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Engine Oil (Mobil) Test and Review – Top1 (top one) 20w40

Top1 20w40 Drain Interval 2000 to 2500 kms

We here at, like so many Indian riders, are a big fan of Motul. Specially the 5100 and recently launched 7100. However with increasing demand and popularity, Motul India seems to be increasing their prices like Diesel price in India. Rs. 10/- or Rs. 20/- with every new stock. I remember buying Motul 5100T 15w50 at Rs. 295/- (Printed). From there, ... Read More »

Difference between Motul 7100 4T vs Motul 5100 4T

Motul 5100 vs 7100

Motul is one of the favorite engine oil brand in India for motorcycle enthusiast and in local market they have a few products to chose from. Like, mineral 3000 4T Plus, Semi synthetic 5100, full synthetic 7100 and 300v. Lets compare two of its product, the good old Motul 5100 vs newly arrived Motul 7100. In Indian hot summer condition, Motul 5100 ... Read More »

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