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Bulbs-from the scratch…..

Bulbs-from the scratch….. So,what is the core of headlights, yes it’s the can be of so many types but one is for sure its one of the most important key factor that produces good light. We can broadly classify automotive headlight bulbs into the following… THE incandescent TYPE. THE HALOGEN TYPE. HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE. LED. Here I will talk ... Read More »

Lights and Enjoyment of Night Riding…

Dr. Vivek..

Hello all. I am Dr Vivek, an avid biker, a gear head and a touring sprit wanted to be free when ever it get chance to get free. I like touring on bikes and cars. Like very few i shifted to bike after i was fully doing good with cars, a 4 wheels to 2 wheel transition. Got my self ... Read More »

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