Engine break in or run in guide for new Yamaha FZ-S / FZ-16 / Fazer (150cc)

One of the most styling and appealing street bike in India is the Yamaha FZ-S and FZ-16 where as Fazer is a very good tourer with reliable engine and supper balance along with ride quality. All these three bikes share identical engine / gearbox and drive chain along with breaks and chassis.

Yamaha FZ-S / FZ-16 engine break in

As an owner, one would love to twist the throttle and taste the performance of these machines, asap of the delivery but for long lasting performance and engine reliability, one should do the opposite as running-in or engine break in process.

What is run in or engine break in ?

During few early kms, newly made or machined engine parts or surface may make contact and these surface will wear in  quickly, thus every manufacturer gives a simple easy guide line which an user should follow to break in / running in their new bike.

Engine inside in run in phase

What if you don’t follow the running in / engine break-in guide ?

We all know, how excited we all become when we go for a new bike. For many of us, its a product of some much struggle and wait, some buy it from their salary, some after hard fight at home, but in any case its a hard earn product.

A proper running in contributed towards a smoother ride expiration and longer engine life and better performance. You may spot the difference if you ride two bikes, one having done proper running in and one without it in side by side.

What is the engine break in guide or how to run in the Yamaha FZ16 / FZ-S or Fazer 150cc ?

Detailed but a general guide can be found in the owners manual (Page 5-3).

General instruction stands as follows,Yamaha FZ 16 Engine Break in

  • Total engine break in period for Yamaha FZ-16 / FZ-S and Fazer 150 is 1000 kms. Which is broken into two parts. First is the 0-500 kms and next is the 500 kms to 1000 kms.
  • Do not start the engine with high rev at any point of running in phase.
  • When starting the engine in cold start condition (like in morning hours), allow the engine oil to warm up by keeping the bike in idle for 5 mins before rolling.
  • Within 0 to 500 kms, at any gear, do not cross 4500 RPM mark and never ride with a constant RPM. Choose city roads over highways as city traffic allows you to ride through the gears and rev range.
  • Within 500 to 1000 kms, the maximum RPM limit is 6000 and once again avoid riding at a steady RPM for longer period of time. Vary through the gears and RPM range.
  • Within running phase (0 to 1000 kms), stop every 30 kms or 30 – 45 mins (depending on weather condition) of riding for 5-10 mins to allow the engine to cool off. This is to be done to prevent over heating of the engine from its idle temp.
  • Avoid change of load. Try to complete the engine break in process with single rider.
  • Change the engine oil and engine oil filter at half away mark of running in (before first service)
  • Couple of speed bursts with proper warmed up engine is needed under running in. Do it before the oil change.

Which engine oil to be used in Yamaha FZ-16 / FZ-S or Fazer (150cc) engine break in / running in period ?

YamaLube 20w40 and Engine oil filter for FZ16 / FZ-SUse mineral engine oil while you are in running in and follow a very short drain interval while you break in your engine. The stock YamaLube mineral oil is just perfect for the job. If not found, you may choose Motul 3000 4T Plus (Mineral) oil too.

  • YamaLube 20w40 Mineral -> Rs. 305/- (price / litter)
  • Motul 3000 4T Plus (Mineral) -> Rs. 310/- (Price / litter)

Don’t forget to change the Engine oil filter too while you change the oil.

Recommended Oil change interval for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS for engine break in / running in ?

Remember the point, that you are not following a shorter drain interval because the oil has gone bad, but rather to drain those engine residue which is generated in these early kms of your engine. You may follow longer drain interval after running in / engine break in phase is over.

  • 1st oil and filter change at around 350 to 400 kms
  • 2nd oil and filter  change at around 750 to 800 kms (first service)

Engine oil change for FZ-16 and FZ-S or Fazer 150 Draining-the-engine-oil-of-FZ-16-and-FZ-S-or-Fazer-150

The bad engine oil filter of FZ-S and FZ-16 or Fazer 150cc Installation of engine oil filter of FZ-16 or FZ-S and Yamaha Fazer

YamaLube Mineral 20w40 engine oil for Yamaha FZ-16 or FZ-S and Fazer 150 break in Washing of Yamaha FZ-16 and FZ-S

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