Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Spare Parts Price List

We already have published the spare parts catalog for the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS and many users have commented for the price list for the spare parts of Pulsar NS200. Here is a rough list of parts and their prices. Mainly regular spare parts of P200 NS which you, as a 200NS owner, may require.

Spare Parts Name (Pulsar 200 NS)Price of the Spare (INR)
Pulsar 200NS Handle Bar390.00
Bajaj NS 200 Chain Sprocket kit1209.00
Disc brake calliper1800.00
Rear axle (JL 1312 03)135.96
Front axle (JL 1310 01)114.47
Rear Alloy wheel Rim (JL 1312 09) 3.5x172678.00
Front Alloy wheel (JL 1310 04) 2.5x171897.37
Indicator Lights (each)141.48
Rear View Mirror of Pulsar 200 NS154.59
side mask LH blue165.07
O Ring (filter) (JG 5710 16)5.70
Coolent from Service Center (Per Ltr)185.00
Rear Tyre Hugger (Mud Guard)168.00
Leg guard (each side)109.00
Bajaj DTSI OIL468.00
Oil filter74.00
Tube rear hugger261.00
Decal seat cowl22.00
Rear number plate braket24.00
Cover 1 hugger rear (JL 1814 07)12.50
Assembly Hugger rear168.00
200NS Tail / Break Lamp Assembly533.00
bracket rear blinker (number plate holder)182.00
Centre stand899.00
Rear Disc brake pads / shoe202.00
Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Head Light (JL 4010 12)1415.00
Head Light Cowling (JL 1812 03)138.00
Front Wind sheld (JL 1812 35)134.00
Fender Front / Mud Guard505.00
Front Disc Plate (JL 1310 05)1450.00
Front Disc Calliper (JL 1318 04)1293.00
Front Fork Complete (Both)4467.00
Brake Lever (Front LH)95.00
Handle bar wight / Balancer (JL 1510 35)62.00
Brake pedal Rear (JL 1610 01)172.00
200 NS Chassis (JL 1111 06)8148.00
Pressure Plates (clutch)228.00
Friction Plates (clutch)985.00
Gasket clutch cover (clutch)110.00
PULSAR tank logo (200 NS)220.00
Pulsar NS200 Radiator Fan1360.00
Bajaj Sticker on headlamp cowl14.00
Engine Head gasket445.00
Air Filter260.00
Spark Plug Right n Left (Each)150.00
Spark Plug Main/Center Bosch250.00

Pleas note, prices may vary depending on your location and local tax. This list may serve as reference purpose only. If you have any comment or question, you may please post them below.


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  1. List of bajaj bikes

    Wow man it’s really informative post, I really like it.

  2. Naren Choudhary

    Good job sir

    • Thank you for your comment..

      Help us maintaining the list, as if you happen to purchase something, please do comment so that we can keep the prices updated..


      • guide me on how i would access your contacts so that i can purchase from your shops.
        Kind regards

        • Helllo,

          I am sorry michael, we dont operate any shop.. is a news website where team member shares their experience with motorcycle made or sold in India.


  3. Can u publish a similar price list for p 180

  4. Can u sell number plate bracket of pulsar 135

  5. I want pulsar 200 ns bracket

  6. I want pulsar 200ns new stickers .

  7. I want Pulzar 200Ns Back Tyre Marcad

  8. Where can I buy spare parts with shipping to Europe?


      We do export spare parts to UK, USA, Africa, Asia, for BAJAJ .

      Please feel free to send us your query and maybe we could help

      Best Regardds,
      Kawaljeet Singh
      for Singh Brothers.

      • i need a headlight for pulsar 200ns, can i have your contacts, based in kenya

      • joseph j marattukalam


        I am looking for “Rear Tyre Hugger”. Please let me know how can I get it.
        joseph j marattukalam

      • I base in Nigeria, can i get the pulsar 200ns engine shipped to Nigeria?

      • Can you ship parts for the 200NS to the Philippines? If I give you part numbers from the parts book, can you quote me? Thanks, John Derstine Cebu.

  9. Left side handal rood (only left side)

  10. How much pulsar 200 ns full front cost ?

  11. I am looking for suppliers of 200ns spare parts from india to supply in the philippines.
    Email me please

  12. I need racing sproket for pulsar 200ns…also need rear seat cober me prices or catalogue you from mauritius..send me prices..if u have also racing cdi

  13. Matthew Pallan

    I need a bracket rear blinker (plate holder), how can i order?

  14. As per the website the chain sprocket kit costs 1209/ but Khivraj bajaj service centre charges 1800.!!! this is in indiranagar, bangalore..

    please let me know if there is such a big tax here for the spare.. and a disc pad mentioned above as 209 is being charged 300..!!

    • Hey Peter,

      Please note there are some changes in TAX and also due to inflation the prices are hiked..

      When you buy a product, check for the MRP, usually there should never be more than MRP.. When buying spares only for out side work, you may receive 10 / 15 % discount from spare shop.


    • I am getting the new sprocket fixed for 1365 in Bangalore at Kammana halli authorized service center.,

  15. Hi,

    It has been 3 days i brought pulsar 200ns, i rode the bike yesterday for just 4 km and the engine is heating so much is this a normal or is that i need to do anything with my bike. please suggest.


  16. Dis iz so important & useful 4 every ryder …..

  17. Hi..

    I am looking for “Rear Tyre Hugger (Mud Guard) Rs 168.00”. Please let me know how can I get it.

    Ankit Kumar

  18. Hi how can I get pulsar tank logo and front tyre of pulsar ns 200 please reply


  19. gaurav upadhyay

    what is the cost of chambers nd cylinder singal of pulsar 150

  20. Hi
    i am in need of a crankshaft and i am situated in Kathmandu Nepal is it possible for you guys to export it out here pleaae my bike has been a wreck since 7months

  21. What is the price of pulsar 200ns timing chain?

  22. I need to du some Moody so can any let me know some sop please

  23. front lite and hool front so please

  24. I need a rear and front seat base price..

  25. how much would it cost to repaint 200Ns

  26. Dear friends,
    I own a Pulsar 200 NS and i need to know whether i would be able to replace the front end of the bike with the fairing of 200 AS?

  27. Can we replace r15version 1’s tail lamp with new pulsar RS 200 ‘s led tsail lam. if it is not possible is der anyway to alter it and fix it ..

  28. Wat will b price for handel set of pulsar 200as

    Plz can u help me out from dis
    Thank u

  29. I am in need of all stickers-set for red pulsar 200ns

  30. Hi Admin , my question is , Are crankshaft bearings same in KTM Duke 200 & Pulsar 200 NS ? SKF India site mentions crankshaft bearing for 200 NS as 63/28 HN3CNP & KTM Duke 200’s spare part catalogue mentions crankshaft bearing as 63/2/8 HN3CNP. So are they same or slight difference ? mind you one is 63/28 & another is 63/2/8. Rest of the bearings for transmission are all same in KTM Duke 200 & Pulsar 200 NS and they are SKF India made. Please answer.

  31. How much is the speedometer console and do you know where can i buy one. Thank you.

  32. Shubham S. Vichare

    hey i had an accident on my ns200 just before a month ago and i have much problems regarding the availability of parts… will any one help me to get them i am from chiplun, Ratnagiri

  33. part are costly and not eassily available……….

  34. hi NS200 fans, for rear mud guards and engine cover please email me or message me on my FB account Amir Cabrera. my email is Philippines only. thanks

  35. Dear sir
    Good day

    I am looking some of Bajaj Spare Parts for my Motorcycle 200 NS could you please let me know is it available? actually I need very urgent

  36. Friend’s, Can I buy fan assy and deliver to Indonesia ??

  37. Hey.
    I need bajaj pulsar rs 200 mudgaurd and complete visor can you pls find me one of each

  38. i want radiator fan compelete

  39. i need bajaj 200ns oil filter cap, did u have it

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