Power touring with Pulsar 200NS – 1000 kilometer in non stop 13 hour

This trip I started planning 2 an half years ago, that challenge was more challenging. Me and Hunky decided Kolkata to Baranasi return, that 1400 KM (If I’m not wrong)  within 17 HOUR With my UG4 P180. But some how that trip was not happen. So after a while, now in Bangalore, as I bought the PULSAR 200 NS, I decided that BARANASI return, that type of trip I’ll do.

So after many days planning I decided I’ll go HYDERABAD. Bangalore to Hyderabad Return within a Day (1150 km).

But after so many days, almost 1 an half years I am detached from Long ride, I didn’t have enough confidence for the ride.

So I decided I’ll start from a short trip around 200 km. So I decided that I’ll go to Anatapura (its place in Andhra Pradesh). That place is 200 km from Bangalore and then continue further.

As per my decision I started my trip in early morning from Bangalore @ 5 am.

Starting from Bangalore at 5AM

When I was starting my trip, at that time, sun didn’t yet rise, but the weather was pleasant with temperature at 29C. Within half an hour I crossed the airport and took the NH5. The actual highway, (NH5) starts after crossing the Airport and it goes straight to hit the city of Hyderabad.

After crossing airport I felt little cold, and as I checked in my watch, the temperature was below 22C. I started that trip at 29C but within 50 min of riding, the temperature had fallen down to 22c and the weather too started to go cloudy.

NH5 didn’t give me any warm good morning welcome, but it gave me a pleasant welcome, I took a snap of that welcome.

Welcome to NH5 (Banglalore - Hyderabad highway) destination is still a 460 kms

The break was for a minute to finish my biological works 😛 and then I started riding again.

After a few kms my stomach passing a signal in my brain that I’m Hungry. So I started searching for a decent dhaba for breakfast and I found one. As I stopped there for my breakfast, I noticed that in last 2 hours, I have done 164 kms meaning an average speed just over 80 kmph.

Avarage-speed-of-82-kmph  Puri with chatni and sambar of Dhosa

I order a plate of puri-sabji and a Pepsi (Thumps up was not there). They gave me coconut chatni with puri, that starange, and suddenly I felt “I’m in Andhra Pradesh”. Oh my God. I’m not any more in Bangalore (Karnataka). With that thought and a little chuckle in my face, I started eating my food.

While in that food break, I was calculating where is my edge. Though I decided to go till Hyderabad, but the Clock was not supporting my decision. I made up my mind not ride in night time, because of poor headlight and visibility of my bike. so I modified my plan and decided to ride towards Hyderabad upto 11.30AM, after that I would take the U-Turn for return ride.

The breakfast break was for an hour and in that one hour, I finished my Pepsi and breakfast, I did chain spray in the 200NS, I bought a mineral water, and the last thing, I finished my two Fag :p. Ufff so many work I did. he he.. I also noticed that my fuel meter was around half tank hence decided to refill before I start and this thirsty 200 cc beast took in Rs. 500 of fuel.

After refueling I started push my machine hard, harder, hardest. I took corners at 130 Kmph + speed. I just lean down on my tank and pushed this 200cc engine continuously.

Approximately around 9 a.m. I entered some city area in A.P., and I got stuck in that city traffic !! After 20 minutes of city riding, I was back in that beautiful NH5 and my speed was up again to highway standard

However this time, after entering the highway, suddenly the weather changed. I was feeling very hot, literally, I was sweating, then I check my clock and temperature was at 40C. Not just the heat to disturb, heavy cross wind was also there. As I was pushing my machine to 95 kmph or above, I felt 200NS was almost flying, so I released my throttle and rode at around 80 kmph. At that speed I was comfortable in that valley. That valley surrounded with non fertile soil, almost no tree was there. That stretch was around 60 KM almost and that stretch was the most difficult part in this trip, mainly because of heavy cross wind. In my mind I called that valley a “DEATH VALLEY”. . .

After crossing the DEATH VALLEY, I entered a beautiful valley. The beauty was so pleasant, that gave me refreshing vibes.


And also those corners, felt like heaven. Every corner, I approached at minimum 130 kmph + speed. Those were really very happy moments for me.

Actually in cornering, there is a little story that I want to share with you, When i was attempting the first major corner in my life (Kolkata – Mandarmoni trip) at 90 kmph, guess what? I failed. I was stuck between two boulders, and minimum 10 feet down of the road. Fortunately, I had only a single scratch on my palm.

Fast forwarded 4 years and now today I approached every corner at 130+ speed. There was an INNOVA continuously following me, that seemed to be taking a video from rear seat, at that moment, I really felt proud at my self, and automatically one sweet chuckle came in my face.

I kept on pushing it hard but unfortunately, I could only manage 500kms by the time my clock reached 11:30 AM.

1130 hours time for U turn and return home U Turn from 75 kms away of Hyd

Now it was time to take U turn, Hyderabad was just 75km away from that point.

I took u turn from that point, and took a 25 minutes break, for a Fag, drinking water, Chain lubrication.

It was time to start riding towards Bangalore. I maintained 120+ speed all the time.

After 2 hours I took a break for lunch, and guess what I covered 210 km. It meant my average speed was 105 Km/h, that too for continues 2 hours. This was my personal best lap performance. I stopped at some reliance petrol pump dhaba, called A1 dhaba. Food was good and quite cheap.

Food at Reliance A1 Dhaba

When I started my journey after lunch, I noticed my fuel was low, hence I had to keep on looking for a petrol bunk, that was why I had to drop the speed down to a max of 100 Km/h. After around 35 KM I found a petrol Bunk, and again I filled up-to full tank. When I was searching for the petrol bunk, suddenly some memories called in my memory, that MASSENJORE ride. Me and HUNKY did a 700 km ride within 12 hours, that too with pillion and with P180 UG4. Lots of memory.

500 kms done, 490 kms yet to go

After 500 kms and 7 hours of hard ride, the mile stone reminds me, I still have another 490 to go, I am just at half way mark

After the refueling stop, I started ripping hard on my machine. I did this ride with stock Pulsar 200 NS. Even the engine oil was also stock oil, BAJAJ 10000 DTSi. After 600 km that type hard ride, I felt that my engine oil performance was decreasing rapidly. There was a 20 to 25% different in throttle response in compare to the new engine oil on morning and after this 600 kms non stop high speed ride. I realized the difference between Motul 7100 / 5100 and Bajaj 10000 DTSi. Bajaj 10000 DTSi engine oil was good for normal use only. It was no doubt that it was better than any cheap engine oil available in market. But it seemed, it was not good for enthusiastic performer.

As I was feeling decreasing performance of the engine oil, on top, I noticed a dark and cloudy sky. Out of my mouth comes that F word to God.

Raining in highway would be really problematic I felt, hence again I pushed my NS200 very hard to out run the rain. Funny thing was that if I slowed down, rain would over take me and if I kept on maintaining higher speeds, I could see I was out running the rain. That meant Rain was behind me, now I was again in a race with the nature (before, many times I did it with Hunky back home @ NH-2 rides). As-usual here too I won the race and finished that high way part. Now it was time for me to enter the Bangalore city traffic (for which you can use every slang in the book)

Petrol stop

Finally I reached that benchmark with-in 13 hours I did 1000 km or you can say Bangalore to Hyderabad return with in 13 hour (almost). This is trip 1, shows that today I covered total 1003.8 km.


Finally I reached that benchmark with-in 13 hours I did 1000 km or you can say Bangalore to Hyderabad return with in 13hr (almost).

In the entire ride, I was very happy with my pulsar 200 NS, it’s engine went with a revolutionary change, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj didn’t compromise with engine parts quality of Pulsar 200 NS. It has an excellent cornering ability, but stock tyre is not good for enthusiastic performer. Though I’m personally not happy with stock tyre But in Rs. 1 lakh, 200 NS is the ultimate beauty I must say. Where some people boast about their few hours of high speed run in international roads that too with a super bike, there, my tiny little 200 NS showed that its all about rider and the stamina of him for how long or how far one can push.

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  1. Excellent ride brother, it is indeed really challenging to ride non stop for 1000 kms, that with with such blistering average speeds..

    Not many can pull it of, indeed you should be proud at your self 😀

    Enjoyed reading it but missed more pictures, specially some top end speedo and that death valley picture !!

    • if ill take more pic, then my average will decrease.. Bcz of solo ride not possible to taken Spedo meter and cornering picture…
      Bro you come here, we will do BANGALORE – PUNE RETURN 1700 Km within 24 hrs with pillion rider… then ill take more fantaboulas snap, Like our messangore trip..
      what say?? :p

    • I own a pulsar 200ns and when I went for a ride with pillion rider ,it became very hard to touch even 110kmph on a straight road,what was your top speed with a pillion?

  2. @Somnath..

    Did you miss the auto cancel indicators or rather did you find these normal one’s better compare to P180 auto cancel ??

  3. auto cancel indicator basically i dn’t like that,that good for car, but not good for bike…(i think that)
    i think manual control indicator more precise rather than auto cancel indicator…

  4. Aap DUDE ho…!!!

  5. Hey that was an amazing display of stamina and courage, the NS is a good bike but cross-winds do create a lot of botheration. I myself owned an NS but found its high speed stability a bit of a problem, since road conditions aren’t decent at all in Maharashtra. Was curious to know if replacing the stock tyres with a stickier set of rubber would have a positive impact on the cross-wind stability of the bike.

  6. stickier tyre obviously helps you little bits, but it will not help like a full fearing bikes….

    small suggestion ..when cross wind coming just lie down on your tank ,as much as possible… and always use a good helmet, aero dynamic air prove…

    both things are helps me lot, hope it will help you also :)

  7. Good one Bro. I am totally spell bound by your 1000 KM ride….
    After reading this I am Sure My 200NS can Sustain 350KM stretch.
    Wish me Luck……. OFF to Bangalore <—– Chennai tdy night…. will post my pics and share my exp…

  8. Bro 200ns is not a beast!!! Its a legend. I too proud of having 200ns

  9. anirudh ghoshal

    Bro i have a p180 ug4 and my brother has 200ns….everything is goos in ns but not the steering ability and cornering…… me and my brother van completely lean the bike to one side on 180 even at high speeds but with ns its not possible…. don’t know why?

    • Hi,

      Boss, what you say is really subjective hence its hard to troubleshoot from remote location.. I can only suggest few points to check. But it is you who has to check those one by one to figure out what is wrong..

      Usually what you have said may be caused by following,

      * Tyre Pressure.. (Check tyre pressure from any pentrol pump with digital meter to get as accurate tyre pressure as possible. Road side tyre refilling meters are way too faulty)
      * Tyre condition.. (NS 200 has many options.. The euro grip is not the best of them, so if you have euro grip, may be its time to upgrade)..
      * Front Fork and T alignment (Some time due to crash or even falling from low or stand still speed may cause the front fork or T to get bend.. Even the slight bend may through your bike off balance while in corner.. It can be repaired)
      * Ball Racer .. (Check the condition of the ball racer.. If needed, go for replacement.. Grease the steering bearings properly)


  10. Hi Buddy,

    May I know which watch are you wearing in the first picture.
    Looks pretty good with all the details showing up.

  11. Which is damn useful when riding and making a note of the details.

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