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Legendary stunt rider Mr. Chris Pfeiffer retires

Good Bye Stunting

In a facebook post, many times world champion legendary free style stunt rider, Chris Pfeiffer announces retirement from professional stunt riding. Dear friends, fans and partners, I’ll keep it short: after 20 years as a professional rider I’ve decided that it’s time to stop riding shows. I’m 45-years-old now and in the past months it’s become increasingly hard to ride at ... Read More »

Hackers now can Seize Control of a moving car

Car Hack

Bad news for those in auto industry, who wants to push forward towards more automation and finally driver less cars. In fact bad news for all modern high end car / truck / vehicle buyers since in today’s connected world, hackers now can take control of your moving car. Extremely scary as the video explains, the two hackers can hack ... Read More »

Honda gears up for launch of CBR650F on August 4th

Honda CBR650F in India

Honda created a lot of hype in last auto expo by displaying CBR650F. The big dream was the local production for first multi (4 to be exact) cylinder sports bike in India, thus resulting into a very affordable price. Although the dream is not full filled since later down the line, Honda has back tracked and expressed their plan for ... Read More »

Hyosung GD250R starts road testing in India


Hyosung showcased single cylinder version of their 250cc line up, the GD250R and GD250N in last auto expo (2014). Internationally the bikes have started their production back in December 2014. To rival KTM single cylinder cost effective offerings, Hyosung is eyeing to launch both these vehicles here in India also. This year, in March and April, Hyosung imported (as CKD) ... Read More »

Yamaha may launch the R3 by August 2015

Yamaha R3

We all know that the next big launch from Yamaha is R3. Yamaha India has been testing R3 in Indian roads for some time now, and new reports are now just in suggesting the launch is scheduled for August 2016. Yamaha R3 is powered by a twin cylinder, 321cc, DOHC, 8 Valve, engine with 42ps of power. The bike is ... Read More »

2016 Indian Auto Expo (New Delhi) dates are out


Every 2 years, India hosts an auto expo. Started as kind of a mela or gathering of major automobile manufacturer has now become a very important event for them all to show off their new products, technology and achievements. It was 2014 since the last auto expo and just now, the dates for 2016 Indian Auto Expo are out. This ... Read More »

Yamaha India imports new 155cc scooter for testing

The Speedo

Auto gearing scooters are new hot thing in India. All major two wheeler manufactures are making good sale as scooters are being seen and used for really comfortable daily commuting. Being drivers friendly for male of female alike, having a scooter in family makes a lot of sense and that is driving the sales for the same to new high ... Read More »

Honda (India) to launch new CBX 150 (150cc) commuter bike


It is reported that Honda India is about the launch a new 150 or 160cc commuter motorcycle. This report is based on leaked patent application of Honda for their new bikes name. The Honda CBX 150, as it is scheduled to be called looks really el cheapo and build to the cost. Design is very basic with upright handle bar ... Read More »

TVS – BMW K03 (300cc) is under heavy testing


TVS off late has dropped out of the Indian motorcycle enthusiasts radar. Its been almost a decade since they launched their Apache RTR 180cc flagship to complete against likes of R15 and P220 DTS-i. But since then, their competitors have moved way ahead with new products along with new guys like Honda and KTM, Benlli (DSK-Benelli), Hyosung entering the market. TVS needed ... Read More »

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