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NGK Iridium IX spark plug for Yamaha YZF-R15

R15 default OEM spark plug..

Yamaha YZF-R15 is equipped with a normal version of NGK supplied spark plug. However NGK also makes some extra performance heavy duty spark plugs like Iridium IX models. We put both the models of spark plug and test in various aspect of riding (commute / tour / stunts / drags) with baby R1 to find out about the performance of ... Read More »

Hands on with Gear Ratio & Gear pinions

Gear Pinions..

No, we wont write heavy duty automobile stuff.¬†Here at, we concentrate on all issues as end user point a view so in this article we would be very brief about the matter, just to provide a hands on with the stuff which works inside your bike.. All of the Made and built in India motorcycles like, Hero Honda Hunk ... Read More »

How to identify a faulty ball racer / steering (handle bar) bearing

The handle bar or steering bearing / cone set or rather the ball racer is present in all of our motorcycle and bikes. This bearing and cone set is responsible for smooth steering / handle movement thus contributing to the overall handling of the bike. However the bearings need periodical greasing and may need replacement if faulty. How to locate ... Read More »

How to identify / find out / spot sign of faulty chain sprocket

Good vs BAD.. Side by Side..

Almost all the Indian mainstream bikes / motorcycle use chain driven final drive. Where two chain sprockets are interconnected with a drive chain transfer the power from gear box to rear wheel. Different manufacturer provides different tentative life span of the chain sprockets and sets a change interval but this is a wear and tear part, which may last more ... Read More »

Yamaha YZF-R15 (custom) center / main stand modification

Yamaha YZF – R15 in many way was a trend setter with first of its kind technology and feature. Though most of them were really beneficial, some of them came with its own problem. Like, the bike didn’t have any main/center stand. For regular use, absence center or main stand may not create much of a problem but for certain ... Read More »

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