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Bajaj Pulsar P220-S / P200 / P180 / P150 handlebar bearings overhaul for maintenance of Ball Racer / Inner T Racer

Greasing of steering cone..

What is handlebar / steering bearing (Ball Racer) ? Every motorcycle comes with this part, bearings which are used in handle bar joint and in “T” section. Why spacial care about it ? The bearings comes lubricated from factory for reducing the wear and tear which will happen over the months of using it. Bajaj service manual request greasing of ... Read More »

Difference between Motul 5100T 15w50 vs YamaLube 15w50 Semi Synthetic engine oil

Motul 5100T 15w50 and YamaLube Semi synthetic 15w50 are two engine oil having same manufacturer and specification. Motul 5100T is sold as after market engine oil via after market engine oil stockists, where as YamaLube is sold via Yamaha service centers. Motul 5100T is Rs. 450/- 545/- per liter compare to YamaLube Semi Synth 15w50 retailing at Rs. 415/- per liter. Motul 5100T is quite famous between Bajaj Pulsar ... Read More »

What is the mileage / fuel economy of Bajaj Pulsar P220 DTS-i

Mileage depends on many factors. It is a figure which is never constant and changes according to the factors mention below. Running in Rider (ridding style / weight) Bikes age (clutch plate / piston / engine oil) Maintenance (proper greasing) Wheel play (disc should be jam) Tire pressure / tire age. Traffic (City / highway) Now on a good condition ... Read More »

The Official service schedule of Bajaj Avenger 220 DTS-i

There are very few proper cruiser bike available in India, one of which is Bajaj Avenger 220 DTSi. Below is the official service schedule of Bajaj Avenger 220 DTSi. Service Schedule (Free) of Avenger 220 DTS-i 500 – 750 kms / within 30days of purchase 4,500 – 5,000 kms / within 240 days of purchase 9,500 – 10,000 kms / ... Read More »

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