KTM Duke 200 spare parts price list and service cost

Its been almost a year since Bajaj launched the KTM Duke 200 in Indian market. Duke 200 is an international product but made for India and made in India. The 200cc liquid cooled 4 valve DOHC engine produces a mammoth 25 bhp @ 10,000 RPM with a short shift 6 speed gear box, making it a pocket rocket. The bike is extremely fast in acceleration and owners would be enjoying the madness at fullest.

2012_KTM Duke 200

However as like any machine, this beast would also require service and for few unlucky riders, crashes will make sure requirement for spares. In this regards, we have already published the spare parts manual / catalog or list to identify and source the right spare, but today we go little deep and list down the prices of few spare and general service costs of KTM Duke 200.

Spare Parts NamePrice
Paid serviceRs.     617
Oil filterRs.       65
Fuel filterRs.       85
Air filterRs.     238
Spark plugRs.     174
Clutch CableRs.     239
Accelerator CableRs.     104
Brake Pad frontRs.     208
Brake Pad rearRs.     178
Disc plate frontRs.   1,350
Disc plate rearRs.     790
Clutch plateRs.   1,110
Single IndicatorRs.     560
Set of 4 indicatorsRs.   1,800
BatteryRs.   1,852
MirrorRs.     225
Front fenderRs.     613
Handle barRs.     765
Chain sliderRs.     151
Rear tyreRs.   3,823
Sensor roll overRs.     198
Radiator assemblyRs.   4,359
Radiator fanRs.   1,339
Radiator protector right sideRs.       72
Radiator protector left sideRs.       72
KTM Fuel tankRs.   1,611
KTM fuel tank coverRs.   1,020
Tank decal setRs.     356
SwingarmRs.   6,375
Rear mono shockRs.   3,971
Lever front brakeRs.     109
Lever and Sup holder assemblyRs.     288
Lever breakRs.     234
Rear break reservoirRs.       25
Belly panRs.     541
Belly pan sticker per sideRs.     142
Number plate frontRs.       22
Grip assembly RHRs.     151
Leg assembly right sideRs.   8,350
Leg assemble left sideRs.   8,871
Right Foot PegRs.     132
Assembly Main Step (whole Bracket)Rs.     534
Fairing under cover (head Light Mask bracket)Rs.     194
Digital MeterRs.   6,000
DashboardRs.     101
Right Foot lever Brake (Rh foot lever)Rs.     209
Leg Guard (each)Rs.     120
Chassis / FrameRs.   8,925
Front fork assemblyRs. 22,000
Fork oil sealRs.     394
Front rimRs.   3,600
Rear rimRs.   4,336
Side stand sensorRs.     217
Chain sprocket front 14TRs.     115
Chain sprocket rear 43TRs.     644
ChainRs.     828
Headlight assemblyRs.   1,412
Chain sprocket KIT (Front + Rear and Chain)Rs.   1,300
Rear disc floating caliperRs.   1,746
Stock exhaustRs.   9,360
Golden steel exhaust header pipeRs.     980
Rear tyre huggerRs.     276
Saree guardRs.     209
Tail lamp assemblyRs.     777

General paid service charge of KTM Duke 200 is Rs. 600 per service. Engine oil options available are Motul 5100, 7100 and 300V at Rs. 540, 800 and 995 per liter respectively. Bajaj 10,000 DTS-i is also available at Rs. 414.

  • Motul 5100 15w50 @ Rs. 540/-
    What is the Difference between Motul 5100 and 7100?? Click here to Read More
  • Motul 7100 20w50 @ Rs. 795/-
  • Motul 300V 15w50 @ Rs. 995/-
  • Bajaj 10,000 DTS-i @ Rs. 400/-

You can either opt for one time chain spray from service center, which are ridiculously pricy, or you may purchase your self a bottle of chain spray / lube.

  • Bajaj (OKS) chain spray (Small) Rs. 160/- (we tested and found lasts around 10 application)
  • Bajaj (OKS) chain lube (Large) Rs. 340/- (three times larger than the small one)
  • Motul Chain lube (large) Rs. 550/-

Motul MotoCool Expert may cost you Rs. 450/- per liter !!

We would try to keep the post updated along with the changes of prices, but please note, prices may vary a little depending on change and location (TAX and such). Let us know if you have anything to share in this regards. We love your comments.

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