u can do with NS…its a 3 spark cylinder with 199cc with 6 gear ratio with liquid cooled system…if u have any idea about this 3 spark cylinder with 199cc with 6 gear ratio with liquid cooled system then u will post comments like his above….
    Thank you GUYS…love your RIDE..feel your drive….

    (*speed thrills but speed with your gears*) any questions..ask guys…

    • Hi ..can it will be possible to travel from mumbai to allahabad by honda unicorn .I planning to go so please suggest.

  33. Hi guys, is anyone here from davao and south cotabato area?
    I need to find dealers of this bike. Where can i buy it? Ur reply i very much helpfull, tnx guys.

  34. i’m from General Santos City…
    i just bought my 200ns here…
    you can try LYR, EMCOR or you can visit stores along J catholico st…
    goodluck and enjoy your 200ns just like the way i do…

  35. Guys, I’ve bought Pulsar NS 200 1 year ago. Now I’ve completed 10000 kms and I’m planning to change the engine oil to MOTUL 7100 20W50.

    Can you let me know if this will void the warranty of the engine?

    • Hey Salman,

      You can get it confirmed from Bajaj customer care email address.

      We here can only share our views.

      What we know, and what we have learnt from our long term usage of Bajaj Pulsar 200NS are as follows,

      Warranty will be void if you don’t service the vehicle from authorized service station on timely manner
      Warranty will be void if you miss any service deadline (both as kms or day wise)
      Motul 7100 20w50 can be used and that doesn’t voids warranty.

      Service center may argue since their sales profit will be less when you bring your own oil, so its better to just drop and email to Bajaj customer care and take a confirmation reply so that you can produce that in service center, if they argue.


  36. can any one tell me what is the difference between pulsar 200 ns and pulsar 220

  37. Hi All,

    Just wanna tell you guys, how great for everyone with NS 200 this page here. very educational especially to new owners that are not sure whats the best thing to do on how to improve there motors performance adg engine mortality.

  38. Hi Guys,

    Its been 2 days since i bought my NS 200, my concern is that whenever i drive it. theres always a time when the radiator emits very loud sound that i can hear it while driving and feel the air produced by it the radiator fans from my feet.. is it normal or not? please do advise.. thanks

    • Hi,

      Well it is subjective..

      First understand the concept then you your self can make a call whether in your case, it is normal or you have a problem..

      Radiator contains coolent.. Coolent is a liquid which runs via out engine wall to absorbe the heat of the engine and come back the radator.. Once inside the radiator, it runs via those fins and cools down from the blowing air from infront..

      So where the fan comes from you may wonder..

      In certain condition, like in traffic jam, where the bike is not in motion, there is no blowing air, so here the fan starts up so that it can blow (actually it sucks air) air and keep the coolant temperature down..

      Should the FAN work always like headlight ??


      Fan has a thermostat on / off switch (auto), like your fridge or A/C.. If coolant temp is higher than what it should be, then only fan starts and when temp comes down again (like you are out of jam and in cruising @ 4k RPM)..

      So if you see the fan is always on, right from the starting the bike in morning, then you have a faulty thermostat switch..

      Is it under warranty ??


      Complain and get it fixed !!


      Hunky :)

  39. anikethfernandes

    Where is the location of reserve switch on bajaj puldar 200RS?

    • Hello,

      Pulsar RS 200 or 200 RS is a fuel injected motorcycle like Yamaha R15, CBR 150R / 250R or KTM Duke and RC..

      These bikes use Fi system for their fuel delivery and no Fi system comes with reserve switch, rather just like car, they have a low fuel level warning light in meter console..

      Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi was also similar, without any reserve switch..

      The said switch can only found in carburetor operated bikes, like Pulsar 220 DTS-i or 200 NS..


  40. Is this break-in procedure is suitable for newly rebuilt engines with new piston assembly ??

  41. Is this break-in procedure suitable for newly rebuilt engines ??

  42. hi guys im in big problem after buying this 200ns,,,i brought my 200ns on 16th march 2015,,,,from bangalore authorized bajaj dealer from the 1st day i was facing many problems in which few have been sloved n few remain like that,,,,BUT after my 1st free servicing im getting some noise from engine,,WHEN I TAKE OUT THE BIKE IN THE MORNING THAT TIME ITS


    • Ride your bike carefully till break-in, when cylinder compression will stop increasing you’ll definitely feel revv hungry engine.

  44. Can you tell me what’s the difference between Run-in and Break-in ??

  45. hi, I recently bought AS 150, I really enjoyed riding but recently I have a problem that engine stucks at rpm 3- 4 though i dont give throttle. This is really making me uncomfortable to ride. After searching on internet, am guessing it might be auto choke. Is this an additional feature? is that normal? am confused. How to over come this problem as it is very incomfortable to ride. please someone suggest or help.

  46. hi, I recently bought AS 150, I really enjoyed riding but recently I have a problem that engine stucks at rpm 3- 4 though i dont give throttle. This is really making me uncomfortable to ride. After searching on internet, am guessing it might be auto choke. Is this an additional feature? is that normal? am confused. How to over come this problem as it is very incomfortable to ride.

    Full choke is off. This problem is different that is the reason i mentioned here. please check this link
    Is there any simpler solution??
    please someone suggest or help.
    Thank you in advance

  47. I had used Motul 7100 20w50 for 4000 kms after completing running in period. But that time it used to make slight foam while engine is running. So I was worried because of that foam. Motul dealer in Mumbai told that it’s normal. But still I was worried so after that iam using Bajaj dtsi 10000. Now bike is 17000 km run. But engine feels harsh on this Bajaj dtsi oil. But it doesn’t make foam like Motul 7100. I want a good quality full synthetic oil. Please suggest your views on foam in Motul 7100. I don’t want to use Motul 300v as its very costly. Just tell about foam in 7100 motul

    • Hey Amit,

      Sorry bro, can’t understand this foam issue your are talking about so can’t make any comments..

      We never heard or saw this so any picture if you can post and elaborate in details about this, then it would be helpful for us.


  48. it’s a f***ing byk… if u want to buy this byk.. then fix machenic for this……..

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