Tappet (Valve Clearance) Adjustment for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is powered by a liquid cooled 200cc 4 valve engine producing 23ps of power at fairly higher RPMs. The engine is very similar to KTM Duke 200 apart from that fact that Bajaj DTS-i engine comes with extra 2 spark plugs and SOHC, compare to Duke, which is more refined and advance engine with DOHC.


Being SOHC, one common problem what we see riders with 200NS are facing is the tappet issue. Which, if not checked and rectified properly, may lead to valve damage and thus engine seizure.

What is Tappet / Valve Clearance ?

The engine comes with four valves. Two inlet and two exhaust. The inlet valves allow air and fuel mixture from carburetor to come into the engine combustion chamber and after the combustion, the exhaust valves allow the burnt gases to go out via the exhaust.

Tappet Clearance

There is a specified gap, as you may see in the above illustration, which may needs to be adjusted over time, since the tension of the springs may increase of decrease. This happens with every engine but with Bajaj 200NS, due to too much power, single over head cam (SOHC) and quality issue, clearance may need to be checked often.

What happens with wrong settings ?

Over time of usage, due to wear and tear, the valve sprint may lose tension or the rocker arm may lose its edge, hence allowing the gap to unsettle. If the value drops below specified limit, you may find starting trouble in cold weather, but usually the gap increases, and when it does, you would face host of issues.

  • Vibration from engine.
  • Noise from engine..
  • Power loss in high RPM
  • Effects in fuel economy as the bike starts to give low mileage

With time, it would effect the valve and may cause valve damage and lead to engine seize !!

How often you may need to look into the issue ?

As per the service schedule, which you may find in your service book, it is recommended to check and adjust the tappet settings / valve clearance in every service.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Tappet Adjustment Schedule

We agree here, although in bikes like Yamaha FZ16 / Fazer, or Yamaha R15, one may hardly need to adjust, but in case of this bike with such high power output, its really necessary to look into this work at every single service, that’s every 5000kms.

How do one adjust the valve / tappet clearance ?

It’s always better to head down to a service center and ask for the work, but we advice you stand there with your bike and make sure they do it right. You may get it done from any experience mechanic also, but do supervise the process via this below guide on how to adjust the valve / tappet clearance of the engine.

Point’s to Remember

Cold engine

Cold EngineAlways make sure, the engine is dead code. Since metal expands in heat, so if one carries out the process of adjusting in warm or hot engine, the setup values wont be correct, so make sure there is at-least a 2 hour rest given to the engine to cool down before the work is done in the valve clearance adjustment.

Valve / Tappet Clearance values

Following are the values for Valve clearance / Tappet Adjustment for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

Intake -> 0.05 mm
Exhaust -> 0.08 mm

Removing the Fuel Tank and Cover

It’s not easy to access the tappet as in case of Pulsar 200 NS. Since to get to the engine head cover, first one has to remove the fuel tank plastic cover and then the fuel tank itself. There are many screws, so remove them one by one from every side.

Removing the Fuel tank and cover of Pulsar 200NS Tank-Removal-for-Pulsar-200-NS

The Air Filter Box

Next step would be removing the air filter and air filter housing cover.

Air Filter Box Pulsar 200 NS The Head Engine Cover Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Once the Air Filter housing cover is removed, one can now access the Engine Head Cover for the valve clearance or tappet adjustment.

Opening of the Cylinder (Engine) Head Cover

Four Screw of the cylinder head cover can be removed every easily to expose the head to access the valve / tappet clearance settings.

Opening the Engine Head Cover for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS The Engine Cylinder head of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

The head cover comes with a rubber gasket so be careful on not to damage it when pulling the cover out. If the gasket (seal) is torn or damaged, you may need to replace it. (Costs Rs. 55/-)

Adjusting the TDC

It’s once again an area where we are disappointed with Bajaj design, as the design of the bike makes it hard to follow the instructions as laid by the Bajaj technical documents. First let’s read what the repair manual has to say on adjusting the TDC for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Engine,

Repair Manual Bajaj Pulsar 200NS TDC settings

Problem is, the cam sprocket stays hidden behind the frame (check the below image for reference) of the bike when viewed from the right hand side to check for TDC alignment. One has to snick from different angles and gaps to align the TDC before proceeding with the valve adjustment.

The TDC adjustment problem for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

But you can’t help it since this step is very important as without proper TDC alignment, if you proceed with the valve adjustment, it may cause series damage to the engine hence be careful and make sure it is done properly, as said above.

Valve Clearance / Tappet Adjustment

Once the TDC is properly aligned, next and final step is the valve / tappet adjustment. By using a good / accurate filler gauge, adjust both the intake and exhaust valve clearance to the specified values.

Adjusting Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Valve Clearance Adjusting the exhaust Valves

When the valve adjustment is done, try to adjust both the valves at once. By both, we mean both intake and then separately both exhaust. Intake is 0.05 mm and Exhaust is 0.08 mm.

Once done, put everything carefully back together !!


Compare to other bikes, design wise the work is bit of an hassel in case of Bajaj. Irony is, other bikes may continue to clock more kms without the need of the work but with Bajaj, we felt in our long term riding experience, it is a must do work in every service (every 5000 kms). Depending on your location, it may cost your between Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 and the work can be done at Bajaj service station or from your trusted and experienced local mechanic. Don’t hesitate to invest this time and money, which will make sure long term benefit with a trouble free ride.

Let us know if you guys have any doubt or question by dropping us a comment.

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  1. kartik venkatesh

    this site helped me a lot in improving my knowledge.

    thank you

    • Thanks for your comment…


      • When will I expect DIY job on Pulsar 135LS, usually I service my bike self but i want to learn more jobs like Clutch basket repair etc…

      • i love this site because i got to now more information about my bike parts and how to service my ns 200 and images of the parts are very helpful. thank u so much and can i have one fever i want to what are the changes to do after completing 1 year for my bike NS 200

  2. cn u guys help me on how to adjust the air filter screw of pulsar 200ns for better fuel effeciency

  3. My P200NS makes little bit of tappet noise when i accelarate it suddenly even after post 5000 rpm. So it is most likely to be heard during drag racing. I told the SVC in mumbai but those idiot guys always say its normal for P200NS being a 4 valve bike

  4. in Philippines its called rouser 200ns i noticed a tinkling sound (metallic sound) in my cylinder head I ask the service center they said its normal and good but hearing from those sound i think its kinda bad, do i need to adjust my tappet?

    • Yes sir, you do, make sure every service you adjust it.. Very common problem with 200NS as the tappets need frequent adjustment..

      Secondly, metallic tinkling sound can also be due to timing chain and tensioner nut.. If needed, go ahead with a replacement.. In INR value the spare would be around Rs. 800/- for both those along with needed gasket !!


      • thank you so much sir, can i have your email of fb account so that i can ask you directly on some advice on my unit, it will be a great help for me and my group mate to have such a Knowledgable person on the engine of Bajaj. in the service center if we inquire that problem they say its normal, we dont want a further damaged to arise from those engine problem

        • Hello,

          Its a common issue with any service center.. Don’t worry much..

          There is a service schedule given on the manual, follow that delicately, even if service center skips, you make sure the work is done..

          That is it, enjoy the ride..



          • Hunky, one question plz. I’ve P135 LS, and iam planning to change Timing change. Pulsar 135 comes with Roller type timing chain (RN Rolon) costs 226 bucks. can i install silent type (non roller) timing chain into this ?? shall i need different wider Cam Sprocket for it ??

          • Hey Shekhar,

            Sorry but this is uncharted territory..

            Here at NexGenBikes we dont have that much of RnD facility or expertise to test such engine modification hence hard to comment with safety in mind..

            Timing chain experiences a lot of pressure inside an engine with HIGH RPM hence it is bit risky to try things without manufacture approval since if things fails in high speed inside engine, you and pillion may meet with fatal accident so be aware before such modification !!


  5. The name of the tool with which the gap is measured is called Feeler Guage (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feeler_gauge) and not Filler guage.

  6. dear admin please reply , I have adjusted my bikes tappets then it was ok for 200 – 300 km and now again it has started to make this sound. The sound is like kidddddddd …… and comes only for a second when i drag race my bike and give more throttle. It comes while racing when i shift into higher gear from lower gears. It is audible till 4 th gear for 5 th and 6 th no sound is there. And most important is when i ride my bike in hot day time climate it does not produce this sound it produce when surrounding tempreture is low i.e. during night time

    • Strange issue, it seems the tappet is not adjusted properly and may be the cam needs some looking into also..

      The tappet is to be adjusted on dead cold engine only. That too properly with the specified value..

      Get the bike checked from authorized service center or from some trusted exp local mech, who understand the importance and can do it correctly !! Ask to check and inspect the valves as well as the rocker arms and cam.. They may have taken some damage and may need replacement if needed.

      Dont ride too hard and too long if the sound is due to faulty tappet settings since it may lead to direct damage of the valves and thus seizure of engine..



    • This is Knocking, You feel in Higher gears at low speeds, Check clutch basket damper springs and get the compression checked.

  7. Authorised service centres are just to loot the customers. They never accept anything abnormal in that sound. They always say that its common for this bike because its a 4-valve bike. But tell me why does that sound disappear at high engine tempreture ? I had seen the mechanic adjusting 0.08 clearance for exaust valve and 0.05 clearance for intake valve. Is it because the clearance gets reduced at high engine tempreture ?

    • Believe it or not, it’s my experience i’ve usually seen that Tappets increase at warm temperature. I opened valve cover of a very hot engine and with the help of feeler gauge, i found tappets increased by 0.02 exhaust and 0.01 intake.
      the Tappet sound you hear at cold temperature is actually cylinder compression leakage, Piston rings expand on warm temperature and thus you achieve ideal compression. ideal cylinder compression= No tappet sound.

  8. Also the mechanic had told me that if rocker arms or CAM is faulty then it makes so much of noise. But in my case the sound is audible just for half second. Also mechanic told me that it wont cause any harm to the engine

  9. dear sir. im really confused whether to keep the bike or sell it. i have done 2k… my bike engine noise is nill when i start in the mornings.. and it gives tappit noise after the engine gets heat up. i have adjusted the valve clearance as per ur advice even though it remains the same… once i have changed over head cam and also 2 rocker arms.. sir plz help me…

    • No need to worry, Just maintain the Cylinder compression. If you’ve 200NS then maintain cylinder compression between 170 to 184 PSI. Search compression test.
      Thank you.

  10. is this a good bike….. or all rossy fake dreams…

  11. Thank you very Mach
    I translated polsar service manual model 180c.c at Iran. It became book aproxiomatly 200 page.
    now l want to translate polsar 200 n.s maintanance manual.can you help me and send to my Gmail this maintenance manua.thank youl

  12. hi
    my engine was making too much noise and there was a drop in power and mileage to some extent.
    so i tool it to bajaj and the service advisor says iv to change valve tapping,timing chain and roller arm.
    he has given an estimate of 3500rs !!
    im very scared!!
    its hardly been a month since my last service and i piad around 5k for it(i changed btake pads,chain sproket and put motul eng oil etc)
    is he trying to fleece me??
    i don’t know how to approach my parents for so much money.
    will it cost so much?
    also if he did the tappet adjustment in my paid service then why has my engine become like this??
    please advice!

  13. I have been sending mails to bajaj auto daily since 20 days but every time those idiots bajaj team members reply me in one nonsense sentence ” Please visit nearest SVC ” and their SVC wala are all jerks. Fed up of such a pathetic customer care service from Bajaj Auto. One of the local mechanic said me that the bearing of rocker arm where the CAM touches rocker arm should have a play within it so it needs replacement but next time he said that noise is not there and it’s common for 200NS. He said faulty rocker arm or CAM shaft or rod bearing makes so much noise if they are faulty. So in my case the sound is no/very less. But still iam not happy about it and when I immediately shift gears at high speed then it doesn’t make that sound but whenever I do gear shifting & throttle opening with a slight delay (mind you only fraction of a second ) then this sound is audible. It sounds as if somebody is shaking marbles in a plastic box. “kidddddddddd” and heard only for half second. What to do please reply

  14. Is it possible that it is making sound because when at high speed riding the rocker arms & CAM shaft are in high speed rotational motion and when I decrease throttle & after shifting gears immediately open it then it might be making this sound due sudden increase in rotational motion ?

  15. Thanks a lotttttttttttttt! I had some tappet sound in my Pulsar 135LS and after reading this post I adjusted them and now the sound has minimised to great extent!
    Few tips for Pulsar 135ians-
    1. Maintain cylinder compression between 11 to 13 kg/cm2(centimeter square) By performing Compression test. this is Pulsar 135 Real default compression readings.
    2. Always ensure Valve lash (tappets) 0.05 mm inlet valves and 0.10 mm exhaust valves. This is also Pulsar 135 default tappets settings.
    3. Pulsar 135 has Mikuni BS 26 carb so its factory (Balanced Mixture) setting is 2.5 turns ACW from closed Position.

  16. Hi, I’m from Chile
    my push bike 200 ns, has a noise like a buzz as a hair dryer is more intense with the acceleration.
    This is a video above shows sound.
    the pegunta is that it can be because in other technical services inform me something different
    thank you for your help

  17. This a very good post. Moreover the comments have helped me lot in understanding the issues in 200ns.
    I have bought this bike recently. I am facing a lot of issues with it. When the engine was new the sound sweet and decorous of sorts. Now its very harsh and trashy.Moreover, i have vibration issues too, recenty the body panels are also rattling coz of the vibrations. Therefore, i dont feel lyk revving the engine(wher the most of the power is located): its very disheartening . I hav completed the second servicing. But the issues still exist.
    I hav tried 3 service centers in pune, but no avail.
    If this bike requires more maintainance than usual to work optimally so be it. But, please help me in finding a good mechanic here in Pune(if not Pune, Mumbai will do) so that the above issues are solved.
    Thank You :)

  18. i hve a 200ns nd i removed the underbelly exhaust jst exhaust not bend pipe … nd rode my bike for 2 days nd when i reinstall the exhaust… there a lil noist coming from tappets……. wht shud i do… please reply nd please send the the reply on my email… thnxxxx in advance

  19. If you specify the tools and the sizes needed.It will be more helpful.

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