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How to identify / find out / spot sign of faulty chain sprocket

Good vs BAD.. Side by Side..

Almost all the Indian mainstream bikes / motorcycle use chain driven final drive. Where two chain sprockets are interconnected with a drive chain transfer the power from gear box to rear wheel. Different manufacturer provides different tentative life span of the chain sprockets and sets a change interval but this is a wear and tear part, which may last more ... Read More »

How many puncture can a tubeless tire take / endure

Hero Honda ZMR manual 28th page..

Since P220 DTS-Fi came in to the market back in 2007, it brought a new trend of technology with it and with the launch of Yamaha R15 in 2008 this trend became a need. We are talking about the Tubeless tire. All most all 150cc+ bike at present, namely, Hero Honda Hunk / ZMR (18″ platform) Honda Dazzler (17″ platform) / CBR ... Read More »

Project fastest GQ by the Fastest Indian

Received Officials docs from the Limca book of World Records..

Few years ago when I was a new rider on highways, I fell in love with GQ. It became one of my dream to conquer. However that time, I used to be a learner (though I still consider my self one), learning from my mentor and other group members on how to ride and where to ride. Life was simple that time as ... Read More »

Sign of faulty timing (cam) chain

Timing chain..

Most of the manual of our bikes (Bajaj Pulsar P150 / P180 / P200 / P220 DTS-i / DTS-Fi or Apache RTR 160 / 180 or Yamaha R15 / FZ / Fazer or Hero Honda Karizma (ZMA) / ZMR / 150cc) seems to be missing the instruction about timing chain replacement. Here at while maintaining all these bikes under ... Read More »

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