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When and how to replace Honda CBR 250R brake disc pad / shoe


Brake pads are one of the most important part of your motorcycle as they regularly slows and stops your bike and avoids accidents. We already have covered couple of articles on this as general, When should you replace your brake shoe or brake disc pads Frequent brake disc pads changes ?? Time to check your disc plate.. Today we would ... Read More »

Why and how often you should service your self (Starter motor)

Cleaning the self starter armature coil contact point

Electric or rather to common men, the push button start is now a days has become one of the integral parts of a motorcycle / bike sold in India. Advertising the self start as a feature, is now considered history since even the basic lowest end bikes are also equipped with this handy feature. However, how often do we keep ... Read More »

Difference between Motul 7100 4T vs Motul 5100 4T

Motul 5100 vs 7100

Motul is one of the favorite engine oil brand in India for motorcycle enthusiast and in local market they have a few products to chose from. Like, mineral 3000 4T Plus, Semi synthetic 5100, full synthetic 7100 and 300v. Lets compare two of its product, the good old Motul 5100 vs newly arrived Motul 7100. In Indian hot summer condition, Motul 5100 ... Read More »

Honda Shield Roadside Assistance Program for CBR 250R and 150R

Bye Bye..

Every four wheeler owner is aware of it and drives with confidence and without tension that his car is part of a road side assistance program, which now days a everyday part of life. However bike and motorcycle owners of India were not fortunate enough to avail this facility as no makers were offering this type of service. Things are changing, as Indians first ... Read More »

Paddock Stand For Honda CBR 250R / 150R (center / main)

Paddock Stand for Honda CBR 250R and 150R

Neither the CBR, the 250R and 150R comes with a main or center stand. Being a sports bike, they only feature the side stand. There is, in-fact no problem in regular usage, where side stand is more than enough to park your vehicle but there are certain work or periodical maintenance which will make you miss the center or main stand for your ... Read More »

Download Honda CBR 250R / CBR250 / CBR 250R C-ABS owners / service manual

Honda CBR 250R ABS owners manual

If you want to know more about Honda CBR 250R (model and version 2011), then there is no better place to read the official company (manufacturer) given owners manual to understand your motorcycle inside out. It is also recommended for all new owners of CBR250R and CBR 250R ABS to read their owners manual for safe and optimal operation of their vehicle. Download the official owners / service manual ... Read More »

What is the recommended tyre pressure for Honda CBR250R / CBR-250-R ABS

CBR250R Tyre pressure

Small yet one of the most important things about your motorcycle is the tyre pressure. Tire pressure effects a host of aspect relating to riding, from safety to economy. Under-inflated or over inflated tyres with less or more air pressure than recommended will result in affecting following aspects, Less air (under-inflated  tyre) in tyre would result in slower acceleration, lower top speed and most ... Read More »

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