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Download Service Center / Repair Manual of KTM Duke 390 ABS 2015


Bajaj and KTM alliance has made it possible for budget concerned but performance hungry Indian market to get their hands into one of the cheapest but value for money super bike like KTM Duke 390. KTM Duke 390 is full of new technologies and packs unprecedented power figures of 44ps. Motorcycle enthusiasts around the country are buying this like hot ... Read More »

KTM Duke 200 spare parts price list and service cost

2012_KTM Duke 200

Its been almost a year since Bajaj launched the KTM Duke 200 in Indian market. Duke 200 is an international product but made for India and made in India. The 200cc liquid cooled 4 valve DOHC engine produces a mammoth 25 bhp @ 10,000 RPM with a short shift 6 speed gear box, making it a pocket rocket. The bike ... Read More »

Why and how often you should service your self (Starter motor)

Cleaning the self starter armature coil contact point

Electric or rather to common men, the push button start is now a days has become one of the integral parts of a motorcycle / bike sold in India. Advertising the self start as a feature, is now considered history since even the basic lowest end bikes are also equipped with this handy feature. However, how often do we keep ... Read More »

Difference between Motul 7100 4T vs Motul 5100 4T

Motul 5100 vs 7100

Motul is one of the favorite engine oil brand in India for motorcycle enthusiast and in local market they have a few products to chose from. Like, mineral 3000 4T Plus, Semi synthetic 5100, full synthetic 7100 and 300v. Lets compare two of its product, the good old Motul 5100 vs newly arrived Motul 7100. In Indian hot summer condition, Motul 5100 ... Read More »

Download the user or owners and service manual of KTM Duke 200 / 125

KTM Duke Manual

If you own and want to know more about KTM Duke 200 or Duke 125 (2013), then there is no other better place to read from the official company (manufacturer) given owners manual to understand your motorcycle inside out. It is also recommended for all new owners of KTM Duke 200 and Duke 125 to read their owners / user manual for safe and ... Read More »

What is the recommended tire / tyre pressure for KTM Duke 200 and 125

2012_KTM Duke 200

Small yet one of the most important thing about your motorcycle is the tire / tyre pressure. Tyre / tire pressure effects a host of aspect relating to riding, from safety to economy. Under-inflated or over inflated tires with less or more air pressure than recommended will result in affecting following aspects, Less air (under-inflated  tire) in tire /tyre would result in slower acceleration, ... Read More »

When to replace your disc / disk pad (front / rear)

Compare between old and new disc pad

Irrespective of what motorcycle / bike you own, now days most of the bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for better performance and low maintenance. In-fact now days, many Indian bikes (motorcycles) are coming with disc as standard in both front and rear. The primary consumable part of a hydraulic disc brake system is the brake pads which helps to ... Read More »

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