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Every time you come to read an article, you may notice, we always start with the a request to the reader to read his bike’s owners manual. We always insists that your bikes owners / users manual is the best source of information and troubleshooting guide than any 3rd party source.

So why did we come up with a website like this ?

Primarily, we believed that for many of us, just text-book may not be enough. We needed more hands on experience, shared to the users to empowered them with the weapon of knowledge via actual problematic picture / videos and step by step simplified guides to make sure that the fellow rides don’t get cheated by profit hungry service centers and cheating local mechanics.

  • Maintenance and plug n play modifications only
  • Step by step (how to) guides with video and pictures
  • Indian bikes / real life problems / real life solutions

Who is NexGenBikes.com

In India, we have many websites discussing about bike and such but none of them go deep under the hood. Few of us, ranging from highway speeder to Doctor or stunter, from different groups and teams around the country decided to come together to make a single data base to compare our own experience with different bikes to build one useful database of proper maintenance tips and step by step simplified user (how to) guides.

Although here we mentioned few names but there are many more, behind the scene, belonging to the respected user groups and riding team or community, who willingly come forward to help out.

Doctor Vivek Mukharjee

Presently in Chennai, doc is known for his ability around the field of bike and car’s electrical modifications for better illuminations. Be it HID or high performance bulbs or more important, reflectors, doc spends a lot of his time in and around many bike of different make and models to help their owners get more light performance.

Ankush (Asansol, West Bengal)

Ankush Paul

High Speed / higher RPM / Highway. That’s what he know and does better than most. Having access to bikes like RTR 180 / Yamaha R15 / P220 DTSi / P180 UG4 and GQ in door step, gives him the chance to put these bikes to their upper limits and troubleshoot maintenance issue arising from such heavy (all the time) ripping. Be it modification or maintenance, everything he thinks or plans, is with the idea of higher RPMs on top gear.

He contributes a lot of data and helps us to test different maintenance method by feeding back the results of such in his condition.

Bappaditya (on wheels)

Pure tourer from heart and mind. Loves his bike like his child. Mountains of north east India is his second home. Bappaditya feels only the lack of tools which prevents him from opening up the full bike by his own hand, as he is always unsatisfied with the work of any mechanic. Presently riding a 2011 ZMA-R, where as planing to add a new category in NexGenBikes.com by buying a RE Bullet :)



Tanumoy with Yamaha R15 V1

First love ZMR, booked CBR250 but ended up buying R15 V1 while skipping V2. Wants to ride long but R15 pulling him back.

Scott (Kolkata)

He may be new rider in terms of experience but Scott out performs most when it comes to achievements. Apart from maintenance and modification database, he contributes to the digital and most importantly logistical aspect of the projects. He has devoted a lot of his spare time for this project.

Som.. (Kolkata, West Bengal)

May be his life and upcoming “would-be” family responsibility keeping him away from us, but this project would not have started without his contribution. Logistically and digitally he contributed a lot by spending his valuable time with the project.

Puntu (Kolkata, West Bengal)

He not share a great deal of technical knowledge but he is always ready to give his P220 DTS-i for any test we wish to perform. Puntu also helps out with logistical. Having access to multiple high-end mobile phones (Nokia N8, Android platform device along iPhone), he makes it easy for many GPS speed test for us with multiple device to minimize error.

Satyajit (Siliguri, West Bengal)

Satyajit from Siliguri

Having access to mountain range, he shares a lot of valuable maintenance tips and modification tricks needed for higher altitude riding related maintenance. He is also very good and well-connected in different national biking community hence he keeps us all up-to-date about the happenings around the country.

Hunky (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Hunky @ NexGenBikes.com

Well that’s Hunky from Kolkata, doing most of the web related work.

The Grfx Design team

We thank Haru (Mr. Soumen Halder) and VAM (Mr. Suvam Dey Sarkar) for their time, effort and hard work in creating the NexGenBikes.com logo for us from scratch.

Mr. Soumen Halder is a student of fashion designing and a photographer.

Mr. Suvam Dey Sarkar is studying in Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata and a hobbyist photographer.

Contact us..


In case for any reason one needs to contact us, you can get in touch with Hunky via email.


There are few other names which is not listed, those who have helped us to prepare and  run the website.

None of us are from a particular riding club, we all attend different clubs when it comes to touring / stunting or any other aspect of ridding. But when it comes to maintenance, we come together to share and build this database which later we can share with the readers of nexgenbikes.com

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  1. Well , the most humble group to share there feelings and knowledge for bikes … i know till date.
    Dr. Vivek – haven’t met the light master but his light based knowledge and skill is seen from his work .

    Ankush – My neighbor and a touring personal proving tough to hold in boundaries and wishes to achieve more and does well every time .

    Steve – well dont know him personally though , find him to be acquainted with every project hunky does …

    Som – spending time in project is what one need to finish it … helping is the true factor …..

    Puntu – Met him , very friendly , goofy and loves to ride in every time u need him …

    Satyajit – Don’t know him well but thanks for ur contribution …..

    Hunky – when i met him i thought he is a serious individual proving me to be wrong. great fellow ready to help in technical and statistical field of biking …….

    Great work fellows …. will share mine experiences with u ……
    God bless u all ……..

  2. A vry well writeup hunky wid gud sense of humour,w8ing 4 sum more……
    bst of luck…….

  3. Sudipta Sarkar

    Hi guys ….
    I m Sudipta(Raja) …. i hav P180 … i want to knw dat is it possible to attach rear disk … if possible wat will be d cost for it … nd frm whr i can get it….????

  4. usefull website, i learned many thing dfrom this site . keep going

  5. ankush watever ur name is try challenging me wel c hw well ur riding skills are..??

  6. Dear Hunky,

    I have Honda CB Unicorn, I planned to change my spark plug to iridium.

    Can you suggest me which is the correct model number for Honda CB Unicorn and tell me

    NGK or Bosch which one is better. My average running km per day is 30-40km.

    Thanks in advance.

    Muthu Kumar.N

  7. i need side covers how can i get the parts of r15 in nepal. Here the cost of parts is lightly expensive then there.

  8. hey dude i modify my bike (yamaha frazer) hw i contact u?????

  9. Nice informative website, though I dont know much about bikes but I liked the way it is presented , very basic things are also described. Thats the best thing

  10. Simple language up to the point details. Good reference site for experienced or novice riders.

  11. hi
    i need the catalogue for pulsar bike

  12. Hi Bikerzzz,

    A site which is very neat & spot on topics. Great work guys.

    What I request is to put some light on Tubeless tyre sealent.
    I am interested in using one of tyre sealant. Can you guys give detail reviews about products available in market.
    (hoping similar comparison like u did for Engine oils, fz tyres :P)
    I own Yamaha Fazer V1.0.


    • Hey Nakul,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We shall keep this in our mind and if financially and logistically we get the chance for a wide range testing, we will surely do so..

      Hunky :)

  13. why recently no updates in the website. Update some thing new

  14. how can I order parts from your website? and do you have stores in the Philippines?

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