Tyre change / upgrade – Which tire to buy for Yamaha FZ16 / Fazer / FZ-S

Yamaha FZ-16 / FZ-S / Fazer 150cc are basically the same bike / motorcycle with certain cosmetic changes. They are powered by a 153cc air cooled two valve engine producing a modest 14ps of power. The newer FZ-16 / FZ-S version 2 (FZ-Fi / FZ-F Fi) is powered by a newer 149cc fuel injected engine but with 13ps.

However although it lacked in power, but Yamaha compensated it with stunning muscular looks along with superb balance and handling. Thanks to its 140 section rear tyre, which was widest in India, at the time of its launch. Being radial and 140 section (140/60-17), the soft compound tyre offered comfort, exceptional balance and ride control.

What is the stock tyre size for Yamaha FZ-16 / Fazer / FZ-S ?

The default factory given stock tires are as follows,

  • Front -> 100/80-R17
  • Rear -> 140/60-R17
  • The front tyre is MRF Zapper FX
  • The rear tyre is MRF RevZ-S

Stock MRF Tyres of Yamaha FZ16 / FZ-S / Fazer Stock tyre size of Yamaha FZ16 / Fazer / FZ-S

What is the problem with stock tyre ?

There is nothing wrong with the given tyre, however in Indian road conditions, the soft compound rear tyre becomes really puncture prone.

The soft compound tires are really good in track or smooth highway, where it will offer excellent grip thus giving you superb cornering ability and braking performance but, when you bring them out in typical Indian roads, potholes, rough pavements, they do take their toll and these tyres tend to wear out really fast. Secondly, many (including us) have reported to find high number of puncture, mainly with the default MRF RevZ-S 140/60-R17 tyre.

New FZ16 V2 / FZ Fi

Not only us, it seems Yamaha too have taken this into account and replaced the tyre with little harder Revz-Y.

What are the tyre option available for Yamaha FZ16 / FZ-S and 150cc Fazer ?

Lets take a look at the options we found as, which tyre can be used as replacement for FZ before we go into the tyre replacement guide and review.

TyreSizeCommentPrice (Approx)
MRF RevZ-S140/60-R17stock in FZ16 / FZ-S / FazerRs. 3300/-
MRF RevZ-Y140/60-R17stock in FZ16 v2N/A
MRF RevZ-C150/60-R17stock in KTM Duke 200Rs. 3600/-
Contigo 140/70-R17140/70-R17stock in Honda CBR 250RRs. 3800/-
MRF Zapper Q140/70-R17After MarketRs. 3300/-
Pirelli Sports Demon140/70-R17After MarketRs. 7500/-
IRC Road Winner140/70-R17After MarketRs. 3800/-

Testing methodology and tyre selection

We selected tyres which were widely available as gone those days, when FZ was the only bike after P220 to have anything over 110 section tyre. We didn’t want to provide a 1000 or 2000 kms test report as we wanted to check the selected tyre in real world condition and see the end of it. Thus though our initial testing started in 2013, it took us year and a half to compile this article since some tyres lasted over 20k kms.

Tyre Testing

We did not do anything special, rather we made sure, participating riders stick to their daily routine. Routine included daily commute to their work or study and occasional longer trips and runs to test the performance in various weather and road conditions.

We tested with following points,

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Life Span

Testing and Review of MRF RevZ-S 140/60-R17

RevZ-S 140/60-R17

MRF RevZ-S 140/60-R17 is the default tyre given. It is priced at Rs. 3300/-.

The tyre is excellent in grip, ride quality, comfort and performance, like braking, cornering and handling. The only problem of its, is being soft compound, it gives in really soon when driven on typical Indian road conditions.

If you are riding in plain asphalt based smooth highway and most of the time you don’t encounter any stone chips and potholes or don’t go off roading, we have seen the tyre lasting a good 15k kms before you would feel the need of change. But if you are riding in such condition all the time, you would face a lot of puncture and tyre may give in within 8000 kms. In some cases, due to multiple punctures, people simply go for the change. Though a tubeless tyre can run fine with many punctures. Read our guide about How many puncture can a tubeless tire take / endure.

Availability is good, most of the MRF dealers will have the stock for this tyre.

Testing and Review of MRF RevZ-Y 140/60-R17

This is the default tyre given with the new FZ. Dubbed as FZ16 v2 or FZ Fi, comes with the new RevZ-Y.

We didn’t get the chance to test this one yet, and since the bike is launched just few weeks back so long term reports are still awaited.

Availability is uncertain as of now, but should be made available to general sell within couple of months.

Price is still unknown but should within the frame of the older one.

Testing and Review of MRF RevZ-C 150/60-R17

RevZ-C 150/60-R17

MRF RevZ-C 150/60-R17RevZ-C from MRF is another tyre based on the similar materiel. It is a soft compound tyre and it comes as default of KTM Duke 200. KTM is a much faster and aggressive bike hence no doubt this tyre is built very well to handle those aspect.

It excels in all the department but report is very similar to the stock tyre of FZ. This one too suffers when ridden in typical poor condition roads of India. Expect the life span to be same as RevZ-S. Although it is a 150 section (150/60-17) tyre, but it is a direct fit with FZ or Fazer.

Beware, it may effect your mileage a bit with upsize.

Availability is poor. You can only expect this one at larger dealership of MRF, only in those cities where you can find KTM showroom.

The tyre is priced at Rs. 3600/-. Price may vary depending on your location and stock of the dealer.

Testing and Review of Contigo 140/70-R17

Contigo 140/70-R17  FZ running Contigo 140/70-R17

Continental Contigo 140/70-R17 is the default stock tyre given in Honda CBR 250R. This tyre is built for a much larger bike, and designed to handle braking from much higher speed compare to FZ or 153cc Fazer.

So no wonder this one performed very good in our testing. From every aspect, be it handling braking and cornering, we were very happy with it. Punctures were also significantly low compare to stock RevZ-S.

Having said that, I would still add, RevZ series felt better in sheer road grip.

Though being high profile (140/70-R17) but it is also a direct fit. Yes, occasionally with high load (triple carry perhaps) it does scrape the rear mud guard but till date, never caused any noticeable damage.

However, weight being in a little higher side, it does tends to offer lesser mileage if compared to MRF Zapper Q.

Availability is good since CBR 250R have reached interior parts of India.

Priced at Rs. 3800/-, this one is a nice purchase.

Testing and Review of MRF Zapper Q 140/70-R17

MRF Zapper Q 140/70-R17

By far, it proved to be the toughest tyre to obtain. In middle of 2013, we started searching for it, but could not find it anywhere. We had seen visitors of this website posting about the unavailability in our R15 tyre upgrade guide. We became so desperate to get one that we went on to express our grief in MRF FaceBook page.

Though slow, but MRF customer relationship team came alive and special thanks to Mr. Srinivasan (MRF Chennai) and Mr. Jaison (MRF Kolkata) for taking the initiative and bringing one straight from their factory to sell us.

Though it is inferior in sheer road grip, when compared to RevZ series but MRF Zapper Q 140/70-R17 seemed to be the only tyre having the right blend of performance, durability and value for money aspect. Also it has the best wet road performance (apart from Pirelli Sports Demon). Specially in mud and slush. In rainy season, we have enjoyed our longer trips. It also out performed most in off roading.

Though being high profile (140/70-R17) but it is also a direct fit. Yes, occasionally with high load (triple carry perhaps) it does scrape the rear mud guard but till date, never caused any noticeable damage. Being higher in size do has its up sides also as this is the tyre in which we have seen a lot of mileage gain compare to stock or other tyres we tested.

Life span is very good, punctures are very rare and it can easily clock 20 to 25k in FZ before you feel the need for another change.

Priced at Rs. 3300/-, its a very good alter native to the stock one.

Availability is very poor. It would have wan our verdict if the availability was better.

Testing and Review of Pirelli Sports Demon 140/70-R17

Pirelli Sports Demon 140/70-R17

Pirelli Sports Demon 140/70-R17If price is no bar, one can go with this tyre with eyes closed. Yes it will have puncture problem, all soft compound does, yes it is expensive, but it is the king when comes to performance, braking and handling. This tyre is made to support much higher performance bikes like Ninja 250 or 300 so in FZ, there is no question that it will out perform any other tyre.

However, with just rear changed to Pirelli, if kept the front as same, the bike didn’t feel that stable so it is always better to change in set and mind you, that may set your back at Rs. 10k to 12k for the both.

Availability is very poor and considering the counterfeit products flooding the market, be very careful and buy only from a really trusted seller. You can only find it in few larger cities or you may search online but then again, chance of getting cheated with a duplicate Chinese tyre is really high.

Expect a 12 to 15k kms of life span. Even less if ridden in poor Indian roads, little longer it always stayed in asphalt.

Testing and Review of IRC Road Winner 140/70-R17

Selecting a Tyre  IRC Road Winner 130/70-R17

We have skipped this one, since previously we have tested it with P220 DTS-i, R15 and P180 UG4. No doubt, being default of Ninja 250, this one also is really good in asphalt but in wet roads, we it gives horrible times.

It also gave us a lot of puncture issue and being imported, once again chance of finding a genuine instead of cheaper counterfeit product was high. Hence we skipped this one.

Though we dont recommend this one, but you can buy one if you have a trusted dealer with stock. However, be careful in wet road conditions.

With P220 DTS-i / R15 and P180, on average, we were able to clock 12 to 15k kms using this one.

Verdict time

So which tyre to choose or buy for FZ16 / FZS and Fazer ?

It was a testing for which we collected data for almost 1 and a half year before we went ahead to publish this FZ16 tyre review. We have elaborated the findings with pros and cons of every tyre, so its up to you to decide depending on your local road conditions and usage.

  • Buy the stock tyre if roads are nice in your local area
  • Buy the RevZ-C in if roads are nice and you plan a little upsize and if your budget permits. For us, Duke 200 tyre is a better buy over stock RevZ-S but only if you find one since availability of RevZ-C is limited.

MRF Zapper Q and RevZ-S

Now in case your roads are typical Indian horror, in that case opt for either the CBR 250R’s Contigo 140/70-R17 or MRF Zapper Q 140/70-17. MRF Zapper Q is the most value for money so far we tested but it’s also the least available so, in case you dont find one, opt for Contigo 140/70-17.

And off course, if price no bar, get your self a set of Pirelli Sports Demon, A.K.A, PSD. (Once again, beware of the counterfeit, duplicate products. Buy only from known and trusted seller).

Point to Note

Tyre-change-machineWhen you are changing a tyre, since FZ is having a tubeless type rim, make sure you always change it from any authorized tyre dealer who has the tyre changing machine or from Yamaha Authorized service center (they are also equipped with one).

This is to ensure that the rim sides are not damaged. If not taken care while tyre fitting, side profile of the rim may get damaged thus resulting in unfixable side leakage.

So always make sure when you are changing the tyre, you get it done from a train mechanic with automatic tyre changing machine.

Let us know

If you have any question or input to share with us, feel free to drop us a comment.

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  1. SIR ;

    • Hello,

      Price depends on local market availability and dealer..

      Check the prices of MRF Zapper Q 140/70-R17 or Contigo 140/70-R17.. Chose between them.. Our vote is Zapper Q , if not found then opt for CBR 250R default, then Contigo 140/70-R17 for your purpose.


  2. contigo is not a good opt.

  3. One of the best tyre reviews i have seen welldone nexgenbikes.com

  4. Hi

    Odo done 20K on my FZ16 with rear stock MRF REVZ 140/60R17. I thought it to upsize it this time to 140/70R17.

    I have gone through various reviews about all available tires.
    And finally I have opted below tires to choose from (size-140/70-R17):
    1. MRF Zapper Q
    2. Michelin Pilot Street Radial
    3. Bridgstone Battlax BT 92 Rear

    I came to know that my stock tire is made of soft material thus it becomes puncture prone. So I have clear mood to go for ‘MRF Zapper Q’ as it is made of hard material as suggested by your result. (Yes this is hard to find, three dealers said it can’t be available).

    I am not sure about the material of Michelin PSR & Bridgestone BT92. Could you pls put some lights on materials and prices of both at your earliest convenience.

    One more question, How one can identify the material whether its tough or soft?

    Most of the tire dealers around me are trying to convince me that Nylon tire is best available for two wheeler. I am staying in Pune. Please suggest me any genuine dealer who can help me to get the right radial tire.

    Your review, I really found it very helpful.


    • Hey Asish,

      Thanks for the comment..

      Michelin Pilot Street Radial is indeed a very good tyre.. Due to our budget constrain and availability of participants willing to test, we could not go on to test everything, but with Pilot Street or Sporty, its better to replace both front and rear.. Tyre makers test their stability with both hence without front, you may face stability issue..

      Bridgestone BT92 was not available at our disposal and we have not used Bridgestone for bikes ever so, I am sorry, I wont be able to comment on this one.

      By the way, since you have managed to clock a solid 20k with the stock tyre, it means the road conditions are good enough in your area so frankly, with FZ-16 stock tyre is a very good option in terms of performance, you may stick with that if you want.. 20k kms is really good mileage for the stock tyre.. Secondly, if you really have to up size, why not the Duke 200’s default MRF (150/60-R17) ?? That too is also a very good tyre..

      Michelin Pilot Street would cost you anything between 4k to 4.5k depending on local prices.

      Secondly, regarding the dealer availability, I do apologize, since I dont have much contact in Pune, hence wont be able to point to any particular one. Being local, you are the best bet for your self to locate one :)

      Let me know if anything I missed or anything else we can help you out with :)


  5. Hello everyone

    can u put some light on new NV series from MRF ?

  6. Hi, can you please tell me the dealers where i can find the stock FZ tyres(MRF RevZ-Y)? Thanks

  7. Thanks Hunky!

    Finally tire has been changed now.
    Installed MRF revz-Y 140/60R17 this time. Paid 3150.

    Michelin Pilot Street was costing me 5300 but as I didn’t want to change the front one for now so I left Michelin PS. Got quick response from ASM Mumbai on my query, really appreciable.

    Suggestions came from team MRF too for not to upsize and if the operational area is good so be with the stock tire. As already mentioned I clocked 20k with stock tire so I have gone with the original again :-)

    Thanks for your help!!

  8. I wanna change both of front n rear tyre for my fzs, which 1 should I prefer. ?
    since tyre comes with new bike runs 36000+ for me.

  9. I got replaced my Yamaha fz16 rear tyre with MRF revz _M 140/60/R17 by MRF tyre dealer bcs original one was having cracks.but the tyre I got from dealer looks narrow in its width when fitted
    Not like the original one, the tyre is costed 2700 Rs only but actual original one is in cost of 3300 Rs.Replaced tyre is so uncool NAD narrow in its width
    Where I can get the original tyres

    • Hey Suraj,

      Sorry to hear about this issue.

      Please check with MRF Website, here is the link, http://www.mrftyres.com/index#toBuy

      If the dealer from where you have purchased the tyre falls into the list of MRF official dealers. It it does, then I request you to send a complain email along with the scanned copy of the purchase bill and if possible photograph of the tyre against the dealer who sold you the tyre.

      If you have purchased the tyre from any unauthorized dealer, then hard luck, complain to MRF wont do much, but still you can report.

      Regarding genuine product follow the link as I mentioned to locate an authorized tyre seller for MRF.

      Do let us know more details about the issue if possible.

      Hunky :)

  10. Hi, A rock solid review. Kudos to research team and content team.

    1. Have you ppl tested revz-y ? Hw is it?
    2. What’s RevZ-M looks similar to revz-y a bit thicker as far as I saw.
    3. Why Michillen Pilot Sporty not covered ?
    My tyres lasted 20K till now.losing its pressure daily, as I am city based traveler suggest me which one to go, Conti, Revz-y or Revz -C or any other .. PSd I am not for it.

    • Hey Ram,

      Let me try to answer the questions,

      Michillen Pilot Sporty

      Frankly, we didn’t have enough funding to cover all the options, due to logistical and availability of the bikes in hand. As we tested each to their replacement time frame, hence when we started the testing, back in 2013, availability of the tyre was also an issue..

      However, later on, as we rode Pilot Sporty in certain other bikes, what we found is that, though its a good tyre but only replacing the rear tyre does bring stability, with pilot sporty, its better one should replace both front and rear for best results.

      1. Have you ppl tested revz-y ? Hw is it?
      2. What’s RevZ-M looks similar to revz-y a bit thicker as far as I saw.

      We have already wrote, Revz-Y was coming as new in Yamaha FZ v2 and obtaining one at the time of testing, which was early 2013 was not possible as spare !!

      My tyres lasted 20K till now.losing its pressure daily

      It doesn’t seem that your route is a smooth once and losing pressure daily may point to leakage..

      So check, if there is no side leakage then its the tyre which has suffered, so may be its better to look into harder alternatives, like Zapper Q and Contig 140 (CBR default)..

      Let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with.


  11. Guys iam planning to change my fzs rear tyre,
    from your review zapper Q seems to be perfect, but cant find it anywhere,
    here in himachal pradesh, ceat DHOOM 3 is available, please tell me about this
    Is it good or not, i dont want a puncture prone tyre, fed up from stock REVZ-S,
    please suggest me which one i should go for,
    Ceat Dhoom 3 14/70 R17 OR Zapper Q 130/70 R17 or Piperrelli Sport Demon OR contigo OR any other

    Please help me guys which one i should go for,,,

    • Hello Mr. Singh

      I am sorry but as you may read, we too faced lots of difficulty in finding the Zapper Q for your self.. You are right, we too mentioned this in our article that availability is an issue. You may write to MRF regarding this if you really want the Zapper Q for your self or for an alternative, you have try the CBR 250R default, which is Contigo 140 section tyre..

      I personally may not vouch for Ceat though !!


      • Thanks Hunky,

        I will check on with contigo 140, i have found zapper Q 130/70 R17, is it ok to go for 130 or i should go for contigo 140.

        please suggest.

        • Hey,

          I would not vote for 130 section tyre since manufacturer have given it 140. Yes, technically speaking it would fit and run, even it would give more mileage being thinner but on opposite side, it would definitely effect your braking performance and over all stability also don’t forget, corners 😛

          So, I would say, in the given condition of your, go for the Contigo 140.


          P.S. Once you get it running, send as few pictures in facebook :D, we love comments !!

      • tell me about ceat dhoom 3 , i think it seems better better than zapper q ??????

  12. I was looking for advices regarding a rear tyre replacement on my FZ-S and I must admit this article was all I needed. The comparison and the individual specific detailed study of the various tyre replacements available was fantastic. Great work guys. One bookmark added for future references. Kudos nexgenbikes.com!

  13. How is the new mrf nv series?? Is it made of hard material? Better than default fz mrf tyre?

  14. Hi guys. Loved the detailed review. But I’m in serious trouble. I have to change my rear tyre before Jan 2 as I’m going for a long tour on my bike. I tried on the michillen, but it affected my performance. Bike found it really hard to cross 100kmph. It felt heavy. I immediately changed it the next day. Now I can’t find any tyres in mrf showrooms except rev c. I’m afraid they might affect the bikes performance as well since there are a bit bigger. I’m running out of time. Please help me. Should I go for the rev c? Will it affect the performance just like the michillen? ( torque and top speed) kindly reply as fast as u can. Thanking you in advance..

  15. Hello,

    Great article.

    If I can find a 160/60/17 sized tyre will it fit Yamaha fz 16? I want a broad tyre. What do you think is the broadest tyre that will sit in Yamaha fz 16?

    Thank you,
    Aswath NS

  16. Hello,
    Happy new yr to All :)
    I want to my fz-s rear tyre.
    My stock tyre ran apx. 23K with a few nail punctures.
    Now below are my preferences:
    1) Mrf zapper q (but it is available in 130/70 & I need 140/70)
    2) For me the stock tyre was also okay but now in the market updated version of stock tyre is also available is it good??
    3) How is ceat dhoom 3?
    4) I liked cintigo, but after reading your reviews I found that Contigo gives less millage (if we tlak about fz the average is already less, my bike gives the avg. of 32 km/ltr.).

    So, pks advise.. I want to change the tyre asap.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Also, few trye dealers were saying that mrf zapper q (140/70) comes with tube i.e,. It’s not tubeless…!!

  18. I want to fit 180/55ZR/17 tyre as a rear tyre of my custom bike. I need alloys for it. PLease let me know where can I get those alloys for the bike.

  19. i want to know about ceat dhoom 3 tyre 140/70 r17 tubeless is better or mrf zapper q 140/70 r17 is better …..reply soon bcoz i need to change my tyre

  20. plz suggest me about Contigo 140/70-R17

  21. I want to know about MRF NV Series MRF Zapper S 140/70-r17 tubeless. i got this information from MRF NV Series website…plz reply urgent…

    • Hey Sagar,

      Sorry, since its a new tyre, it was not available at the time of testing for this article..

      How ever the tyre you mentioned is very similar to FZ stock 140/60-R17 and it is given in new FZ v2.0.. Tyre is good if previous experience about FZ’s stock tyre is something to go by.. By the way, for which bike are you looking for the tyre ??


      • Hey Hunky,

        For my bike Yamaha Fazer. Should I go for Zapper Q or Conti Go…and plz tell me about new tyres in fzs 2.0.

  22. There is no tubeless tyre available on mrf zapper q any where

  23. Hello Hunky,

    I’m planning to change my FZ-16 rear tyres.. Have seen positive reviews floating around for Dunlop Tuffgrip.. Have you guys tested it? Btw would it anyways affect the performance & mileage?


    • Hey,

      I have heard mixed review about the tyre, Dunlop was not available at the time of our testing hence we could not test it as per our testing condition, so I am sorry, I wont be able to comment in details about the same..



    • Hey Raghu,

      If you wanted to go for smaller size tyre, following would be the cons of that,

      1. Stability of the bike..
      2. Balance of the bike..
      3. Braking performance..

      Also you may or may not face issue with tyre wall cracks because of the large RIM size compared to the tyre size..

      However, I have seen FZ running with 120 section tyre also, but then again running and running properly are two different words..

      Hunky :)

  25. Hi
    I got pirelli sport demon for my fz, for INR 4900/- at chandigarh, and till now i have completed almost 500 kilometers,
    Handling,stability at high speeds, cornering, looks are simply Awesome,
    Value for money,,

    • Hey Ravinder,

      What is the front tyre are you using ??

      Hunky :)

      • Ravinder Singh

        For front tyre,
        Im running on same stock tyre till now
        planning to; change it now
        any suggestions…

        pirelli in rear in awesome…

        • Hey,

          Certainly you can go with Pirreli, but in that case, to get best result and stability, do make sure to change the front to same Pirreli as well..


  26. Hi Hunky

    I have my stock FZ-S tyre leaking and need to fill every day almost. I almost clocked 20K and mybike gives a mileage of almost 45KM. But since leaking started it only gives almost 35-40KMS.

    1) Which tyre do you suggest? I need good mileage and smooth ride.
    2) Do you feel Tyreowheels.com is a good source to buy tyres?

    Thanks in advance.

  27. I own a Yamaha FZ-S and i recently faced the most common problem and ie.,puncture! The condition of the roads in my area is moderate,not very good,not very bad. Now the problem is,my rear tyre has faced total 6 punctures and all of them were repaired by the authorized CEAT/MRF tyre dealer. The 7th puncture is pretty bad and the center part of my tyre has also got some cracks. I have recently clocked 25k kms with the stock set.
    Now,the dealer has told me to change the rear tyre as the lifespan has almost touched the toll.
    please suggest,what type of tyre should i opt for?

  28. Hi Hunky

    I m Rohith

    I have yamaha fz16 7k driven and already rear Tyre got puncture at 4 times(mrf revz 140/60 r17).
    so please suggest me which is the best tubeless tyre.

    Thank u

  29. Hi, I’m planning to change my tyres. So after reading this article I come up with two choices. 1. MR REV-Y and 2. Contigo continental which one should I prefer a s the best ???and going up size with Contigo affects mileage very much or Wat? ? plz answer me

  30. Hi, I’m planning to change my tyres. After reading this article I came up with two choices 1. MRF REV-Y and 2. CONTIGO CONTINENTAL .. which one should I prefer???? And going up size with Contigo affects my mileage very much?? Plz answer me…… and your article is excellent really helps a lot!!!!

    • There will be a little difference with mileage, may be a couple of kms of drop than present mileage you are getting but being on harder side, ride quality too may go for a harder side..

      Usually if you are thinking for Contigo, its better to change both front and rear for best stability !!

  31. Sir,
    Please make sure that the availability of MRF revez in kerala especially in cochin. The MRF dealers in Cochin saying MRF stop production for Fz. what we will Do to get MRF REVZ

    • Hi,

      We are not associated with MRF so it’s better you contact MRF regarding this since we won’t be able to help on this.

      Availability of MRF is a big issue, if you may read our article, you may notice, we too faced many issues while obtaining the tyre for our testing..

      Hunky :)

  32. Bridgestone Battalax S20 Evo is the best for FZ at the moment.

  33. hello sir, i am using FZ16 .6months back some one stollen my back wheel.i have changed hub and my back wheel and i put a new tyre CEAT DHOOM3 140/70-17 but not in yamaha showroom.but recently i have got some problems with rear tyre getting some noise like tik tik while going in first gear.they said it is problem with hub as i didnt buy it in showroom and also one mechanic told we should not use 140/70-17 tyre for fz .is that a problem with tyre or is it the problem with hub it self.please suggest ur valuble answer.


    • Hi,

      If the installation of tyre is done properly, then there is no reason where a 140/70 section tyre would cause any mechanical issue with FZ. We have not tested CEAT brand but in your testing and still those bikes are doing absolutely fine with 140/70 section tyre.

      Mechanic is kind of right as he is under company policy, where Yamaha gives 140/60 section tyre so no authorized service center can advice you aftermarket mods. But practically speaking, if the tyre is fitted properly, there is no chance that 140/70 section can cause any mechanical issue.

      Hunky :)

      • Hi,

        I have also changed my FZ’s radial tyre to CEAT Zoom XL 140/70-17 after completion 36000 km of MRF stock tyre.
        Now the bike’s height rises a bit and feels like it is inclined at front site, might be its due to increased tyre height by 1 cm. This result lack of confidence while cornering at high speed and also feels quite heavy as compare to MRF tyre. And yes, I am facing the same issue that the tyre is creating some weird noise and mechanic told me need to change the bearing.
        My bike’s top speed is reduced to 105 km/h from 115 km/h which was easily achievable with MRF.
        Just one good thing is that the grip of this CEAT tyre is good in wet conditions.

        Otherwise I would like to recommend the MRF tyres or any other hard compound 140/60/17 tyre…

        Please reply if you would like to add something.

        Thank you,

  34. hi hunk u r doing a great job…..all the best …
    I have fazer and I crossed 30 k …I need to change both tyres .. front stock tyre is ossam …and back also very good only problem is puncher I got almost 20 maybe more …I wanna stay same for front may be u can prefer something else too..but for rear u have to help me.. what ever u say ill go with it …I love to lean and ride on cornering very much…pls help

    • Hey Hari,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      If you may read, we have mentioned in the article, for best result always prefer same brand and type front and rear. You are also right since in our testing also, we have mentioned that stock tyre setup for FZ is good but being soft compound, the rear tye is puncture prone..

      Performance and Durability (for Indian Roads at-least) wont come together.. Softer the tyre compound is, better grip level it would offer, but compromising on durability (puncture aspect).

      Work around is to stay off from the pavement to reduce the number of puncture..

      The list of tyres you have mentioned, looking at your particular scenario, since you plan to replace the front also (though with same stock), try replacing the both with Michelin pilot sporty (front and rear)..


  35. available tyres are…

    1.stock mrf revz – 3300
    2.ktm revz — 3500
    3.cotinantal cbr250- 3300
    4. ceat zoom xl – 3000 h- rated
    5.micline pilot sporty – 3200

    I am in tamil nadu chenna.. help me bro…

  36. and mention ..hard , soft and medium… Thank u

  37. Hi Hunky,

    Everyday I travel almost 15kms and road is very horrible. My FZ-S’s rear tyre got punchered thrice lately !!
    And there is air leakage… Once or twice in a week air needs to refilled for rear tyre !! Looks like its a side leakage.

    So is it ok to just replace the rear tyre ( planning for MRF Zapper Q because of horrible road conditions)
    or should I replace Rear rim as well? If yes which is the best rear rim for FZ-s ??

    • Hey Vivek,

      You dont need to replace the RIM unless there is side leakage !!

      Zapper Q 140/70-17 would be a good one..


  38. MRF Zapper Q is the best for FZ, I’m using it for the past 4 plus years and only now the type is showing some wear and tear… very easily clocked 50000 Kms and still running…

  39. Hello Hunky,

    Recently replaced FZ 16 rear tyre with MRF Zapper S 140/70 -17 .
    As Zapper Q was not available at any of MRF stores.
    Above mentioned Zapper S is not a radial one.

    Can u suggest me replacement for front tyre.As it is also to be replaced but due to unavailability of MRF 100/80 R17 at the MRF outlet need to wait for 1 week.

    Will there be any problem for not using radial tyre as mentioned or it will not last for more period of time.

    Please give your suggestions.

  40. Hi Hunky,
    Referring the help article given on your website I choose to go with MRF Zapper Q tyre. It was difficult for me to find this tyre in the local market. Finally I found MRF Zapper Q tyre online (www.changemytyre.com) but they have delivered me MRF Zapper S tyre (140 70 r 17 66s). What is the difference between MRF Zapper Q & MRF Zapper S tyres. Is the quality of MRF Zapper Q superior as compared to MRF Zapper S? Shall I fit the MRF Zapper S tyre to my Yamaha FZ 16?
    Please help so that I can make fas decision of either installing the tyre to my bike or returning it back.

  41. If Pirelli Sport Demon is available…I ll certainly go for that regardless of the amount.
    30K n still running….

  42. Hi,
    I’ve been using the stock tyre for my yamaha fz-fi (version 2.0) for a year now. It lasted 26000kms and now i’m looking forward to a rear tyre change. The front tyre is still in pretty good condition. The roads here are pretty nice and i go for long rides(400-500 kms one way) once in almost every month. I was hoping to try a bigger(upsize) tyre this time. I prefer to have good road grip as i corner a bit too much and like to do so with confidence and so by your review decided to stick to revz rather than going for contigo. I would like to know if i can expect similar performance from mrf revz-z or mrf zapper-q. Also i’m confused if the tyre would fit inside the mud-splatter guard if i go for upsizing. Please help.

  43. Confusion b/w front Tyres (compound,grip etc) – mrf zapper FX1 vs FY1 vs FY2… Please compare & list out differences #Hunky..!!!

  44. does 160/60/17 pirelli MT60 rs fits on rear of FZ v2???

  45. Guyz i am searching a tyre for my fzs. found a tyre called pirelli sport dragon 140/70 r17 online.. also a video on YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQIjZGzKb54 .has anyone used this . Help PLZ… Also any alternatives

  46. kindly suggest me which is the perfect tyre for fz-16… my old tyre had puncher problem and I have used it for 35k+…now I am not feeling comfortable with the old tyres… plz suggest the best in class…

  47. hi hunky,

    Does 140/70 size cause the shocker damage?

    Six month ago, I have replaced my fazer rear tyre with Michelin pilot sporty. Its size is 140/70 R17. Due to this size bike height got increased, which feel you good while riding. Now rear shocker got damaged and it needed to be replaced. I went to one of the Yamaha service center to replace the shocker. A senior guy from that center suggested me to replace the tyre first before changing the shocker. According to him ,140/70 causing the damage of shocker. He said if don’t the change the tyre , you will have to again replace shocker soon. Did you experience such kind of issue?

  48. Hi. Any such post for Fazer rear type comparison there?

  49. I meant front tyre, sorry.

  50. Hello Hunky..
    You guys have done a very good job that seems very useful to many..thanks for it..
    Well, I am using a fz with zapper c 120/80 R17 tyre on rear and 100/90 R17 Birla roadmaxx tyre on front..Bro, is there anything wrong with my tyre dimension combination of rear and front? Some times I feel skiddy even when start running the bike from rest and even while taking simple curves in pebble stoned surfaces..mostly i run in highways and in typical Indian roads too..so if I maintain my front tyre, which brand tyre and with what dimension you will prefer for the rear? And what is the differences between 120/80 and 140/70 tyres? And suggest me a rear tyre which possess good stability,performance and mileage..What is ur opinion about using zapper Q 140/70 now..
    Seriously waiting for ur reply..

  51. Its a very good post but you could have explored more options. I am owning a Y-FZ16 and spent around 3K only in punctures for rear tyre. After that I switched to Ceat Vertigo sport and the perfomance is simply superb. After switiching to ceat tyre I have been to offroading as well around pune around 280 kms in a day & even after that next whole week I did not see even the air pressure going down. I have been using it more than a year now with No problem at all. I would definitely recommend it.

  52. Hi,
    I have Yamaha FZ with 12000 kms done. Even I am facing problems with stock tyre and want to change my rear tyre. I searched for Zapper Q as but i am getting in 130/70 – 17 and its not radial. Will it cause any problems like bike stability or handling? Please suggest.

  53. I’ve recently shifted to delhi and i want to change my fz-s rear tyre because of low pressure issues,i’ve been driving it in ludhiana(punjab) mostly on average roads but the tyre starting losing its pressure after 9000 km’s so am opting for a MRF Zapper Q as now i’ll be driving on quite better highways of delhi and sometimes bad and busy roads where the grip and handling is a major issue,your article was very helpful to me and i’ll revert back to you after looking for its availability in the city,hope i find it.

    CHEERS 😀

  54. Ritesh Malvankar


    I have Fz , i rode it for over a 120000 kms changed rear mono shock also
    but i find ride quality is on a harder side, to make sure its rear suspension problem i changed the shocks with new one.
    my rear tire had also worn out so replaced i with Michelin pilot 140/70-17 ( i guess its non radial) a high profile tire. its a high compound tire
    but i found ride quality has hampered more with this tyre. in spite of keeping the suspension in lowest setting.
    please suggest me what i can do to improve ride quality should i switch to orginal tyres??

  55. Hey,
    I have to choose between Ceat XL 2(140/70), MRF REVZ C (150/60) and REVZ (140/60).
    Which one would last the longest, grip and speed is the second priority as its mainly city driving.

  56. Hey Hunky,
    First of all thanks a ton for this forum, it helped me alot in figuring out the right tyre for my Yamaha Fzs. I bought 130/70 R17 Pirelli rear tyre and I feel alot of vibration when I cross 30 kmph speed. Can you help me with the problem? Also my front tyre is stock 100/80 unchanged.

  57. Is MRF Zapper Q 140/70 – 17 a tubeless or tube tyre?

  58. Hi All,

    Abt to change my rear tyre of FZ. Need to know weather TVS 14 70 R17 make tyres were good enough.
    The MRF tyre is good but having a lots of puncher issue.

    Pl. suggest ?

  59. I have recently changed my rear one with revz-c 150/60. But while turning, the bike is skidding a little. What should I do now? Should I change the front tyre also? Help me with this please…

  60. Hi, I’ve end all the reviews, I’ve noticed that you have not commented on Ceat Dhoom 3 140/70 tyres. I’ve busted my rear wheel and I’m looking at Mrf zapper q vs Ceat dhoom 3, could you give me an opinion on this? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  61. I had a default Stock Tyre which came with my FZ Bike (140/60/R17)
    Tyre had been good for initial 17k kms and since then had spend heavily on punctures
    Maybe about 40+ punctures (each Rs 80 spent)

    Now my bike has completed 30k kms, and last week in night while I was on my way home, the tyre Blasted with a heavy noise. The blast was so huge that it damaged the mudguard and sent pieces flying.
    Luckily I didn’t suffer as I was riding at controlled speed of 40kmph.

    Now I am looking for ZAPPER-Q 140/70-R17, however since 5days I have been unsuccessful to find one.
    Pirelli I am ok to consider, however I will be forced to change both tyres then.

    Please suggest.

    Considering now construction is in boom everywhere, roads are not that great anymore.

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