Greasing for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS – Periodical Maintenance Guide

Bajaj launched it most advance Pulsar, the 200NS in the year of 2012. Ever since its launched, being value for money product, offering unmatched performance, riders bought this bike in millions.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS it’s a completely different type of product from previous DTS-i product line up. It’s much more refine from others pulsars and powerful too. As with every machine, this pulsar too needs premedical maintenance to maintain its top-nudge performance, and here in NexGenBikes, we share our experience in how to maintain your motorcycle to keep that as good as new feel.

Picture of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

One of the main improvement of the P200 NS over previous line up is its smoothness and balance. Which partly depends on how smooth and well the bike is greased and lubed in few important parts.

Greasing (lubricating) of Pulsar 200 NS

Greasing your vehicle is one of the most important thing in your regular maintenance. There are three main parts which requires your attention in periodical basis,

  • Handle Bar / Steering cone / ball racer bearing greasingThe Lithon based grease for Pulsar 200 NS
  • Disc Caliper (Front and rear)
  • Wheel Axle (Front and Rear)

Which Grease to use ?

Lithon base RR3B grease highly recommended for pulsar 200 ns greasing. It’s available in most of Bajaj Service center.

One 10 gms pack would costs Rs. 6/- and one pouch is almost enough for your full vehicle greasing, if used properly.

It’s a heavy duty grease and it will last 5000 km to 7000 km or 3 to 4 months. Which ever is early.

Handle Bar / Steering cone / ball racer bearing greasing

Handle bar / steering (ball) bearing greasing is the most important part among all of this. This effect the overall balance and handling of the vehicle greatly and offers a very smooth riding experience. Regular lubrication done also ensures the longer life of the handle bar bearing (ball racer) also.

First you need to open the handle bar, clean the ball bearing ,open that ‘T’ setup, clean everything with a clean cloth , grease all the part.

Opening the T setup to clean the handle bar bearings Cleanign the Exposed ball racer for greasing the handle bar - Pulsar 200NS Service

Opening the Inner T ball racer bearing for cleaning and greasing Pulsar 200NS Service  Applying the Grease

Put every thing back together once the work is done.

After greasing, keep in mind that you might need to visit the mechanic or service center once in after few hundred kms to tighten the handle bar since it tends to free up a little after greasing and few hundred kms.

Axle Greasing

After every 2500 km means every alternative chain adjustment time you should open your wheel, and take out the axle, clean that axle with a soft clear cotton cloth, after the cleaning put some grease on that axle and put it back.

Applying grease to front wheel axle..

You may refer to the following two post for detailed guidance of wheel bearing greasing.

Disc Caliper Greasing

Take out your both brake caliper, open that brake caliper, clean that inside of that caliper and put some grease in the sliding pins. This is need after every 10000 km. Best is to do it when you change your brake shoe as that time only if you are doing that greasing job, you can take advantage of the grease included with the break pads for the said job.

Few important points to Note :

Here at, we are giving this article as for reference only. We always recommend you to get this work done from authorized service center or from any experience mechanic since optimal performance of these parts are required for safe operation of the vehicle. Hence this guide should be used for your own knowledge only.

This article is written by Mr. Somnath Bhattacharya, read more about him -> About Us

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