The hidden engine oil strainer of Yamaha FZ 16 / Fazer / SZ-RR / SZ-S

The Yamaha 153cc air cooled engine power the bikes like, FZ-16 / FZ-S / Fazer 150cc / SZ-R / SZ-X. They come with an engine oil filter, priced at Rs. 40/-. The said filter is supposed to be changed with every oil change of 2500 to 3000 kms.

Engine oil filter of Yamaha FZ16 / SZ / Fazer

Changing this external filter is straight forward work. One can access it by removing three screws of the cover located in the clutch housing cover.

Engineoil Filter location in FZ 16 Replacing the engine oil filter fazer - FZ 16

What does an engine oil filter do ?

It’s no rocket science, as the name suggest, its design to filter out the engine oil while it’s in circulation to keep the engine clean and healthy !!

Where is the hidden / internal filter ?

In this 153cc air cooled engine, which is used by Yamaha FZ / SZ and fazer series, there is a second but hidden, internal engine oil strainer present. To access it, one has to remove the clutch side housing cover and then gently pull it out from the socket. Refer to the pictures,

location-of-the-hidden-engine-oil-strainer removing the hidden engine oil strainer

Why do you need to know about it ?

Just like external filter, which every owner changes at service interval, this internal filter too gets dirty. Unlike the external filter, which is an use and throw type, this filter is made of metal and plastic, which can be cleaned, washed and then reused. So it is required to be taken out and cleaned at a periodical interval.

How often do you need to clean it ?

As per as our experience, every 10,000 kms, meaning every 3rd service would be the right time for you to open up and clean this filter.

How to clean it ?

Brush with little petrol or kerosine and then with compressed air would do the job fine.

Which models come with this internal engine oil / mobil filter ?

Yamaha India’s following models come with this internal filter,

  • Yamaha FZ16
  • Yamaha FZS
  • Yamaha Fazer
  • Yamaha SZ-S
  • Yamaha SZ-RR

Pleas note, if you are opening up the clutch side cover, keep an extra gasket handy.

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