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Engine Oil (Mobil) Test and Review – Top1 (top one) 20w40

We here at, like so many Indian riders, are a big fan of Motul. Specially the 5100 and recently launched 7100. However with increasing demand and popularity, Motul India seems to be increasing their prices like Diesel price in India. Rs. 10/- or Rs. 20/- with every new stock. I remember buying Motul 5100T 15w50 at Rs. 295/- (Printed). From there, presently it seems the prices have touched over Rs. 560/- for the Motul 5100 and Rs. 800 odd for Motul 7100.

There is nothing wrong with the oil (mobil), we still believe, its one of the best oil for Indian bikes / motorcycle but for us, who are light on pocket, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep on affording the Motul on regular basis.

As we started our hunt for an alternative to Motul, one lesser known brand caught our eyes. One of our trusted local mechanic suggested to give Top1 a try.

Top1 Engine Oil

Priced at Rs. 300/- (Printed), offered at Rs. 280/- (after discount), Top1 engine oil claims to be synthetic blend with 20w40 grade. Their bottle seems to emphasizes on two words really hard, being USA and Synthetic.

The Top1 Engine Oil

The packaging is very ordinary, unlike Motul, where they make the bottle and its opening / sealing procedure very difficult to replicate, thus minimizing the risk of duplication. It comes in one little bottle, unlike Castrol, which has 900ml packing for some of their engine oil range for those 100 and 125cc Hero Honda engines.

Our Test Preparation

Yamaha FZ-16 seemed to match the recommended grade of 20w40, though we would say, 10w30 HeroMotoCorp engines too would do absolutely fine with 20w40 grade oil, but we went ahead with the FZ-16 for the test run.

It was month of May 2014 and we were switching from Motul 5100, hence we went ahead with a full engine flush, meaning opening up the clutch side and draining the entire oil and cleaning the clutch as mush as possible to minimize the mixture of previous engine oil and the new one.

This is very important step to follow if you are switch engine oil brand or type (like between semi synthetic to full or vice verse). Also it gives us an idea about the condition of the clutch before and after we complete the test, beside, allowing us to access and clean the hidden engine oil strainer.

Engine Flush (Engine Oil) FZ-16 / Fazer Yamaha FZ hidden engine oil stainer

The Engine Oil

As we were poring the oil, you can judge by the flow and feel (touch), its lighter than Motul 5100, feels more closer to YamaLube 15w50 (Semi Synthetic) or Motul 7100.


On road Testing 

There is nothing special we did with it, just made sure we maintain our daily riding style with it. It included,

  • City commute (Kolkata City traffic) 80-120 kms in a day
  • Local riding 10-15 kms a day of stop and go.
  • Week end touring 200 kms to 400 kms a day (Exploring the lost history of Bengal)
  • High speed runs to try out the top speed
  • Mileage runs to judge the mileage difference between (Motul 5100 / YamaLube / Top1)

While we continued, we kept a watchful eye on the engine oil level and quality (by feeling the touch of it). On every 500 kms, we carried out a visual inspection of the oil level and quality.Highspeed run (Kolkata - KGP - 320kms) via NH6

As we kept on testing, we were pretty impressed with the Top1 Oil. In our longer runs, which were the main reasons for us to stick to Motul, Top1 remarkably did well to held up, even after clocking 250 / 300 kms of non stop high speed riding. Gear shifts were smooth and as I said, engine felt calm and composed even after 250 / 300 kms of non stop high speed runs.

Compare to YamaLube 15w50 (priced at Rs. 520/-) there was not much mileage gain but in local rides, specially those days when clocking 10/15kms with stop and go, there was a noticeable mileage gain with Top1 when compared to Motul 5100. Bike also felt tad more responsive when compared to Motul 5100.

Call me a Motul fan, but personally felt in those extreme long runs (like 500kms or more in a day) in hotter Indian road conditions, Motul 5100 still felt better. Having said that, after returning, immediately with that hot engine, when I handed the bike to another rider (who was on Motul 5100) for comment, he could not spot difference between Motul and Top1.

The gears and longer runs started to give the feel (while riding) to change when crossed 2500 kms but visually the oil still felt good so we continued till 3000 kms before we decided to drain and flush the engine once again to check the clutch for any dryness or burns.

First and Second Oil Change

At 3000 kms, after 45 days of first use, we drained the Top1 oil. Opened up the clutch to flush the engine and check for any clutch burn or marks in steal plates compare to previous check, done 3000 kms before the TOP1 use.

Draining the TOP1 engine oil after 3000 kms Engine Flush after 3000 kms of TOP1 20w40

Top1 20w40 Drain Interval 2000 to 2500 kms

As we inspected the clutch, it seemed absolutely fine. Compare to similar priced oil, like Gulf, engine felt lot cleaner and compare to Castrol, performance of the TOP1 oil is far superior. In middle of June 2014, we went ahead with the oil for the second time and in July, we drained the second oil for the third term use.


The goal was to find an alternative to Motul 5100 since the price of which was going sky high. The Top1 can be used as alternative to Motul 5100 for engines of Honda (Unicorn, Dazzler, Trigger) 150cc or 125cc, HeroMotoCorp 150cc (Hunk, Extreme, even ZMA) or Suzuki 150cc along with Yamaha Fz-16, FZ-S, Fazer but for lesser developed engines like Baja Pulsar / Avenger DTS-i series (150 / 180 / 200 / 220) or TVS RTR (180 / 160), Motul 5100 still performs better.

The idle drain interval for the TOP1 20w40 would be 2500 kms.

At Rs. 300 (Printed) it is far better than similarly priced oil and OEM given mineral oils.

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  1. Nice article. Please let me know in which shop/Location I can find this engine oil in Kolkata. I live in Kaikhali, near Airport, Kolkata.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Hey Debarshi,

      The communication what we had with Top1Oil is as follows,

      We market our products through the network of Lucas India Service ( Part of Lucas-TVS group) in various parts of India. Major segment of focus is the four stroke bikes/scooters and we have both synthetic blend ( Syngen Zip 20w40) plus fully synthetic product..Evolution Moto 10w30.

      I understand the availability issue of this oil in local market, so if you are using a bike other than Apache and Pulsar series, you may want to look into Motul 3100, which is also available at similar price point..

      By the way, your bikes details ?? I mean model and kms done till date ??


  2. Hi,

    I have Hero Honda Glamor 2011(Normal not FI), Right now I am using standard oil 10w-30 in my bike, and covered 25000Km , I normally ride 50 kms daily, which engine oil, I should use….??????

    I also wanted to change my bikes spark plug and Air Filter.
    I got to know K&N Air filters are best in the market…..Should I go with K & N Filter….??????

    Presently NGK standard spark plug is fitted in my bike …Which spark plug should I use ???

    my overall objective is to increase mileage, pickup of the bike and reduce engine vibrations..

    Please Help…..


    Ayush Sahu

  3. Dear Hunky,

    Can we use this oil for NS 200?

    I don’t use my bike often. Average use is 100 kms in weekend.


  4. Hi Hunky,

    I’ve a NS 200. I’m planning to take my bike for the service. I don’t use by bike often and average use is 100 KM on weekend.

    Can I use this oil in NS 200?

    Please help me with the details.

  5. hi bro,
    im using gixxer, will this suit my bike?

  6. Any other substitute oil for yamaha FZ at same price quote?
    As top1 is not available nearby me
    Average use 200kms a week…
    Thnx in advance

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