Bajaj Updates the Pulsar 200 NS Tyre to MRF Zapper Series

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, which shares most of its engine chassis components with KTM Duke 200 is powered by a very powerful liquid cooled, 200 cc, triple spark plug, engine producing 23.5 ps @ 9500 RPM along with 18.3 Nm of torque.

The bike has taken the market as storm not just due to its engine as Bajaj is always known to produce high power figure engines (like P220 DTS-i with 22 ps) but because of its new chassis offering superb balance and with new brakes to shut the harshest critics of Pulsar’s braking ability.

However, ever since launch, the major draw back spoiling the riding balance, braking fun was the tyre option given. The Stock Eurogrip tyres earned a nick name of Euroslip as the social networks and riders forum, websites were flooded with user complain about the poor performance of these tyres. The most suggested and sought to upgrade after buying P200NS was the tyres and most popular choice was the stock Yamaha R15 MRF given tyres, since they matched the exact dimension as Pulsar NS 200 tyres.

Euro Grip

There are many complain that Bajaj products are unreliable and untested before they send them out in road and uses user feedback to rectify their products. Call it good or bad, but this time around, for new buyers, it seems Bajaj has taken the feedback and have started offering new batch of Pulsar 200 NS with MRF Tyre options as default stock.

Pulsar 200 NS rear tyre MRF (Stock)  Pulsar 200 NS front tyre MRF (Stock)

Bajaj NS200 Stock MRF Rear tyre  Bajaj NS200 Stock MRF front tyre

The new tyre options and specification for Pulsar 200 NS is now as follows,

  • Front -> MRF Nylogrip Zapper FY2 100/80-R17
  • Rear -> MRF Nylogrip Zapper S 130/70-R17

So if you are in market to shop for a new motorcycle and happen to select Pulsar NS200 as your choice, then watch out and look for the stock tyre option as MRF Zapper series. With our initial 300 kms ride (testing) in the new bike, we find MRF option is much better compare to Eurogrip offering. Point to note is that the price for both variant remains the same.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Good to hear. Im looking forward to buy this dream machine soon, but when I checked with the nearest showrooom Khivraj Bajaj in chennai, they said that there is no such information passed by Bajaj to them. Can you kindly confirm the source?. Thanks anyway…

    • Hi,

      On 23rd Oct we took delivery of a new 200NS, and there, in Kolkata showroom, they unloaded 8 200NS, out of which 3 came with this MRF tyre..

      When asked, the showroom said, they dont have any information about update but from Oct batch of new bikes, they find few units are coming equipped with MRF series tyre..

      So do check with different showroom :)


    • i bought this bike on december 19 2014 but i got eurogrip tyres i am reading for first time that mrf tyres are being provided but i recently bought the bike and there is no mrf tyres……so is this news a lie?

      • Hey,

        Please check, both options are available, so its up to the buyer to choose from.. Some dealer may not have stock for the MRF..

        Its ok that you have got Euro Grip.. Start saving money, and replace it with R15 V2 stock MRF tyre set (front and rear), which would cost you around Rs. 5500/-..

        Regarding default MRF in NS, check with other dealers, you may find MRF there, but as you have already bought it, keep using it till 5000 or 8000 kms after which consider replacing with MRF.

        Please note, if you replace, always try to replace both front and rear together for better stability !!


  2. I got my bike on first week of October. It is fitted with MRF tyres as stock. The dealer told me that it is the first 200 ns he is seeing with MRF tyres. I’ve ridden 200 ns with eurogrip tyres earlier where the wheel lock and slipping in the corners are more frequent. But now with these MRF tyres we can push the limits of this bike in the corners and also driving in wet condition has improved a lot. I’m so glad i got the MRF tyres with my bike as stock, otherwise i would have spent some more money for the tyres 😉 Thank you Bajaj for hearing from us!

    • Thanks for letting us know Vijay :).. If you dont mind, please do share your location with us..

    • Thanks for the info. Im about to buy this bike in this week, but the dealers are not confirming about the tyres. When I asked, they replied that it was like a random pick-up from the stock. Some may or may not have. But Im not going after luck, I have strictly asked for MRF tyres, if not Im not gonna buy…. It’s worth to wait a while

      However, I saw one white ns in their showroom with MRF tyres… 😛

      • I agree with you, its worth the wait.. But if you are really forced due to unavailability, in that case, prepare to shell out 5k for new set of front and rear.. Opt for Yamaha R15 v2 stock tyres.. They are same size and stock fit..


  3. i went to book my pulsar yesterday at my nearest dealer in chennai he says there maybe a little tyre wobble
    if they change it to mrf tyres is it true r that f__ker trying to sell the old stock bike to me

    • Hi,

      Please note, the new MRF given tyres are much better than Euro Grip tyres.

      But if you are changing dont change only rear, make sure you change both front and rear as otherwise, if you ride with two different company tyre in two wheel, that may cause instability..

      So if possible force the dealer for MRF, wait if you have to, but buy it with MRF..

      Hunky.. :)

  4. Hi Hunky,
    Thanks for sharing the article about Bajaj Updates the Pulsar 200 NS Tyre to MRF Zapper Series. Very interesting article. I liked it. I hope it will helped me. Because I have a Pulser 200 bike. Once again thanks for sharing views. Have a great week ahead.

  5. i bought the bike with mrf tyres only…. i dont know about other showrooms in bangalore but if ur really interested in buying then go to marathallli showroom and just demand for the mrf tyres,……….The bike is awesome ……. happy riding :)

  6. Hi. I just brought NS 200 with MRF rear and Front. O find front tyres really good but the rear ones are quite slippery on wet surface, and from my previous experiences of riding suggest that it shouldn’t. Even at a very nominal speed It tends to skid… Any advise or precaution u may suggest regarding that…???

    • Hey Rohit,

      First of all, congrats on the new bike.. Do follow our running-in guide for smooth and long life of your machine..

      Now coming to your problem, the most common issue is due to over inflation of the tyre.. Make sure you adjust the tyre pressure from a reputed petrol bunk/pump with digital air filling meter.. Refer to your service manual for actual figure (tyre pressure) for each of your tyre or you may follow our guide for Pulsar 200 NS tyre pressure..

      Please note, in hot summer weather, tyre pressure will increase inside tyre, hence try to check pressure once every 7 days or at every 150 kms..

      Hunky :)

  7. I brought my 200ns in 2013 with eurogrip as a stock, i have completed 7000 plus Km and am trying to change them. Will there be any problem if i upsize with 150/60 R17 KTM Duke 200 stock tyre?

    • You may find issue while fitting the rear tyre hugger with 150/60.. Fuel economy would definitely be effected !!

      Have you considered Yamaha R15 V2 stock tyre ?? That is the same size as Pulsar 200 NS (130 section) but comes with much softer compound hence much better grip and handling along with no effect in acceleration and mileage !!

  8. i bought a NS 15 days ago, they came with Euroslips. AS/RS on display also had Euroslips here in chandigarh.

  9. replacing tyre of MRF in 200NS makes any difference in milage??
    the tyre of MRF used 200 ns is of r15 si it seems bold tyre..let me know if it have any problem in milage??

    • Hey Prasant,

      Both tyre are of same size, they look same (thread wise) but materiel used is different.. R15 v2 has a much softer compound compare to what has been used in 200NS..

      Secondly, no using same size tyre will not cause any difference in mileage !!


  10. hi i bought my bike back in 2012 october. Eurogrip tyres gave a great life for 45k kms.. i am planning to change my tyre now. i planning to go with MRF now. i am confused with sub categories.. however can you suggest me exact series or model number in MRF.. i need both front and rear tyre of 200NS..

  11. After 7-8 days my pulsar RS 200 (abs) will be deliver. And i m very much excited to change (upsize) the front and rear tyre with duke 200’s. Please tell me that will I have to dissarm the abs, if I upsize the front tyre. And will the upsizing of both the tyres will affect the performance and mileage.
    Some of the biker heads are saying that it won’t affect the performance and mileages (As NS 200 and RS 200 share the same tyre configurations) of the bike but might affect the abs system.
    Plz suggest me…
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Bro,

      The basic engine design may be same but there are certain key changes, one of the most important that hurts and honts the Pulsar 200 cc engine is the SOHC design..

      Anyway, coming to the point, ABS systems are usually cleaver enough to adjust as the need since for example, incase if you have a flat tyre, ABS will still work and help you to stop while, on the move, the size, due to loss on air pressure is changing drastically..

      You can upsize but you will lose on FE and performance (acceleration) for sure but gain is on much better stability, cornering and breaking performance.

      Mind you, Pulsar RS200 is already way too heavy compare to Duke 200..


  12. Hi guys. I want to upsize my RS200 tyres with the duke tyres. I dont care about the extra weight or mileage drop, all i want to know if the swing arm will have the capacity to hold it and work perfectly fine. Will the 150mm tyre cause any engine damage??
    Thank you

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