Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Pilot Lamp (LED) Modification Guide

Hey guys, today we will be sharing a modification tutorial for changing the pilot lamps for the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is amongst the best looking sports bikes currently available in India. The entire bike, owing to its sporty look and the radical approach adopted by the Bajaj designers while designing the bike, has given a new lease of life to one of the best selling motorcycle lineups, especially among the Indian Brands. Almost all the aspects of the bike are great, including the performance, adoption of new rear monoshock, being the first one in the Pulsar family, and a muscular build to say the least. One of the best aspects of this bike is the entirely redesigned front part, i.e. the headlamps. The 200NS features a set of small pilot lamps that hold quite a lot of potential when it comes to enhancing the entire appeal of the bike, especially during the night. So, building on the lines of this potential, we thought to bring you a DIY MOD tutorial to change the stock 3 watt pilot lamps with uber cool looking colored LED’s.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Pilot LED

You can procure some T10 socket LED’s from your local automobile accessories shop. If you are unable to find one, you can always get these from online stores like eBay, Shopclues, etc. These are basically SMD led’s (small led’s have no pins available, and are required to be soldered on the circuit boards). These LED lights are available in different configurations of 5, 9, 10, 28 LED’s. The higher the number of LED’s the higher the light output but the higher is the power consumption. Thought LED’s are quite efficient at power consumption, you can’t deny the fact that they do consume power. These LED’s usually cost around Rs. 100 to 250 for a pair. Anything more than that would be an overkill, so try settling with pair of LED’s available with a price under Rs. 250/-.

LED for Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

We will be using the T10 socket based LED having a set of 28 SMD led’s in each light. The colour we have chosen is green. You can use any other colour as per your preference. You can easily get these LED’s in White, Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue colours. The modification is pretty straight forward, and doesn’t require any tools whatsoever, and it should easily finish under 15 minutes maximum. The pilot lamps, we are about to replace are inserted into rubber plugs that also holds the metallic connectors to provide power which comes from the battery. These rubber plugs are inserted under the headlamp, and can be pulled out easily with hands.

How to modify the pilot lamps of Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 ?

Carefully hold the rubber plug, and gently pull it out. You shouldn’t face any issues in normal conditions. When pulling out, please be careful that you should not pull it out holding the wires or it might damage the connections.

Finding the Pilot Lamp and connection of Pulsar 200NS

Once it comes out, the plug holds the lamp. Hold both, the rubber plug and the bulb with both hands and pull the bulb out of the plug.

Removing the stock Pilot Lamp of Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Removing the stock Pilot Lamp of Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

Then take the LED lamp, and carefully insert it into the plug. One thing worth noticing here is that the LED’s, unlike the bulbs are sensitive to polarity, i.e. the positive and negative terminals of the connectors. Though usually the red and the black wires mark the positive and negative terminals, if you face issues, and insert the LED improperly, it won’t simply light up. Just pull it out again, interchange the terminals, and fit it again into the plug.

Inserting Pilot LED in Bajaj Pulsar 200NS  Inserting Pilot LED in Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

Once done, turn on the bike and check if the LED is glowing. Once you confirmed that the LED has been inserted properly, put the LED and plug, back in the round bay, underneath the headlamp, it came out from, and gently push it inside, to ensure that the plug is properly inserted.

Replacing the Pilot Lamp with LED  Replacing the stock pilot lamp with LED

Repeat this process on the other side as well, and you’re done with the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Pilot Lamp Mod.

Any comment ?

Do share with us if you liked the tutorial. More than that, we would love to see how you changed the pilot lamps of your bike.

Please Note

We thank Mr. Ajeet Sharma from Delhi for writing and sharing this guide with us. Ajeet loves gardening and riding his two year old Bajaj Pulsar 200NS.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS with LED Pilot Lamp

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