Bajaj Updates the Pulsar 200 NS Tyre to MRF Zapper Series

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, which shares most of its engine chassis components with KTM Duke 200 is powered by a very powerful liquid cooled, 200 cc, triple spark plug, engine producing 23.5 ps @ 9500 RPM along with 18.3 Nm of torque.

The bike has taken the market as storm not just due to its engine as Bajaj is always known to produce high power figure engines (like P220 DTS-i with 22 ps) but because of its new chassis offering superb balance and with new brakes to shut the harshest critics of Pulsar’s braking ability.

However, ever since launch, the major draw back spoiling the riding balance, braking fun was the tyre option given. The Stock Eurogrip tyres earned a nick name of Euroslip as the social networks and riders forum, websites were flooded with user complain about the poor performance of these tyres. The most suggested and sought to upgrade after buying P200NS was the tyres and most popular choice was the stock Yamaha R15 MRF given tyres, since they matched the exact dimension as Pulsar NS 200 tyres.

Euro Grip

There are many complain that Bajaj products are unreliable and untested before they send them out in road and uses user feedback to rectify their products. Call it good or bad, but this time around, for new buyers, it seems Bajaj has taken the feedback and have started offering new batch of Pulsar 200 NS with MRF Tyre options as default stock.

Pulsar 200 NS rear tyre MRF (Stock)  Pulsar 200 NS front tyre MRF (Stock)

Bajaj NS200 Stock MRF Rear tyre  Bajaj NS200 Stock MRF front tyre

The new tyre options and specification for Pulsar 200 NS is now as follows,

  • Front -> MRF Nylogrip Zapper FY2 100/80-R17
  • Rear -> MRF Nylogrip Zapper S 130/70-R17

So if you are in market to shop for a new motorcycle and happen to select Pulsar NS200 as your choice, then watch out and look for the stock tyre option as MRF Zapper series. With our initial 300 kms ride (testing) in the new bike, we find MRF option is much better compare to Eurogrip offering. Point to note is that the price for both variant remains the same.

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