Frequent brake disc pads changes ?? Time to check your disc plate..

We have already covered an article over this issue. Displaying hands on views on when to replace your disc pads. However we have received quite a few views about the fact that at times disc pads need frequent changes. So the question is raised as what happens when you get too late in changing your brake disc pads, which leads to an event which causes future brake shoes to lasts less.

How does the disc brake works ?

Not going into details of the oil pump, let us see the working of the disc and the brake liner (which we know as pads or shoe).

Disc Operation

It works in principal of frictional energy to slow the wheel and stop it. If there is friction, so there would be wear and tear also. The brake pads, shown in Red here in the diagram, are designed with materiel to wear off in this process. This prevents the other part involved, the disc plate to stay intact. So in timely manner, one has to keep on replacing the disc pads for smooth and functional use of the system.

Negligence in replacing the disc pads ?

We have already wrote about identifying the perfect time to replace your brake shoe, but as you may see in this image, wearable materiel (ceramic) is applied over a metal body.


So if you over use a disc pad, once the ceramic wears off, the metal part is exposed and that starts to grind the disc plate. In this process, the brake disc (rotor) starts to wear off as well.

Using a damaged disc plate ?

The disc plate is designed and polished in a way which helps to minimize the wear and tear of the disc pads and maximize its life. However once the disc plate is corroded, it losses the polish and smoothness thus exposing the rough edges. When you use that disc place, it starts to wear off the pads much sooner than a normal system.

Damaged Disc Plate (Requires immediate change)

Worn off Disc Plate RTR 180  Worn out Disc Plate RTR 180 Close View

Functional and working condition disc plate

Functional and working condition disc plate Disc Plate Pulsar 200NS

How much does disc plate costs ?

If you notice that you disc plate is damaged then replace it as soon as possible. Depending on model of your bike, (Pulsar 220 / 180 / CBR 250R / CBR 150R / TVS Apache RTR 180 / 160 / Yamaha FZ-16 / R15 / Fazer / Suzuki / Hero Honda / Karizma / ZMR / Hunk / eXtreme / KTM Duke 200 / 390 ) the disc plate may cost you between Rs. 800 to Rs. 1400.

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