How and when to replace the coolant of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is a liquid cooled engine based high performance motorcycle. The engine generates huge amount of power from a very tiny power plant, 200cc but 23ps. This means a lot of heat and the engine relays on a radiator based liquid cooling system to cool itself.

 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Heart of this system is radiator and blood of the system is the coolant or liquid which circulates through the channels made just outside of the cylinder wall to absorb the heat and comes back to radiator to cool down and repeat the cycle over and over again to keep the engine cool and at optimum operational temperature.

How often does the Coolant or radiator fluid of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS needs to be changed ?

Here at, we always suggest users to refer to their owners manual. As that is the best possible place to obtain more information about your bike.

As per the manual, Bajaj recommends to replace the coolant at every 30,000 kms or 2 years. However we have observed it would be too long since with our bikes, data what we have collected, points that the stock coolant starts to get concentrated by 10k to 12k kms and within 15k kms, it went below the min level marker.

So, first time, with stock coolant, we suggest you do it by 12k kms or 1 year. Starting of summer, would be a nice time to get your ride fresh coolant. The new one, if its from better brand, you may pull it for 20k or even 25k kms but stick with the 1 year drain interval.

Cooler engine helps in many ways,

  • A cooler engine will reduce its wear and tear
  • Less wear and tear means more engine life
  • Ride quality would also increase in summer time as the bike will feel a lot smooth
  • Over heated engine will result in reduce of performance.

How much coolant is required on Pulsar NS 200 engine ?


As you may see, as per the manual, you would require 1L of coolant.

Which coolant or radiator fluid to be used with Bajaj Pulsar 200NS ??

Manual says Motul Moto Cool expert or Castrol Radicool, we agree with the choice of Motul.

Motul Coolant for Pulsar 200 NS

Be it Motul or anything else, all comes with 1L pack. One point that Motul India should note, it is pretty hard to obtain the coolant since most of the dealer stocks engine oil not the coolant (At-least that is what we faced here in Kolkata), translating into higher price (No bargain allowed).

Rs. 425/- for 1L pack.

How to drain and replace the coolant in Pulsar NS200 ??

We have wrote about the design issues of 200NS in our previous article of Tappet adjustment, as serviceability wise, design of this bike posses a lot of challenge and this task is no different.

Removal of the Tank shell

First task to access the coolant reserver and radiator cap is to remove the tank shell. Once the tank shell is removed, you now can access the radiator and reserver caps. Remove them.

Removing the caps Radiator 200 NS

Drain the coolant from engine / radiator

Next in line is to remove the engine drain bolt for coolant. Located just beside the engine oil filter. Mind you, position of this will make it hard to collect the draining coolant, so do it while keeping it in mind, it will spill into to the ground.

Draining the Coolant - 200 NS Coolant draining for Pulsar 200 NS

Drain the coolant from coolant reserver

Next is to draining the reserver, which you may do by removing the connector pipe located right under the reserver.

Draining the coolant reserver of 200 NS

Refilling the coolant

Once you have finished draining the coolant, its time to reattach the coolant drain bolt into engine and connector pipe into the reserver. After which you can now refill the reserver and the radiator using a funnel if you prefer.


Once you have filled up both reserver and the radiator, seal the caps and you are done. Good for another year or 20k to 25k kms !!

Points to Note

  • Do not open the reserver caps with hot engine. Always perform the process in cold engine condition.
  • You can get the work done from server center or from any good mechanic, but design wise be careful with the floor / ground since coolant will spill no matter how careful you be.


  • Coolant is a harmful chemical liquid so keep it out from direct physical contact (hand, skin, eyes) contact and from your digestive system (don’t drink it..)

If you have any doubt or question, you may shoot them up using the comment below.

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  1. ya you should always change it before every summer. It will also made a huge difference in acceleration and smoothness (new like).

  2. You guys made a mess everywhere. tsk tsk

  3. The coolant system prevent your vehicle engine from overheating, prevent it from freezing, and to protect engine from corrosion.If you need to replace your coolant or add more, be sure to use the proper type of coolant.

  4. Hi, I have bought a new pulsar AS200 and it gets really hot after just 5kms of riding in the city. I am following the break-in properly however the engine tends to get too hot and heating up my legs. Should I go ahead and change the coolant in the first service itself?

    • New engine may heat up, not too worry too much, just check when its heats up, the fan should run. If it’s running, then fine.. The bike has engine over heat sensor in ur meter console so it will warn u if things are beyond its operational limit

  5. The coolant as you have said is poisonous and has to be disposed off properly. Any way of disposing that will lead the coolant to reach ground water table is objectionable.

  6. Do we need to mix anything with tht motocool?
    Or just open the box and put it in the radiator and reservoir.wts the colour of it.

  7. my coolent is vapourising too quick with in 3 days of refilling

  8. Saif Al Rehman

    Hi Team,

    Firstly wonderful job on the description of the issue. I have an issue which is similar but no one seems to be answering it. I hope you can answer it appropriately. i gave my bike for service and there was sub disturbing noise, when i consulted then got to know that its an issue with the head. My Bike is 2012 model. So they fixed the head, but since then my bike is getting over heated. My Fan Keeps running and it stops after stopping the vehicle for 3-4 mins. I checked with another Mechanic and was informed that it could be due to the tightening of Head wall too much, so we released them and didn’t tight too much. Even after this there was an issue. Many things were change including coolant(along with thermostat). we also had checked with another Radiator. So now we know that the issue is not with Fan or Radiator. I gave my bike for checking it Kalyani and they cleared my meter and gave it back to me, but now i see the over heat sensor which shows that sign in the Meter. I have changed the engine oil to Valvoline 20W50. But still the issue persists. Also to add we have changed the coolant pipes.
    I’m going crazy about this issue don’t know what the problem is. I have spent Around 7k to 8k. Please help.

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