The hidden engine oil strainer of Yamaha FZ 16 / Fazer / SZ-RR / SZ-S

The Yamaha 153cc air cooled engine power the bikes like, FZ-16 / FZ-S / Fazer 150cc / SZ-R / SZ-X. They come with an engine oil filter, priced at Rs. 40/-. The said filter is supposed to be changed with every oil change of 2500 to 3000 kms.

Engine oil filter of Yamaha FZ16 / SZ / Fazer

Changing this external filter is straight forward work. One can access it by removing three screws of the cover located in the clutch housing cover.

Engineoil Filter location in FZ 16 Replacing the engine oil filter fazer - FZ 16

What does an engine oil filter do ?

It’s no rocket science, as the name suggest, its design to filter out the engine oil while it’s in circulation to keep the engine clean and healthy !!

Where is the hidden / internal filter ?

In this 153cc air cooled engine, which is used by Yamaha FZ / SZ and fazer series, there is a second but hidden, internal engine oil strainer present. To access it, one has to remove the clutch side housing cover and then gently pull it out from the socket. Refer to the pictures,

location-of-the-hidden-engine-oil-strainer removing the hidden engine oil strainer

Why do you need to know about it ?

Just like external filter, which every owner changes at service interval, this internal filter too gets dirty. Unlike the external filter, which is an use and throw type, this filter is made of metal and plastic, which can be cleaned, washed and then reused. So it is required to be taken out and cleaned at a periodical interval.

How often do you need to clean it ?

As per as our experience, every 10,000 kms, meaning every 3rd service would be the right time for you to open up and clean this filter.

How to clean it ?

Brush with little petrol or kerosine and then with compressed air would do the job fine.

Which models come with this internal engine oil / mobil filter ?

Yamaha India’s following models come with this internal filter,

  • Yamaha FZ16
  • Yamaha FZS
  • Yamaha Fazer
  • Yamaha SZ-S
  • Yamaha SZ-RR

Pleas note, if you are opening up the clutch side cover, keep an extra gasket handy.

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  1. You guys are great.
    How was I missing your site.

  2. what about castrol active 4t in yamaha fazer.
    and how much ml does these bikes supports? 900 ml or 1000 ml .

    • Hi,

      For Yamaha FZ / Fazer you need 1L oil for change !!

      P.S. do make sure you always change the engine oil filter along with every oil change.

      Secondly, Yamaha given YamaLube Semi Synth is really good, try to use that, if price is a concern, then try the Motul 3100.. Both are better as per your view compare to Castrol option !!


  3. Bro how to open the clutch side of Yamaha fzs.. Please give me a step by step instructions.. N I’m planning to change engine oil.. Which grade I must buy for this particular upcoming season 20W40 or 20w50..?

  4. Sir, I have yamaha fz-s fi what kind of ingine oil was used in fz-s-fi vr 2.0

    • Hey Sunny,

      It depends on your usage.. Unless you are in touring and long distance non stop riding, the server center given YamaLube 15w50 @ Rs. 550/- is good enough..


  5. Hi,

    In my FZ-S, there is a crack in the place where oil strainer bolt goes, so I could not screw the bolt. I took my bike to service center, they told like they have to change the engine case itself and they have to do engine over-oil also. The cost may be 15K+. So I took it back and has parked idle at home. There is no oil, so I can’t star the engine. Is there any solution for this?


    • Hey Ramesh,

      Sorry to hear about this.. If you can post few picture of this bike (about the crack) it would be helpful for us to check and suggest.


      • Thanks for the quick response Honky.

        I have shared some pics for the crack at . Please look at them and advice me what should I do.


        • Hi Honky,

          Did you look at the pics at ? I am waiting for your suggestion.


        • Hey Rakesh,

          There is something called High temp aluminium welding.. You need to clean this part properly to get rid of every single drop of oil and then find a place where welding is done.. High Temp aluminium welding can fix it to a certain degree but once again its depends purely on the skills of the welder..

          You cant weld from inside as it will hurt the engine later on, only from out side but make sure you clean before you proceed..


          • Thanks Hunky.

            So welding seems to be risky, if I go for replacing the engine case, how much it may cost? and is it mandatory to go for engine over-oil as well? And what will happen to the engine number which is marked in the case? Any possibility to use insurance?


          • Hey Ramesh,

            For you I spoke to few mechs here to get an idea as we never faced this issue.. Usually in mountains or in rally type off roading this may happen but there we either stay careful for use engine bay protection (rally)..

            But there are few mechs confirmed that they have carried this type of work, welding, if done from some exp welder and done properly, it will hold..

            Regarding the case, if you may notice, the case comes with 2 parts, the part which contains the drain bolt hole, is on the different side than the one which holds engine number, so you dont need to change the engine number.

            Engine overhaul is not needed but it is advised since not everyday you are opening the engine up like this, so as you have the chance, replace any inner bearing or component which may look in need of work. Usually mechs (local) here would charge around Rs. 500/- for the job (The spare parts needed is within 2000). Yamaha service center would apply the engine overhaul labor charge for the job close to 2k..


  6. Hi,

    Please look at the pics in google drive at

    In my FZ-S, there is a crack in the place where oil strainer bolt goes, so I could not screw the bolt. I took my bike to service center, they told like they have to change the engine case itself and they have to do engine over-oil also. The cost may be 15K+. So I took it back and has parked idle at home. There is no oil, so I can’t star the engine. Please look at the pics in google drive at Is there any solution for this?


  7. Hi,

    While replacing the oil filter with new one, shud we do any cleaning ? or just placing the filter in the chamber will do?


  8. Hi! The paper which seals the opening of a new bottle of oil got into the engine while I was pouring engine oil. Not all of it, just a bit. Is this a big problem, what should I do.

  9. Nice pics

  10. Sir.
    I having FZ s 2 version
    But. Problem is engine is over heated .i don’t no why this problem occure in bike .

  11. How is Shell Advance Ultra 550025035 10W-40 Fully Synthetic Motorbike Engine Oil for Yamaha FZ 16.

    • I am using this oil with My FZ16. The Shell Advanced Ultra 10w40 is a very good engine oil for FZ16, when i put it the bike initially was behaving differently. but after i ride it for approx. 200 Km, Now the bike feels like very smooth,no vibration very light gear change and awesome pick up. I liked it. i suggest you must go for it.

  12. Hi…
    i have yamaha SZX. other than yamalube which other engine oils i can use?pls suggest..

  13. My FZ 16 3 Years now wen i give throltle it comes out black smoke why is it ? N my speed of my bike is running low not like as b4 .Help me out of this.

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