Hackers now can Seize Control of a moving car

Bad news for those in auto industry, who wants to push forward towards more automation and finally driver less cars. In fact bad news for all modern high end car / truck / vehicle buyers since in today’s connected world, hackers now can take control of your moving car.

Extremely scary as the video explains, the two hackers can hack any high end vehicle connected to the internet for simplest reason like, accessing maps of such basic needs but their hacking ability gives them complete control of the vehicle, not limiting to, Brakes, accelerator, steering control, power windows, basically everything and most frightening fact is the driver is helpless as he can’t over write those remote commands.

Car Hack

There is no fix yet for the effected vehicles though many major manufactures are presently working with these hackers to fix the issue but if you listen to those who hacked the system, as per them, no matter how tough the software is, someone, somewhere will find another way in. Its just question of time again.

As per the media report, the software developed by these two hackers (we should rather call them security experts helping us), can hack any car fitted with Uconnect systems. Uconnect is a software present in many modern mid range or high end cars for better connectivity and lets the vehicle be connected to the internet using mobile networks for various reasons like maps, entertainment, security, tracking and such. One estimate suggests, there are over 4,71,000 effected vehicle already on the road.

Source :- Wired.com

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